Monday, July 31, 2017

Jayden {16 months}

Two weeks ago Jayden turned 16 months old.  My kids take longer to be more mobile/independent, so when that finally occurs i like to remind myself of how it all happened. His personality is starting to show, and I also don't want to forget all these new things he is up to.  My parents have Ellie for a few days so this is my chance.

He loves: baths, "talking", push toys, food, pacifier and lovey to sleep, sitting on the couch next to us, the toilet 🙄, kitchen toys, playing with Big Sis, electronic devices, remote controls, being outside, looking out the window (gets upset if you walk away), when Daddy comes home, pointing at everything, listening to music is soothing for him (compared to Big Sis where it energizes her)!

He dislikes: if we're on the couch and he's not, most fruits, picky about texture of food, getting out of the bath, diaper changes, being set down, getting nails clipped, being placed in highchair, grass, gets upset if he doesn't have something on his tray that we have on our plate, blankets or covers over him

What he can do: say something that sounds like Da-da, Ma-Ma very clearly, sign language for more and all done, walk furniture, prefers climbing over walking, push toys around the house, hit two toys together, play his drums, climb up onto Big Sis table, use objects to stand up, drink out of a water bottle, "look" at books, tries using a fork, throws a ball, helps put away toys

His personality: laughs a lot, needs lots of attention, rarely plays on his own but when he does it's super adorable, dances to music, screams for whatever he wants--hard sometimes to know what that thing is, likes to snuggle against you on your lap as if you're a recliner, wants his own seat on the couch, "talks" on the phone, cries if you shut off an area that is not safe for him to go (pocket door to stairs, dishwasher closed, bathroom door, electronic door), gets super happy when you step outside or get him loaded in car, has this hyperventilating happy thing he does when super excited, lays down on a pillow in living room when tired, loves silly games with Big Sis, surpringly okay with most of her crazy antics, Mommy use to be his favorite but he's really starting to like Daddy (cried today when he had to leave and snuggled him making it hard for Daddy to go).  Outings are not as stressful because he loves going along and isn't uptight about nursing constantly and still okay in the shopping cart or stroller.

He's in size 4 diapers.
Snug short-sleeve 12month onesies
9month pants are nice, cover knees for crawling
12 month shorts
I haven't even looked into shoe size yet
Poops 2-4x a day!
12month PJs without feet fit, with footies no longer fit

That belly! 😍

Favorite foods: pasta, breads, potatoes, fries, sweet potatoes of course, ice cream, cooked carrots, yogurt, watermelon, dried blueberries, grapes, baby granola bars, meatloaf, BBQ meat, pizza, chicken

Dislike foods: milk, eggs, cheese sticks (hit or miss), raw veggies
*It's all about texture. He might love Mac&cheese but certain restaurants or different recipes he won't eat it.

Wakes around 7/7:15am
Nurses/snuggles with Mom&Dad
7:30/8 Breakfast
11:00 lunch
12:30 nurse/nap (usually around 2hrs)
Playtime in his room for awhile
(Just moved kitchen toys to his room. It helps him wake up and not cry to be held.)
5/6 supper time
Family time
7:30 Nurse/bed