Thursday, December 15, 2016

Expert Holiday Shoppers, Kids Edition

Today I shared a post about "10 Things Expert Holiday shoppers know to be true"

Link to article here.

Here's my version of what it would be like for me, a mom with two young kids, to shop using this advice.

#1 "Acquaintance gifts" done first
Which means most people in your life when you have young kids. So do you pick something up for that Target clerk you saw twice in one day (two different stops)? Or that waitress who cleaned up your spilled drinks thanks to your baby's new tricks? How about the dance teacher who deals with all those preschoolers? Including your own who thinks she's either a lion or bunny.

#2 Sleep is for the weak.
This should be the title of a parenting book. Already accomplishing the lack of sleep. Any less I shouldn't be driving.

#3 Fuel up before you go.
You mean gas? Cus I hate running out of gas....oh referring to food? You mean the granola bar you scarf down meanwhile baby is screaming and your four year old cries for her own granola bar. And pleading with you to hold her water bottle.

#4 Allow one Special treat for yourself
What does that even mean? Like sharing McDonald's fries with your toddler so she stops yelling how hungry she is. Because shhh, too late. Woke the baby who took 2.5 hours to fall asleep. She seemed like she was near death without food even though she just ate that granola bar in the car. At home she grabbed three pieces of bread. Ate two oranges and a banana. Then two yogurts while you finished your hair and loaded the car with shopping necessities.
Or treating myself is like sneaking chocolate everyday around 2pm since 4yo stopped taking naps and "rest time" is a joke. Sometimes chocolate happens at 10am.

#5 Pick your Company Wisely
Who doesn't want a potty training four year old while holiday shopping? She comes with whimpering spirits of sitting on the toilet to even try (cause please don't pee in pull up while not at home!)!!! And the joy of being able to count on number two coming, which doesn't come until you arrived at that store that does NOT have a diaper changing area. Have you ever tried changing a poopy pull up on public bathroom floor? That's what I call happy holidays!!
And my other company, is that sweet baby. Except if four year old decides to scream her new made up song. Then he doesn't think big sister is all that funny.

#6 Be Strategic about your Route
Like trying to ignore all the pink things, toys, and anything that lights up or makes sounds? Or the order that makes meal time fit your nursing schedule?

#7 Sometimes experiences trump giant boxes.
Because you know, my budget allows me to pay for nephew and nieces to experience all sorts of fun outings. But not my family. $5 for every kid. Go have fun somewhere for thirty minutes. Heck that's less time than it takes me to leave the house with two little kids.

#8 Actually ask sale associates for help
What would happen if I ask one to nurse my baby while I searched through these racks of clothes? Or changing my daughter's poopy pull up while I nursed so I didn't waste time or lose my toddler while trying to nurse. Which is pointless because baby is too distracted anyways. Or sure, pay for my items today? That's too nice of you. I'll share my chocolate with you...if I had any left.

#9 Don't forget to ask about free gift wrapping?
Nothing says thank you like someone doing something for you while you chase your toddler around the store because there's nothing else for them to do. And running isnt happening outside this time of year. I prefer my color coding wrapping paper based off which house it is going to....yep. It keeps me sane.

#10 When you get stressed, just think about the end goal.
Just keep the gifts out of sight and reach of your children.

And that's how we do Holiday shopping.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Jayden [7 months]

I'm a little behind (4 days to be exact) on Jayden's 7 month post. Not on purpose but the past few days flew by!

Jayden loves to see us, be near us, and snuggle. He loves baths. Today he kicked his legs so much he splashed the water I felt as wet as he was!  His cheesy grin is contagious.  He loves sitting in his bouncy seat watching Momma in the kitchen.

He adores "tags" and his Taggie blanket is his favorite "toy".  He has just recently noticed he can grab my hair or my necklace.  He loves the feel of fabric so falling asleep he gets a lovey and his pacifier.  Out of the house the rainbow blanket and Taggie blanket are usually surrounding him. 

A couple weeks ago we gave him the pacifier back in his crib because the sucking help soothed him and he can find it when it pops out.  We were struggling with him staying asleep at night, and Jon has helped find something that works! After I nurse and put him down, if he wakes up again Jon goes in first and works his Daddy magic! Once he sees me all he wants is Momma milk. Daddy will rub his head and back for a couple minutes and he goes right back to sleep. :)
He does not have a typical routine. He's so unlike Ellie and that certainly has given us a huge adjustment. However days that mess up his sleep don't phase him compared to Ellie. He is capable of catnaps and it doesn't interfere with his night sleep. (Example: 8hrs at orchard he wasn't a mess like Ellie would have been!)

