Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Letter to My Baby....

Dear Baby,

My sweet baby and firstborn.  How much your Dad and I love you already!  We've had quite the ride these past months preparing to be your parents.  Dad is adjusting quite well taking care of your Momma, and your Mommy is ready to finally meet you.  Honestly your Mom is definitely ready to be done with being pregnant.  It has been an honor and privilege to carry you and know that you are growing the way God has planned for you to be.  However she is ready to not feel like she has the stomach flu every time she leans over and to be able to reach her toes again.  But you are most certainly worth it!  Feeling you kick and move has been a pleasure and your Dad and I smile every time.  We chuckle at all the movements wondering what you might be thinking.  Are you wanting more space or just interested in stretching out?  When Daddy holds you by touching Momma's tummy you seem to like it.  Mom's tummy starts to feel warm inside and you either start to move more or relax.  We talk to you by name, because we know who you are.  We are so excited to tell everyone your name when you are born!

your head and hand up by your face (5.18.12)

I'm telling you all this so that I will never forget these moments, but to also have them written down for you to read someday.  See I have yet to tell you more about your family and our excitement.  You are coming into this world to a loving family.  Your parents love each other so much that they wanted to share their love with someone :)  We can't wait to see what kind of personality you will have and what you will add to our family.  We can't wait to see your first smile, your first step, and your first of everything.  We'll do our best to teach you everything we know and to allow you to make mistakes of your own.  We want you to be an individual and know that we will always be here to support you and be there for you when you just need someone to talk with.

I must inform you about your Father.  Your Heavenly Father and earthly one.  Your Heavenly Father will never leave you nor forsake you.  Whenever you feel alone you can always rely on Him.  All your questioning and concerns can be answered through Him.  He allows hardships to come our way, but He will never leave you. He is our Rock and Deliverer.  He is not a wishful thought or a genie who will give you whatever you want.  He always knows what is best for you.  Pray earnestly to Him and you will learn more about Him and yourself, because in the stillness He is there.  Just listen.  Your Heavenly Father is perfect and that's why I talked about Him first.  Your earthly father is human and will make mistakes.  But let me tell you, he is worth loving and learning about.  He is my husband and he loves you to pieces already.  He tears up when he sees you moving around during an ultrasound.  He was the first to state what gender you were.  He is so interested in knowing all about you!  He is humble and a hard worker.  He loves to go outside and be active, so get ready to run or catch a frisbee!  Daddy will appreciate it when you do things for others and are kind.  He will want you to be respectful and trustworthy.  But most of all he will want you to know Jesus and love Him more than anything else.  He is looking forward to telling you all about God and the stories in the Bible.  He lost his daddy when he was eleven so I'm pretty sure he's excited to raise you and make special memories.  He understands and knows how important it is.  And above all, know that he loves you and is just waiting to meet you and get to know you.  He can't wait to have discussions with you and learn all about you and teach you all he knows.
...and Mommy can't wait to hear you say, "Daddy!" :)
Some day you will be sad and crying, and when your Dad picks you up you will become happy again.  And that moment will be forever treasured in your Momma's heart. :)

So know this sweet Baby Kaisand, we love you to pieces and looking forward to the day we meet you!  I can't wait to hold you in my arms!!

your sweet little feet (5.18.12)

your good lookin' spine! (5.18.12)

Love from your Momma (who wrote this) and your Daddy (who likes to hear all about what you are up to).

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Small Town outside the Big City

We moved to a wonderful 3-bedroom apartment in a small town called Fairfax.  It is literally a few minutes until you hit Cedar Rapids so it's not bad at all.

Fairfax is southwest of Cedar Rapids on hwy 151

Our church is like 5 or 6 minutes away.  Well, we visited it for the first time this last Sunday.  We seemed to both like it as of now.  However you always have to go more than once to get the full effect.  Everyone was very welcoming and we even got to have a quick chat with the head Pastor.  He mentioned a ministry that Jon seemed to be interested in, which is always good.  I'm hoping the children's program is something worth looking into and getting more info about.

The entrance to Stonebridge Church

The more I thought about it, I thought....when Johnston Evangelical Free Church seemed so new to me, how did I feel like I knew more people?  How did it become to feel more like home?  When I changed to Timberline Church I was an adult and it was a lot faster to feel I wasn't "new" because it was a newer church and I was really involved right away.  Plus I knew at least 75% of the people attending.  So I went back to my roots of Johnston E Free Church and pondered, "When did I start to walk in the church and it didn't feel new to me anymore?  When could I walk in and feel like I knew a good amount of people inside of the doors and feel I had good fellowship among other believers?"

The hardest part was that it came quicker to be able to walk in (JEFC) because I was in the youth group (high school) at the time.  So I quickly got hooked up with a group of people.  As an adult it is harder to just walk in to a church where you know absolutely no one and start feeling accepted and close with those around you if you are not involved in ANYTHING from the beginning.  That's when I thought about what things should I start getting involved with?
My first thought was the child ministry of course.  Isn't that the easiest decision for someone like me?  However I quickly thought, no because I don't want to be thought of the girl who is willing to spend hours on end with kids.  Because yes I can.  But that was BEFORE I was pregnant. :)  However I should start with the children's ministry because that's where I will best find my future fellowship for when I do have a little baby to drop off in the nursery.  I should get to know other moms in the community.  Children's ministry is where I should be and this time NOT because I'm a "kid person" but because I'm a mom! :)  And that's a GREAT and FUN reason to be in that ministry.

Yeeehaw to this next step in life....called Motherhood rather than the Kid Person. :)