Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Parenting Anniversary

Today marks the day.

Thee day.

:) hehe

This morning one year ago, it was a Monday, and I was uncontrollably delighted and in awe.

Just awe.

I didn't feel any different, but was considering the fact that I might just be pregnant.

After taking the test, I had to wait.  Oh...the waiting....

In the mean time Jon was getting all dressed up for a presentation.  He had to put on a suit and everything.  He was totally focused on this presentation.  It was a BIG deal.  Unfortunately I had to take the test while he was still at home.  I told him I wouldn't tell him the results.  But shortly after taking the test I thought I already saw "the line."  However I knew it was too soon to look at it, so in the back of my mind I told myself to not over think it.

So there went the tissue.  I threw it over the test so Jon wouldn't see the results while he finished getting ready in the bathroom.

But the whole time I was pacing the bedroom.

Our little bedroom we had in Ames.

Then I told Jon, "Won't you know by the look on my face if we are pregnant or not?  I have to look at the results before you leave."

He said, "Go ahead and look at it when you need to.  Whatever the results are we can't change anything."


So there I was....about to look at the results.


My mouth made the shape of an "O" and then the hands went over the mouth.  You know it--that look!

Jon's response, "We're pregnant aren't we?"

Nodding my head, "Yes!"

Then we had to act as if nothing happened.  Jon had to leave right away and I had to get ready for work.

I was so wanting to tell people, but I knew I should wait until after I told our families.  So there I was being a nanny for two little kiddos.  Kinda giddy, yes.  Because I wasn't sick yet!

The rest of the week I had to try to keep my cool and not say anything at work.  I tried to make a doctor's appointment, but I was apparently only five weeks pregnant so they wouldn't let me.  Then I found out that my parent's were babysitting my nephews at their house (they lived in Grinnell), so this was my chance to tell MORE of the family.  Which helped me with a fun idea to do to tell them we were pregnant.

I wrote a blog post all about telling them.  Check it out.

January 30th...will always be a special day.  That day Jon and I found out our little family of love was now three. :)

*Side note:  Jon was truly excited.  His mind was just really focused on his presentation.  Now he just looks at our sweet little Ellie and is so happy we have her!  He also wishes she was awake more. :)  Our sweet little sleeper.  She loves to sleep!!  She's like her Daddy. heehee

And that's the story of how Jon and Mary found out they were now forever parents!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Fly Swatter for Satan

Some things to mention while writing this post....

This is my husband.

this is his "im playing my video game" face
Excuse the "stuff" on the table behind him.  Just pretend like we spent our gloomy Sunday at home with a spotless house. ;P

He helps with our baby girl.  And loves her to pieces.

I love our little family.

While our little family was growing we had to move away from family and friends.  It's been rough for a first-time mom and in the cold cold cold.

So for awhile I was sitting at home, feeling guilty about EVERYTHING.

-my apartment wasn't clean
-no one could just "stop by" without me feeling bad about how awful our place looked
-i would feel like a horrible host
-when people did say they were coming i would have to run around like a crazy person (not fun with a newborn)
-i dont mean just typical picking up daily "stuff" but i mean deep clean like dusting, bathrooms, etc.
-and not spending time with Jesus every day like I wanted
-and not reaching out to those around us (ugg winter)

I felt terrible...I know I should not have felt bad,  but I did.

I'm human.

But one day I sat down and said, "I have had enough!"

See I was arguing with myself and within myself.  Confusing I know.

I have two personalities you see.  I'm type A and type B.

Here's a quick explanation of both me and me.

Type As do appear to be more successful in terms of work accomplishments, but Type Bs are better able to enjoy the moment (and there are plenty of successful Type Bs). In reality, however, the Type A-B personality is a normally-distributed continuum, with relatively few people being strongly driven and competitive (As) or totally laid back (Bs). Most of us are probably slightly on one side or the other of the A-B divide.

I found that info here.

My type A self will say, "Get this place picked up!" and then type B says, "It's not a big deal.  Just sit and eat your lunch....and take a chill pill."

But seriously, I got so annoyed at my Type B self, that it was getting to be too much.

So I had to change.

To make both my "types" happy I wrote down a list.

Things I wanted to get accomplished monthly, every two weeks, weekly, and daily.  Then I drew myself a monthly calendar and filled it in with the things from my list.

I felt peace.  I felt accomplishment.  Type A self was so relieved and Type B liked the organization.

I was doing REALLY well with it!  Yippee!  Until one weekend some of the stuff just didn't get done.  I was bummed.