His cries and whimpers all mean something different. And I feel like I'm starting to catch on to what they all mean! Some days are really hard with my two kids, but other days are so fun! Jayden has such a sweetness about him. His grins or laughs melts my heart.  Ellie is also becoming more helpful. She hands him a pacifier or offers him a toy. Letting her pick has given better results. ;) The other day while putting laundry away I found her reading a book to him when he was sad he couldn't see me.

Jayden doesn't sit up unassisted yet, but can do the tripod sit for a decent amount of time. He just loves chewing his toes too much! 

As much as we're thinking he's a Momma's boy....he still loves it when Daddy walks into the room! I love the way he looks at his Daddy! It's so nice to have a husband who engages with our kids to build long-lasting relationships with them. The benefits are always overflowing.

He's only 3 weeks younger than his cousin, but you would think much more than that. I make long, lean babies... ;)

Jayden is in 6 month onesies. 3-6 mos short sleeve still fit him for days like today where's it's super hot! He's in 6 mos pants, 3 mos are just a tad short but can get by for fall weather.  Size 3 diapers. If tired he can fall asleep in car on interstate, as long as car keeps moving at constant speed.  He gets sweaty easily, and his head especially since he loves snuggling fabric.  He grasps his hands a lot like he's trying to hold something even in the air. I love it. He's also starting to roll around a lot to get to what he wants. Short naps are 20-40mins. Long naps are 1-2hrs. 2.5-3hr naps are very rare, while Ellie's naps were always 2-3hrs.  🤔

**We got our family pics done this past weekend, so those of Jayden will be much better to post here anyways!!**

Friday, October 7, 2016

Freedom in Parenting

Dear Momma's, it's been a hectic week.  I know it has... especially in our house. Not napping well, whining, and frozen meals cus I don't have time to cook today.  I've felt uncomfortable with my days and discouraged about my baby who thinks sleep is ridiculous.  Trying to decide what can make me not feel this way as a Mom?  I pictured staying at home with my kids differently. I knew it was going to be tiring, hard work, and short showers (wait, have i taken one?).
But today I took a deep breath. Put clean clothes on, did something with my hair (Momma, where we going?), and put some make up on to trick people into thinking I'm not a zombie for Halloween.  Then I got Ellie ready and the baby. Loaded us all up and headed out (1.5hrs after that original thought of getting OUT).

It was the time I usually put the baby down for a nap.  It was usually the time I do some laundry or give Ellie a decent lunch.  By the time we arrived at the first destination, it was Ellie's nap time. Before going into Aldi's I gave her the Mom pep talk. I expect xyz kid, help me help you! We're doing something fun, so let's make the best of it. After a decent shopping experience, we went to Walmart. We sat down with McDonald's (I know we're super healthy over here.) I needed some things at Walmart, so that's what we did. While sitting there I'm watching Ellie enjoy her meal and tell me how thankful she is for it. Then I see Jayden about to fall asleep.

I can do this. I felt this freeing feeling.
I shut down my barriers of MUSTS as a mom with young kids and nap schedules and did something rare for us. For me. I could breathe. It wasn't the best cheeseburger, but my kids were not making me go crazy. After bathroom stop we got things off my list and Ellie grabbed everything pink.

As I loaded up the car to go home I thought let's do a park after kids get some rest.  I finally felt freedom in my decisions.  I finally felt like the burdens I was carrying were lifted. I didn't feel stuck.

