Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Could your Child be Spirited?

I thought I was going to have a few minutes to myself in the bath while Jayden took his nap, Ellie had food and cartoons....so only naturally wouldn't you assume you have at least five minutes?  Nope.  So it led me to this post.  I've been reading "Raising your Spirited Child" and Ellie fits a lot of the personality traits it mentions.  There's also a quick questionnaire to find out if your child is an introvert or extrovert.  Out of 9 for each, Ellie was 8 Extrovert and 0 Introvert.
For parents out of 13 each, I am 11 Introvert and 3 Extrovert. (Jon is 50/50.)  They say the worse combo for Spirited Child with the parent they spend the most time with is Extrovert, Spirited Child with an Introvert Parent. Ya, think?

Ways to know if you have a Spirited First Born

--You wake up to hearing them talk or sing and they are NOT in your bedroom.
--They change their mind on what they want for breakfast multiple times, and then end up with the first option.
--They want to be offered more than two options for everything.  Even if they don't pick the third option.
--You are told you can't sit in any other seat than you normally pick. (couch, kitchen table or the car)
--You are not right.
--When you are right, they praise themselves (except on good days).
--You have to respond to them.  Even if you thought you already did.  You didn't do it the "right way."
--They wont go to the bathroom unless you promise them you will help wipe them.  They hate washing their hands, unless in public places.  They still want you to wipe, but love to wash their hands.  (Try holding the baby with one arm and helping keep the automatic water going.)
--They freak out over any temperature of food or drink that is warmer than room temp.  They cant touch it.
--Bath water is TOO hot. So you have them do the water themselves.
--They want you to not touch them as they help themselves into their car seat and buckle themselves.  But then five minutes later they DO want you to help.
--No one is a stranger to them.  You meet everyone around you.
--You apologize to strangers A LOT.  For all sorts of reasons.
--They don't understand personal space. "Please just sit NEXT to me." They hear "Sit on top of my lap, rub my arm and face, and snuggle your check into mine. Then start talking loudly into my ear."
--Their laugh can be heard across an entire store.  Which is helpful when one parent cant find the other....but of course when she is lost she is silent.
--Walking isn't an option.  There's only running.
--Holding hands in parking lots are for babies.
--It takes over an hour to go anywhere.  Not because of you or the baby.
--The cheeseburger has too much Ketchup on it.
--You gave them the wrong type of silverware for their food.  It has to be the one underneath that one. (They're both exactly the same.)
--You set the sippy cup in the wrong spot on the table.  It's supposed to be two more inches this way....
--You said something wrong.  Now there's screaming. For minutes.
--If it means it's time for a time out might as well tell them they never get ice cream again for the rest of their lives.
--If you constantly ask them to be quiet because the baby is a light sleeper.
--Baby nap time USE to be relaxing.
--Time to yourself means having them lay on top of you while you both watch My Little Pony until baby wakes up, realizing you haven't eaten anything.
--When they complain of hunger while they're on their fifth "meal" and you haven't had one bite.
--They run laps in an auditorium waiting for a recital to start.
--Meals at a restaurant usually means you didn't order them enough food or they want nothing to eat but ketchup.
--When you say something to them and they look at you like you're speaking another language.
--You repeat directions a million times and nothing happens.
--You say something they don't want to hear or do and they yell "DONT SAY THAT!"
--And when they finally follow through, they yell at you "I AM!!!"
--They start acting like a baby thinking they can get away with it, since the baby does.
--They're willing to get rid of most of their toys when you say "Go play or I'm getting rid of your toys!" or "Clean up or I'll give them to some kids who will take better care of them!"
--Being quiet means yelling in the hallway or jumping on their knees on the hardwood floor next to the sleeping baby's room.
--Every day you could add more to the list of things they do that fits with the Spirited Child personality traits.
--You can spot OTHER Spirited Children when you're in public places.
--"Please be quiet, brother is trying to sleep." gets a response of "I CANT!!"
Always ends in a baby awake.
--When the baby starts to play REALLY well when the first born is not in the house, because he feels more comfortable.
--When you have more blog posts about the Spirited Child over the baby because there's more parenting to process.  And when baby sleeps you don't usually get "that time" you need to post anything.

This list only scratches the surface, but maybe helps give you an idea to figure out if your child COULD be Spirited as well. :)