I had this voice inside me Satan telling me I was terrible.  I felt awful.  The next day I didn't even do anything.  And it only made me "feel" worse.

Then I got busy.  I was working really hard on not allowing Satan to get in the way of discouraging me.

This past week he tried to discourage me about other things too just to add some fun for him.

He tried it through Ellie (had a hard night one night in public which she never has EVER acted that way in her life).  He tried it through my daily walk with God and in my devotion time.  Once he couldn't win he got desperate and tried to mess with my mind about my marriage.

That is when I had ENOUGH.

Good bye Satan.  My God is TOO big for you!  And in prayer, with God's grace and mercy, He led me to peace.

And I'm so thankful that Friday night I could sit down on the couch, with a sleeping baby in her crib and talk to my hubby all about it.  and he listened with concern.  so thankful I opened up to him, but also glad I had not told him anything until then.  

Satan is a trap.  Don't let him win!!

Because if it's like my situation it will benefit....
-your inner thoughts
-your family
-your marriage
-your walk with God
-your encouragement for others
-the blessings from Above

Because our God is STRONGER than any other!!! :) (Love that song!)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Baby vs Pregnancy

2013 brings on some blessings I am so going to take time to enjoy.

smile and enjoy. auuhhhh :)

For one, this time last year in less than a week I was about to find out we were pregnant.

But now I have the privilege to enjoy not being sick and pregnant but hold my bundle of joy.  I will be able to enjoy February, March, April, and May.  oh yippee!! :)

Now, just as long as I don't get pregnant.

Don't quote me wrong.  I like Ellie and I love what she brings to our life.  However pregnancy is 9 months of life I don't want to repeat.  I will have to be given LOTS of grace when I get pregnant again.  I dream of giving Jon another sweet baby someday, but hoping I could just pass the agony of pregnancy.  Some people are gifted with a nice, wonderful pregnancy.  However I am not.  Far from it actually.  If pregnancy wasn't as awful as it is for me, I wouldn't mind how close my kids were in age.  However pregnancy (especially first 25 weeks) is pretty much torture on my poor body.  And I want to enjoy my sweet Ellie.  I just started to feel more "normal" since getting pregnant with Ellie.  I want to enjoy this for a little while longer.  I want Ellie to be a little bit more independent before I get pregnant again.

2013 brings on the joy of having Ellie in our life.  Starting 2012 we had no idea what was in our near future!

Last night Jon said, "Oh, I love our sweet daughter!!  She is just so sweet!!  I love her!!"

She is just SUCH a sweetie.  And I remind Jon those countless times he had to throw away my barf bags, run to the grocery store since I couldn't even step foot into our kitchen or near any food, or those times he had to rub my back comforting me through another barfing on an empty stomach.


He was right there along side of me helping me through it all.  Because our sweet baby had a Momma AND a Daddy. :)  And her Daddy definitely helped out before he even knew her.

Even though it wasn't fun or sweet or anything to have to do those things or deal with it....we went through that together.

And Ellie's daddy and mommy can tell her all about it someday.  And encourage her to find a man who would do the same! :)

Because Ellie, you are such a good baby that we LOVE you so much more outside of Mommy!  You make this parenting thing so much fun!!

Yeah for 2013 of enjoying our sweet Ellie!!  Thank you Lord for your mercies new every morning!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Weighing Mommyhood

Depending on when I weigh myself, how much I've eaten recently, or just a lot of big meals and snacking (aka parties, holidays); I'm about 10-12 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Yippee!  However I don't feel like I have 10+ extra pounds on me.  I feel like I have 10 pounds of stretching skin here and some there. :p  Let's get real here.  Grab my tummy and take it where you want.  I'm wondering how far it would go?

Just kidding, but seriously here....

Spring 2010

That's a picture of Jon and I before we got married.  That's the best picture I could find of myself to see as much as my figure as possible.

I'm skinny, I know.

Then I got married to that wonderful man.

June 2010
Now, sometime between my single life and first year of marriage I gained weight.  I think it was just typical God planned womanly weight. ;)  I didn't change my eating habits.  Except in high school I could eat THREE donuts at church on Sunday mornings and then in 2010 chasing my nephews around or working in a store where I wasn't allowed to eat while working.  So I was pretty sure it was just BIGGER HIP weight, right? :)

But I seriously and HONESTLY was certainly happy with my weight.  I was at a weight that I was comfortable with and didn't feel skinny or fat.  I felt average.  Content.  When people said, "You must be a size zero."  I could honestly reply, "Nope!  Not in years."  And for some of you that might hurt.  That might sound weird.  But for someone who was always picked on for being small, maybe you can relate?

