Sunday, June 26, 2016

You know you're a Mom of two kids.....

...if baby gets spit up on your bed at 4am and you cover it with a towel....and sheets gets washed DAYS later.

....when your toddler finds post it notes and covers your body with them while you nurse the baby.  And you don't care.

...if you look at people with one baby and cry of exhaustion realizing how much more rest you got "before"

...if you give up on losing the baby bump because no one's got time for exercising when you got a toddler who refuses to potty train, runs away from you in public places, and a baby who always wants held.

...when your budget changes from meal planning to "survive mode"

...if you go to the store and purchase every type of pacifier to find THEE one that will bless you 10 more minutes of sleep.

...when you let your three-year old have five snacks instead of lunch.  Cus this Momma don't care. 😘😘

....when nap time became a good idea that one time.  Because they're never at the same time.  And if they are....the baby is in your arms.  And of course you have to pee.

...when Motherhood finds you nursing a baby while going you know what and suddenly your toddler needs you.  (Which reminds me, if you can't get her attention go to the bathroom or call someone.)

...if you just finished laundry and both kids decide to poop.  Everywhere.

...if you find yourself with arms always full, your heart aching, and your eyes exhausted.

...if you find yourself loving your husband more every day! 😍

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