And my 4yo....willingly went to lay down for nap/rest time. And i got dinner prepped. I got groceries put away, and a load of laundry going. I did things i wanted to get done today, AND I got to do other things too. I found JOY and delight in parenting again. Maybe because it's Friday and it's beautiful outside. Or just maybe, maybe I didn't feel like I had to control my kids all day. I was able to just let us Be.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Birthday Questions with Ellie #4

For Ellie's 4th birthday I thought I would ask her some questions.  Some answers were very random, so I'll add my input. 😉

How old are you? 4
Favorite color? Pink, black, just purple, just red (aka I love pink then those other options too)
Favorite toy: pink bear (something i let her get at dollar store while getting bday party stuff)
Favorite fruit: apple (banana for breakfast everyday, she also likes peaches and strawberries. Honestly most fruit)
Favorite food: apple and cheese quesadillas (you can tell we just picked up some yummy apples yesterday)

Favorite TV show: Clifford & Daniel Tiger
Favorite outfit: gray dress (Aunt Liz Flug gift for her 3rd bday)
Favorite game: Animal Game (Sequence)
Favorite snacks: fruit snacks
Favorite animal: lion and elephant (very surprised she didn't say dog)
Favorite book: Color book (those books they can color that the marker only writes on those pages $5!)
Favorite breakfast: spaghetti (whhhatt? Her usual is banana, applesauce, and eggs or toast

Favorite Thing to do outside: playing with garden toys
Favorite drink: juice and milk (lemonade too)
Favorite thing in bed with you: pink bear (or something else she's attached to this week)
Favorite dinner: spaghetti (again what?? Cheeseburger and ketchup)
What do you want to be when you grow up? Scary bear *RAWR* (yep, that's our Ellie) 😜
Best friend: Lydia (neighbor) and Abraham (her cousin)
Favorite thing to do: just everything

Favorite thing to do with Daddy: play horsey together (Daddy in the room: what's that?) 🤔😂 I would say she likes to go outside with Daddy
Favorite thing to do with Mommy: play horsey together (what? Play games is what she has said before)
What does Daddy say a lot? Brush your teeth
What does Mommy say a lot? Go to bed
(We were getting her ready for bed...)
Favorite place to go: Hickory Park (her favorite restaurant) and the park (playground)

Typical day with Ellie:
8:00 wakeup
Breakfast/morning with Daddy
9:00 Mom with kids
11:00 lunch
12:30 wind down
1:00 nap/quiet time
*Mondays 3:45-4:30 dance class*
3:30/4 chill time (Clifford show)
Help prep supper, laundry, etc
5:30/6:00 Supper
7:00 family time
8:00 bedtime routine

Monday, July 11, 2016

Don't Blink

Facebook shares a ton of articles from the media, bloggers, and all sorts of things.  Over and over again I get reminded to not blink and wish these days away while my children are young.  I'm not going to say I disagree with that but it might come off way.  Because as a parent (at least this one) is exhausted and stretched to my limit.

I have two kids in diapers.  Which doesn't seem all that horrible since I'm not talking twins.  I know some parents are doing a tons more.  All I'm saying is....i have two in diapers.  Oldest almost 4 and will NOT go to the bathroom in the toilet.  My strong-willed, firstborn will not.  It's the one thing she is controlling.  (I could stand my ground and train her but right this minute I'm not because...)

Because I have a baby who turns 4 months old on Wednesday and he has the idea he needs TLC all day long and into the night.  He needs to see me, be held, and fed constantly.  Ellie was never like that to this extent.  So I'm not in the "mood" to try to force potty training until I have a better sleeper for a baby.  So I guess, good luck Ellie....

The moments young moms wish these hard days away do not mean we don't acknowledge the blessings we are holding.  It's our way of coping the hard times when we are in the deepest, hardest place of being a mother.

**And remember I understand loss.  I know what I have lost to gain what I have now.  It has made it that much more humbling.


We long for the moments we can have our child shower on their own and the only thing we do is remind them to wash their hair and hang up the towel.

We look forward to outings being about the conversations and experiences rather than the tantrums and the oversized diaper bag.

Or nap times becoming refreshing instead of feeling like a jail, hungry and bladder exploding.

The evenings filled with after school homework and activities that strengthen the family bond in place of the baby's crying fits and toddler time outs.

Taking bike ride over a walk to quiet the baby fussing.

Kids who can contribute to household chores and responsibilities instead of making it almost impossible.

Girl dates and window shopping over searching for the places that best suit nursing baby and toddler poopy diapers.

A date night replacing endless nursing.

Going out to eat where sitting is the normal expectation.

Reading favorite childhood chapter books at bedtime.


For as much as we desire these future experiences as a parent, I know (we know) there's more challenges to prepare for.  But I'm sure you can all relate to these early stages of parenting.  Where food is never hot, diapers always dirty, and dirty laundry is always full.

Because some day I know I will wish my kids to be young again, but maybe not THIS young. 😉

Sunday, June 26, 2016

You know you're a Mom of two kids.....