So there I was....super content with my figure.  My hubby was okay with my figure.  All was fine.


So I was sick ALL THE TIME.  Eating whatever I could eat with throwing up in the mean time for the first 25 weeks.  I lost ten pounds and then gained it back...and then became...

I filled up in my thighs, my arms, fingers, ankles, chins (all of them), my cheeks, ahem my chest, my butt, my other butt, and the extra thighs.  That picture doesn't fully show it all because that was back in July....I still was pregnant for over two months after that picture!!

I had gained 50 pounds while pregnant.

Nothing fit.  I was wearing Jon's t-shirts around the house.  Nothing was comfortable.  None of my maternity jeans fit.  Nothing.

Then I had precious Ellie.

Oh, dear precious Ellie.

And my heart melted....

WHO CARES???  Gained 20, 50, or 100...I had my precious baby girl in my arms!!!  At last!  After hours of no sleeping, throwing up, nothing staying down, nothing moving because so much discomfort....I had my baby girl!

So even though I have 10, maybe 12 pounds yet to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight...that does NOT mean I will look like what I did before I was pregnant.  My skin does not look the same, my body does not feel the same, but neither is my heart.  And it will NEVER change.

Because being a Mom is the best gift ever.

And I can weigh in on THAT! :)

*You can find Mary, the new mom eating yummy snacks through out the day.  Because who cares about her weight?  She knows she needs energy and love for her family.  

25 things....updated list from 2010

The end of September, 2010 (three months after getting married), I made a list of 25 things about Jon and myself.  I decided to copy & paste and *add input to add to what has changed since then.  Now I know Jon even more and things have certainly changed! :)

25 things

Here's a list of 25 things you may or may not have have known about Jon and Mary!

If Jon could own any car he would want a Porsche, while Mary would rather have a SUV with plenty of space for traveling with around the three children she would like to have. :)  Otherwise she would pick a purple intrepid.
*I would still pick an SUV/van type.  

Something like this is what I've been looking at recently:

Jon loves sleeping with the fan on his face to keep himself cool.  Mary would rather have a ceiling fan on low with a bunch of covers on.
*Still is the same.  Even when its freezing outside he still asks from time to time to turn the fan on.  He actually just asked a week or so ago. :p

Jon's favorite fruit is a ripe peach or a good banana, while Mary loves watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, pineapple and peaches.
*Still haven't changed our favorite fruits of course.  However Jon is in love with fresh pineapple.  He even doesn't mind cutting it up! :)

Mary loves chocolate with her strawberries, while Jon would rather just have them plain.
*Jon does not like fruit as a dessert.  He doesn't like banana bread, fruit pies, or anything dessert with fruit in it.  Weird I know, but leaves more for me! :)

Jon loves watching the history channel and got Mary addicted to checking CNN updates on their website.
*I still check news online from time to time.  However now we use my parent's Netflix and I'm busy catching up on TV shows we have missed since we only get FOX (pretty much) on our TV.

Mary can't go to bed without wearing socks no matter what.

Jon would rather have you shop for him, and Mary loves to shop!

Jon and Mary are both savers.
*Yeah, however I am enjoying when Jon comes home on Fridays and says, "Let's go out!"  Or I like the idea of making our apartment feel more home-like.  Saving up for upgrades on our furniture. :)

Jon first spotted Mary at Johnston Evangelical Free Church in the singles Sunday School class, while Mary noticed there were a few new guys in the class. :)
*Of course this fact will never ever change! :)

Jon said, "I love you" first, and it was on the telephone.
*Again, this will never ever change!

Before married, Jon and Mary used to go on dates in Ankeny after Mary got off work on Tuesdays.

Mary sometimes steers the car while Jon is driving.
*lol yeah, and we hardly even have to speak when it's needed.  If we get fast food while on the go, I automatically eat then I can give Jon his food and steer for him!

Mary's favorite sport is football (and ultimate football).  Jon loves soccer and tennis.
*Jon likes pretty much any active game! :)

Jon and Mary both love taking walks outdoors, and they usually find themselves going to parks.
*We got a nice stroller for this reason!  Jon is excited for the weather to get nicer to take our Ellie out on walks too!

Jon kills all the bugs.  If Jon is not home the trusty vacuum does the trick!
*OH YES!!  He also has given me the option of using his shoe so I can hit it until I know for a FACT the bug is dead.  We have more at this apartment then we did in Ames.  He always knows if he sees his random shoe somewhere, the dead squashed bug is nearby and takes care of it for me! uck!

