Sunday, October 30, 2011

The New Options

New updates on Jon's internship options:
1. Position in St Paul that was really something Jon was looking forward to: still waiting to hear back from them.
2. He told the Ames position no.  (Didn't seem the right fit compared to others.)
3. Driving to Iowa City position this coming Friday for a face-to-face interview.  This past week he had a phone interview for them.  He also likes this option as well.  However it would delay his graduation date to December 2012.

Praying now with the final decision in the future and also our living situation.  At some point I knew I would have to leave the family I nanny for.  I just wasn't expecting it to be so soon.  It could be as soon as December or January.  Or not until May.  Each day I'm trying to enjoy the moments I have with them.  Taking it all in.  I love them so much! :)  It's hard to be in a child's life daily for a year or so and then never hear from them again.  I'm hoping that doesn't happen with this family.  I've learned so much and will be a better mother thanks to them.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kaisand Updates Finally!

I have a camera filled with pictures from this month that I am dying to share with everyone.  However the whole no computer thing for two weeks has gotten Jon and I a little behind.  We finally got it back and now spending our leisure time (well not always) watching missed shows on hulu, catching up on facebook, friends, gmail, etc.  How much we missed hulu!  We don't get TV really, just FOX and a Des Moines station (KCWI 23).  Not too bad but it gets old pretty quick.  We love sitting in front of the TV at dinner time enjoying each others company and leisurely spending time together when we can.  Some times we cuddle and watch for so long it gets too late to do the dishes.  We let them soak until it's another day.  Our poor little one-bedroom apartment kitchen.

I started to call it The Hole.

This picture was taken over a year ago so I have definitely changed things!  I even have a microwave cart blocking some of the space by the oven (the side closest to the camera).  I could go on and on about the changes....however I can save that for another day.

When my nephew was here over night he asked me how I got anything done in there, it was so small! :)

Other updates on Jon and I.....
He has a third option for internship.  And that is in Iowa City.  He had a phone interview yesterday morning and talked  to them again today and now he is going there next week. Yes, driving there next Friday for another "interview" and to see the building where he would work.

So it sounds like we will be living in Ames for less than a year now.  If you told me this a year ago I might start shouting for joy, but now I'm kind of holding back.

I love my job.  (What will I ever do without hearing those sweet words, "Maaa-dy!  Maaa-dy!" :)
I love being close to family and friends.
I love knowing how to get everywhere.
I love the routine.
I don't like change.
But it's time for change again.
And I am not God.
He has other plans for us.

It's not that I never liked living here.  It's just that it never felt like "home" or a place where I felt comfortable no matter where I drove around.  But now that I have a job (since the end of March), I don't get lost (hardly ever since now sometimes I help Jon find his way), and we are so close to family and friends.... I can't imagine being SUPER far away.  I like the option of driving 30 minutes to see my sister and her family. :)

 Come on, who doesn't want the option of seeing those cuties? (I got a chance to see each one of these four boys be brought into this world!!)

However I'll let her break the news to everyone in full, but they bought a house and will not live as close to Ames anymore.  (But that's a blessing for them!  God is working!) :)

Plus, Jon and I live 45 minutes away from his sister and her family and my parents.  How awesome is that? :)
Free laundry.  Any time.  Did I also mention hot water even after the shampoo? :)

Jon's top choices that he is leaning towards are:
1. Interested in this Iowa City position (hey, it IS in Iowa like we were always hoping for).
2. Waiting to hear back for the position in St Paul, Minnesota.  The position would be summer 2012 and could then transfer him to Clear Lake, IA.  yeah, that's Iowa but no one is even close to that area.

Iowa City we would possibly have visitors due to the fact that we have family in Des Moines and east of Des Moines.  Jon's mom lives in Newton.  We would then live over an hour east of my sister and her family and their new home.

Please pray for this upcoming transition for us!  And pictures coming soon!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Praying about Two Options

Jon has a couple interviews in the next week or so.  Here are the options as far as I understand them to be.

Intern Option One
Pros: in Ames, don't have to travel, already have jobs here
Cons: starts spring semester where he already will be in school and has a well paid and he loves the part-time job (don't know how that will come to be); why this option a biggie since he'll still be in school?  Someone took one of the classes he has to take and he said, "that class alone makes you feel like you are working a 40 hour week."
(side note: let's just say we're looking forward to May---graduation!)

Intern Option Two
Pros: during Summer 2012 (not in school anymore)
Cons: St Paul, Minnesota
Pros about the cons: they will help us find a place to live and will help pay for it
More cons that Mary comes up with: farther from family and friends, would have to find a new job if I'm not a mommy yet.

Jon's thoughts:  He likes Option two better because of the timing, but the distance isn't too exciting.  However he likes St Paul and thinks it would be fun.  But we always planned on hoping to stay in Iowa so that's a tough thing to swallow.

We're just praying about this and hoping God gives us a clear answer.  I can't imagine what it would be like to move to Minnesota.  And it could only be for a short while to get his feet wet with his degree.

Just thought I'd give you all the heads up.....

All this thought of Jon's job being the foundation of where Jon and I end up living is becoming more and more real to me.  To the both of us.  Really gives me a chance to understand why all those married women out there moved because of their hubby's job.  It makes more sense now. :)  We both never thought we'd live anywhere but Iowa so this is kind of a big step for us.
If you think of us and wondering details of what to pray for....
--God giving us a clear understanding of His will for our lives
--Patience and commitment to where ever He wants us to go and not let it effect our relationship with Him and each other.
--The willingness either way.
--To learn how to encourage each other through all of this.

Thank you.  Please commit so I know you got this. :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Missing you All

Sorry I have been away from my blog recently.  I'm really trying to keep everyone updated as much as possible. But busyness has over taken the position of updating my blog.  Jon and I have been keeping ourselves busy.  The fall semester has definitely got him going with more school work and he had quite the week with the career fair not too long ago.  And I'm adjusting with two kids at home instead of just one at my nanny job.  (I could also add the mom is their most of the time too.)  It's been an adjustment for all of us, but I see blessings coming through. :)

This past weekend Jon got a chance to see his friends for the weekend (Harvest Party) and I tagged along with him.  It's a weekend filled with games, food, and conversation.  I'm sore after playing hours of football and having little sleep.  Going to bed early tonight!

How is everyone doing?  Enjoying the wonderful fall weather we are receiving?
Let me know how your October is going!