...if baby gets spit up on your bed at 4am and you cover it with a towel....and sheets gets washed DAYS later.

....when your toddler finds post it notes and covers your body with them while you nurse the baby.  And you don't care.

...if you look at people with one baby and cry of exhaustion realizing how much more rest you got "before"

...if you give up on losing the baby bump because no one's got time for exercising when you got a toddler who refuses to potty train, runs away from you in public places, and a baby who always wants held.

...when your budget changes from meal planning to "survive mode"

...if you go to the store and purchase every type of pacifier to find THEE one that will bless you 10 more minutes of sleep.

...when you let your three-year old have five snacks instead of lunch.  Cus this Momma don't care. 😘😘

....when nap time became a good idea that one time.  Because they're never at the same time.  And if they are....the baby is in your arms.  And of course you have to pee.

...when Motherhood finds you nursing a baby while going you know what and suddenly your toddler needs you.  (Which reminds me, if you can't get her attention go to the bathroom or call someone.)

...if you just finished laundry and both kids decide to poop.  Everywhere.

...if you find yourself with arms always full, your heart aching, and your eyes exhausted.

...if you find yourself loving your husband more every day! 😍

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Meeting My Rainbow

Dear baby brother,

I wanted you before I even knew you were growing inside me.  I felt like something, someone, was missing in our family.  We lost two babies and missed them dearly, but this is part of our family's story.  Mommy was so excited to finally tell Daddy she was ready.  You see, Mommy told Daddy to give her body a year.  Pregnancy is a lot on your body (especially this Momma), and she wanted to be as prepared as possible after losing two babies.

That following month Mommy and Daddy found out they were pregnant with YOU!  They were so excited!  Big Sister Ellie got to wear a shirt to share the news fourth of July weekend!

Everyone was surprised since they last heard Mommy wasn't ready yet 😉

With big sister Mommy started to feel quesy at six weeks and really nauseous at seven, while you made Mommy sick at five weeks and so sick and dehydrated at six weeks she went to ER for fluids.  But you are all too sweet and Mom couldn't wait to meet you!  Mommy felt better sooner than she did with Big Sister's pregnancy so she stayed positive!

Mommy felt more tired this time around because she had a three-year old to care for also.  She wasn't able to rest when needed .  Mommy gets sick easily when pregnant and couldn't be very active so Daddy helped keep big sister busy and let her run off energy.

Mommy was induced with big sister so we didn't really know how you would come or what her body would do to let us know you were ready.

Friday, March 11th Mommy woke up with that feeling.  Just a gut feeling it was time to be extra ready.  Her due date appointment earlier that week, Doctor Lines said she probably wouldn't see Momma still pregnant at one week overdue.  And she was right!!  All day Friday Mommy was having contractions and trying to do laundry , pick up the house, and just keep herself busy cus she knew it was early stage of labor.  It was tiring though.  She even called Daddy saying, "I've got contractions that I have to breathe through.  Not consistent enough yet.  So this is probably your last day at work before he comes.". It was exciting and scary too.

That evening Mommy was anxious to do something to get things moving.  So the family went out to eat at Hickory Park one last time as a family of three.  Mommy had to stop eating during contractions and close her eyes.  Then went to Target to grab a few things we needed before needing to be at hospital and arriving home.  Target was intense and hard on Momma.  Lots of kneeling over or squatting to deal with some intense contractions.  Daddy wanted to get some groceries at Walmart, so mommy stayed in the car with big sister this time. 😃

Once home Daddy took care of big sister and groceries so Mommy could do some packing for the hospital and rest.  All night long Mommy was having contractions about 15 minutes apart waking her up each time and causing her a hard time to fall back asleep.  The next morning Daddy took care of big sister and Mommy felt nauseous from being up all night.  Mommy tried different foods and tried to drink what sounded okay to stay hydrated.  The contractions slowed way down and Mommy felt exhausted and discouraged.  Around 5pm Mommy threw up.  It took the nausea away, but now it was time to eat again!

That night Mommy went to bed with more contractions again but this time closer together.  Every 8-11 minutes and they lasted a minute.  Early in the morning, March 13th, Daddy got up, packed & loaded the car.  He jumped in the shower and Mommy's contractions slowed back down to 15-20 minutes so Mommy said false alarm.  Mommy's family came to hang out to help through the contractions and entertain Big Sister.  Mommy got a good, healthy lunch from the Cafe.