Someday Jon wants to go to Germany.  
*I do too, really.  Going on a trip and exploring sounds REALLY fun!

Mary wants to go on every roller coaster in the United States.
*yes!!!  It needs to happen sooner rather than later!

Jon and Mary are saving up to put a theater room in their own house someday.
*yeppers.  Hoping our first house is able to make that happen!

Jon promised Mary he would take her to Disney World someday. :)
*Unfortunately it was said to happen before having kids.....then Ellie came along. hehe

Jon and Mary are reading through the Bible together.
*We are not doing so well with this.  It's kind of like making a new year's resolution.  Hard to keep up on.  However I am getting in the Word more daily now that I'm disciplined with BSF, Perspectives, etc. :)

Mary has never gone fishing before.
*Still have not.

Jon and Mary are both not morning people.  If you want to call us then try after dinner time.  We'll be more talkative then.
*Yes!  Ellie is like that too.  Except depending on her naps.  After her morning nap is a good time for her.  However last night she decided her evening nap was her first long stretch of sleep for the night (5pm-1am).  When I got her she was smiling and she was very talkative! :)

This number is the lucky number.  I know I know, we don't believe in luck.  I should just say it's our special number. :)

We both love being an aunt/uncle. 
*And now we absolutely LOVE being parents!!!  Jon loves seeing Ellie more than me now.  Honesty, I'm pretty sure that's true.  Because she can't talk on the phone yet, and she sleeps so much he feels like he hardly gets to have her company.  In a few years she'll never leave his side I'm sure!! :)

Mary is a system-minded, think ahead person while Jon is a here and now kinda guy.  It's a good match!
*yep, our personalities haven't changed.  I gave myself a helpful planner to keep up on my cleaning and things to help organize myself.  My Type A personality was getting annoyed with the Part B side of me.  :p  Jon still wants the bed made before he is about to get in it.  Because even while he sleeps he wants it to be "just right."  Otherwise he can't handle sleeping in it.  It cracks me up!  But at least the bed is always "perfect," right? :)

***And there you have it.  The updates!!!  

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Finding Peace and Rest in a "to do list" world

Dishing piling up in the sink, on the counter, just everywhere.

Dirty diapers filling up the garbage.

A shower.  Oh, a shower.  Needing a shower.

Bathroom in need of a deep scrub.  Twice.

Dirty laundry.

Clean laundry waiting to be folded.  Put away.

A bedroom desperately desiring to look like this:

A hungry belly, aching for fresh, healthy food.

A soul longing for stillness.

In awe of my Savior.

Because through all of this....I can rest.

The Lord has blessed us with such wonderful things.

Quiet.  Don't miss it.

Close your eyes.  Listen to a worship song.

You will hear it.

God's waiting.

That moment "I need for myself."  Is not true.

You need a moment with the One who will give you peace through all the moments you are facing ahead.

If in the past week, I've only learned one thing (which isn't true, I've learned so much!), it's to patiently sit still.  And let God.  Let God take over your moment to yourself.  It will make all the other moments of your day completely change!  Because this world is not about us.  Or my favorite snack and movie break.  Or my errands I get to take alone without my baby.  Or the moment I fall asleep in peace.  Or the moment my baby finally falls asleep.  Or the moment my hubby and I finally get a chance to talk.  It's about God.  It's about His plan.  His will.  What He desires.

And what He desires is for us to see the big picture!  It's not about us.
Did you hear that?  Ugh!  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in, "I will finally be happy, I will finally feel like I completed my day, I will finally enjoy some peace as soon as.....x y and z."

But no.  I won't find peace.  And when I do that.  I don't find peace.  EVER.

Because I'm finding peace in earthly things.  Things that Mary thinks she'll feel peaceful.  But what truly brings peace.  What truly brings mercy and grace and love.  Is Jesus.  To glorify God!  To praise Him!

That's where peace rests.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Do I look-a-like my cousins?

Here is Ellie.

Like you don't see enough photos of her already.

But still.  Work with me here.  I'm posting them again for a reason.

I think it would be fun to look at her cousins and see if they look anything alike at the same (or about the same) age.

Here's my sisters boys....


[Ok, so I found all these pictures on facebook.  And facebook wasn't really "around" when my nephew Sam was born.  So there's a small chance I got any of Ellie's older cousins, and if I did they're a little older.]

I think Ellie is wide-eyed too. :)

What about this baby boy??

And then one of Max and his contagious smiles....


And then Max has a little brother....

And Frank has similar eyes as Ellie with tummy time...

But unfortunately, as of now, I don't have a picture of Ellie on her tummy.

