Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ellie's First Year


Ellie's first year of life was kinda crazy craz.  And this is why she deserves a fun-filled birthday. :)  (Besides the fact that she is adorable and such a sweetie.)

10/2012 (month 0-1)
Mommy passed out three times in the hospital.
Mommy and Daddy got adjusted to becoming parents.
Took Mommy 10 weeks before feeling more like herself again (more complications had come up).

11/2012 (month 1-2)
Getting adjusted to a routine with Ellie.
Loads of laundry, lots of them.
Visited Mommy's brother in hospital & parents on their anniversary in the hospital with him
Ellie's first Thanksgiving
Spiritual growth now that I'm not pregnant and getting "involved"

12/2012 (month 2-3)
Got more settled in Fairfax apartment
Ellie's first Christmas
Lots of time with family

1/2013 (month 3-4)
Moved to the crib to sleep (not next to Mommy in bassinet)
Started to notice things around her more (getting away from newborn stuff)

2/2013 (month 4-5)
Started to enjoy baths (Hallelujah!)
Grabbing toys and "playing"
Daddy started brainstorming on what to do about his job in Cedar Rapids
First Valentine's Day: went out to dinner with Mommy and Daddy!
It was official.  Daddy gave his two weeks notice (last day being March 1st)
Packing the apartment....


3/2013 (month 5-6)
Finished packing apartment
Officially moved from Cedar Rapids and moved into parent's basement
Started searching for houses in Ames area
Daddy started his new job in Ames
Mommy and Daddy found out they were pregnant.
the sickness began

4/2013 (month 6-7)
Mommy was in survival mode.
Mommy felt miserable.
You started teething.
the worse morning sickness ever.
so thankful sweet girl you were not very mobile yet.

"mommy, you're so boring might as well sleep here"

5/2013 (month 7-8)
Mommy's birthday (first outing since Easter)
Mommy threw up on her birthday 
Mommy's first official Mother's Day and she was so proud to show her sweet daughter to everyone she saw :)
Then, suddenly, sickness was better.  Aww a sweet relief Mommy thought.
Then Mommy and Daddy saw an ultrasound with no baby inside a sac.  Your sibling was no where to be found.  Taylor was already with Jesus.
Mommy painfully and emotionally gave "birth"
Daddy took Mommy to the ER because she was passing out this labor too

your gift to Mommy on Mother's Day
fell asleep while out for lunch

6/2013 (month 8-9)
Officially sitting for good now!  
Still army crawling, but going up on your knees to think about it!
Gma and Gpa babysat so Mommy and Daddy could go on their first date in a LONG time on their anniversary
Then Mommy and Daddy bought a house in Ames!
The next couple weekends were spent cleaning and painting (thanks to some help from your cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents)

girls in pink :)

my anniversary date 6.12.13

pretty girl 6.20.13

7/2013 (month 9-10)
Fourth of July was spent painting the new house (you missed out on fireworks but we figured you wouldn't like them anyways)
You started to want food
You started to use furniture to stand up
Went to your first week of family camp (very interested in our food!)
You took short naps at camp but you recovered once back at home
Returning back home, Mommy and Daddy sensed you were going to be a big sister...
Sickness started soon after finding out 
This sickness not as bad as Taylor's but 24/7 sickness is not fun either way
Poor girl, thankfully you are such a sweetie we made it through...surprisingly!
(Without Grandma, Grandpa & Daddy's help I don't know how we would have made it!)

play time outside at camp

family bonding time in the shade at camp
 8/2013 (month 10-11)
Sickness.  Augh.  Entire month.
Poor sweet girl we missed out on a LOT because Mommy was too sick to leave the house, no the couch.
Daddy working on things at the house whenever he got a chance.
We told Daddy's family at your cousin, Aviah's party that we were expecting...

Cousin Aviah's bday celebration
9/2013 (month 11-12)
Enjoyed a wonderful, busy Labor Day weekend (started questioning another miscarriage)
You had your first non-family member babysitter (Britney, your birthday twin)
Mommy and Daddy saw another ultrasound, this time we saw your baby sister/brother.  We named him/her Alex.  A precious little baby, with no heartbeat.
Again, mommy had to labor and grieve.  You still don't know or understand why Mommy gets sad sometimes.  But some day Mommy and Daddy will explain.
Mommy was ready to get back "normal" as best she could, so traveled to KC to visit family during Daddy's birthday.  You had fun seeing your KC relatives.

Standing is so fun!

Brit & Ellie
Family Reunion (Tometich side)
Labor Day at Adventureland

our little family at Adventureland
(still carrying Alex)

our family at the KC zoo

Daddy, Ellie & cousin Abraham in KC

Your birthday month! :)
In about two days you will be turning one.  
After carrying you for just over 41 weeks, hours in unmedicated induced labor, and a half hour of pushing you came at 3:07am so we could finally meet you!
So excited to see what the next year brings!  Hopefully we'll see a less eventful year, and a year filled with family, food, good health and fun! :)  

like I said my dear Ellie, your first year has been quite crazy!  I'm sorry this is what happened.  but we are all stronger because of it.  our love has grown.  we're so thankful for you sweet baby girl.  we are so blessed to have you.  we thank the Lord daily for you.

you give Mommy happy tears.

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