As the day progressed the contractions got closer together but Mom was still hesitant thinking if it was going to repeat itself and slow down again.  The magic number was contractions 5 minutes apart.  They were still 8-10 minutes apart and would not get any closer together.  However they were getting more intense.

Midafternoon Aunt Melissa and Lisa left to get some groceries to help when we would come home.  The contractions become more intense and someone HAS TO push on Momma's lower back during them.  Your cousins Sam and Jack are in the room encouraging Momma and amazed with what us women go through 😉. They even let Mommy know when a contraction is about to come, and Mom is hoping it comes true because that means it's progressing.

Shortly after four we feel like things are changing and Mommy can't stay very silent during the contractions.  And she finally had one 6 minutes apart... and shortly after another one about 5 minutes.  Mommy goes to the bathroom one last time and can hardly move because the contraction becomes so painful.  Tile floor is unbearably uncomfortable....

4:24 we leave for hospital.  Grandpa and Lisa stay back with the kids and Mommy's labor supporters come along.  The doctor told us to get dropped off at ER due to road construction and remodeling.  The hospital is two minutes from our house and they quickly wheel Mommy in a wheelchair to the room.  Mommy remembers getting dizzy as she was being pushed by all the busy decorative carpet.

Mommy was bummed to find out the room was pretty small compared to others she had toured.  But she didn't have much time to ponder.  Mommy even had to have HER Mommy help with undressing to prep for getting into hospital gear.

4:40 nurse checks and says 6cm dilated

Well, that's a good sign!  No going back now!  This baby has to come out!  No time for thinking of drugs to help with pain.  But Mommy sure had a lot to scream about!

4:44 Mommy was screaming.  Screaming. "I want to push!!!". That seemed crazy since she was only 6cm a few minutes ago.

4:46 nurse checks 8-9 centimeters
No time to chuckle how fast that part went!  Mommy starts complaining....she has to get her IV in.  She can hardly stay still.  How they got the IV in, Mom still doesn't know!

4:47 Mommy's body starts to do the pushing without Mommy's control.  It was a crazy experience and Mommy still can't explain it.  It was intense pain she's never felt before.  So different from Big Sister's labor.

4:49 the doctor arrives, Mr Swanson
Not our doctor.  We've never met him.  Mommy suddenly has a Mommy moment of freak out and it was as if time stood still.  Daddy was signing forms during all this. (We had only arrived in our room about 15 minutes ago.) No time for meet and greets, someone had to catch YOU!

[Little did we all know Dr Swanson was incredible and let Mommy do all the work and was exactly what she needed.  There was a calm about him.]

5:04 Aunt Mel sees your head! And all Mom can remember is her body stopped doing the intense crazy pushing.  And it's like her body froze.  Now she had to do the pushing herself! NO sleep at all.  Two days of intense contractions came down to this moment.

Aunt Mel mentions she sees half the head and Mommy is doing great.  Doc whispers to her it's not half....even Mommy hears this conversation but knew what Aunt Mel meant!  (Remember Mom has seen TONS of deliveries to know what she meant!)

5:11 it's a boy!! It's our son! Mommy gets you right away!   You have your cord wrapped around your ankle but otherwise you're doing great!

You start nursing immediately.  It's a surreal feeling to have a son.  You poop all over Mommy and her hospital cords.  You cry unless you're latched on to Mommy to nurse. (That's still accurate most of the time!)

Mommy tells everyone you are stubborn like your Daddy and Daddy replies, "like his sister!" 😂😂

Mommy was so thankful she remembered how to breastfeed and it felt natural all over again.  It also helped to get her mind off what Doctor had to do 😛😬

It was all Mommy could do not to share your name but really wanted Big Sister to share the news.

6:15 After getting cleaned up, some food,  and new bedding it was time for Big Sister to come see you.  Big Sister was so excited and kept calling you a she, but she learned quickly you were a boy!

Everyone that came to hospital were anxiously waiting to meet you and find out your name.  Big Sister kept calling you Salmon. Toad.

Aunt Melissa brought her family in to get home with school the next day.  The boys were so excited to meet you.  Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Ryan came and then took Big Sister home to sleep.  Lisa also came in with some encouragement (sorry this time is a little blurry now). Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle David and Caden, Briston, Aviah & Greyson were so thrilled to meet you. Grandma Melinda also came from Newton and was so excited you were finally born!

Jayden Carl Kaisand
7lb 15oz
Jayden means "God heard"
Carl was your Grandpa Kaisand's middle name

Aunt Mel had texted Aunt Liz in Kansas City about your slow and steady labor and quick delivery!  The joke was if we waited any longer it would of been a home birth!  She couldn't be more right!! 😃

After everyone left and Mommy got to nurse you some more....and nurses were done for a few minutes of messing with us...Daddy held you.  Mommy didn't know he waited for everyone else to get to hold you before he did.  But the moment he finally did, Momma's heart melted.  It was such a surreal weekend.  Such a blur of a day.  So intense and just memorable.

Our family felt complete.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Snuggles Forever

I know it's been since November since I shared what's going on in life.  Lately it's been-- just share on Facebook a paragraph with some pics and that's good enough for now.

Going from one to two kids had been the hardest transition in my life this far.  Ellie was already stretching our limits before our son was born.  Now they're just exaggerated because she tries to be the baby.  The kids are 3.5 years apart...maybe some day that will be a good age gap but for now it's been hard.  Maybe just because of Ellie's personality and Jayden's need to be held to sleep most of the time.

Some day I will post his labor story, but until then just know I don't know how long I was officially in labor.  My contractions started Friday morning (11th) and he was born Sunday evening (3.13).  So I started this journey with two kids exhausted.  I haven't been sleeping through the night since before I got pregnant with Jayden.

Life with two is so different than with just one.  The saying "rest when baby does" becomes the worse advice ever given.  When I did that one morning I found Ellie washing herself in bathroom sink saying it was chocolate on her face.  She got into brownie mix and ate it on the couch.  Let's just say that morning I did some vacuuming .  I've also learned how to lose weight.  It's cheaper than joining a gym.  I just don't hardly have time to eat.  Jayden hardly ever stays asleep during the day not being held...and if he does it lasts 5-15 minutes.

Ellie 3.5 years old:
-has a new big girl bed and bedroom we call it the pink room.
-she stays in bed until 8
-still needs a nap every day or else it's not fun from 5pm and on
-her favorite thing to do is color with markers, watch movies, go outside, play with her friends (she's always meeting new people), and anything with Daddy
-she is not potty trained but we're hoping that transition happens here soon.

-7 weeks old tomorrow
-stays up until 1am most night (otherwise it's midnight)
-best sleep on his own is from 1am until 10am ish
-he usually wakes up around 7/8am to nurse, so then I try to start my day when he goes back to sleep.  it allows me to eat cereal, hangout with Ellie, dinner prep, laundry or unload dishwasher....unlike when Ellie was a baby I just slept in with her.
-he's very smiley and "talks"
-loves to stare at things that catch his eye

-neh-neh cries mean he's hungry.
-doesn't like his carseat much, wants out of it if running errands and it needs to be moving if he's in it
-he should get an award for # of poops in a day :)
-his fussy time is somewhere around 5-7pm and 9pm-until he's down for the night at midnight/1am

Most of the time I'm just trying to soak in these early weeks with him and not want to wish them away....but honestly I'm too tired and days start to run together.  I think I showered this week.  I have no idea what's for dinner tomorrow.  I don't know why Ellie is throwing a fit so I'll just say "she's tired..." Cus I certainly am!

Time to thank those who have really helped me with this stage in my life.  From playdates, to bringing us meals, or willing to hangout with Ellie so I could shower knowing Jayden was safe.

Holding hands with her BFF

We love Jayden so much and so thankful God has blessed us with him in our family.  We can't wait to see him and Ellie grow up and see the dynamics in our family.
The other day I told Jon in one year we will have a little more sleep.  Two years will be easier to leave the house.  In five years we won't have so much stuff (diaper bag filled with half our house).  Our lives will change from poopy diapers, middle of the night nursing and pacifier finding to school drop offs and activities to fill in the gaps.  I hope in those moments I can still remember what those early years are like and do for moms with littles what others have done for me.

Until then we're snuggling on the couch until late at night, and having marriage chats while snuggling our little guy after big sister falls asleep.  This is our life right now.  I didn't picture this year's ago, but I'm so thankful we got to meet Jay.  I'm so thankful he is ours to raise.