My other sister has girls....

Evelyn 2 months
Can you say wide-eyed too??? :)


The next picture is what inspired this post.  Evelyn got a bath in the EXACT same place as Ellie did around the same age...BOTH at my parent's house.


Other than the fact that my Ellie was still getting over the aww-factor of getting a bath, they look VERY similar!

Now, my sister's next daughter didn't have very many pictures of her as a baby (on Facebook).  I don't know why.  Maybe because she was busy with Evelyn's toddler's stage? ;)  But I think Annie got her "looks" from her Daddy's side.  So there is not much chance Ellie and her will look too much alike.  But still.  Here's Evelyn's sister.

Ahem, then they have a little brother.  Who is not blood-related.  So he will never ever look like Ellie.  However he is so adorable.  And why not add more sweet, baby pics to this post??? :)

So there you have it.  The cousins Ellie has on her Momma's side.

Now, it's time to check out Daddy's side.  However again, didn't have much luck with the oldest two.  I found NO baby pics of them!  But here is baby number three.

I don't know about you, but I seriously see some similarities!



And then Aviah has a little brother...


So, there you have it.  What do you think?

Who does Ellie look most like???

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ellie {3 months}

Last Friday (four days ago to be exact), Ellie had her three month birthday!  Poor firstborn has a fourth-child for a Momma (can't always keep up).  I was out of town so of course I couldn't do my normal photo shoot and blog post.  So forgive me future Ellie.

She is adorable beyond any mother's dreams!!  Seriously though.  Her photo shoot this month was hard for different reasons than the past.  She kept TALKING! :)  So all her facial expressions look so silly in a picture.

But her shirt says it all.  She is just so precious!

Can't get enough of her!  When she's happy anyways...which means please allow me to let her sleep. :)

She does a lot better with bath time now.  Just as long as the water is not cold.  (oops, won't ever try giving her a quick bath in bathroom sink.  When I turn on the water and it's not warm it's not so fun!)

To check back at her growth I put her in her bouncer seat again.

one month

two months
three months
She is definitely getting longer and filling out more!  Her two month picture she is wearing newborn and in three months she's wearing three month clothes!  So she's right with the "size that matches her age" stage right now.

Another way I like to keep track of her size is putting her on our changing mat we have in the living room.  However this month she made it more fun.  I tried.

Kicking her legs around like crazy is the new thing.  I don't swaddle her anymore for sleeping, now she likes a sleep sack.  She likes having her "legs inside something" however she likes to be more mobile.  Her arms move around while she tries to fall asleep, adding more adventures for her to keep her awake.  When she gets mad I give her the pacifier which she loves.  But her arms sometimes knocks it out, which makes things fun and more interesting, right?

But here is my best attempt to show her growth since last month on this mat.

2 months
3 months

My dear Ellie, you are so precious.  I wouldn't dare change your clothes for this photo shoot.

Your "precious" onesie can't say it any better.  You are adorable.  I don't know how I did my daily routine without you.  Ellie, you started to do something that just melts my heart.  When you wake up (usually in the morning) you start to talk.  For the first minute or so you just make a sweet noise of "talking" and it's just so precious!  After awhile if I didn't hear you or not coming fast enough you start your little cry.  Which reminds me you slobber all over your bedding where you sleep.  You silly girl.

Naps.  You do them fairly well.  They are usually 2-4 hours long.  On "bad days" they are hardly one hour long and you just not your happy usual self.  Sometimes after falling asleep for a half hour or so you wake up and want the pacifier.  But then fall asleep shortly after for another hour or two.  Like today.  You are going on a two hour nap after waking up at the thirty minute usual.

However today marks a big day for you us.  Your afternoon nap was in your crib.  You've been in a few times before, but I organized your room so you could now have it be "your room."  Even at night.  Oh, I'll miss you near us.  (I think you will too.  You tend to sleep better when you know we're close.)  And those few times you wake up and just want the paci won't be as easy when you are not an arm reach away.

But you were just getting way too big for that bassinet.  You looked so BIG!

Here's the last picture I took before you let me know you were ready for your afternoon nap today.  The look on your face shows you are slowly getting tired.  Wearing your three month are such a big girl!  We love your personality showing through even now.

And before I go into more I just realized...your Daddy will be home soon.  I better finish dinner. :)

Post-Christmas Plans

After all the holidays I knew Jon and I would not be traveling much.  So rather than make myself go crazy before the holidays trying to get a million things done (that been needing attention), I decided to wait until things slowed down January-March.  Especially since going outside is not really fun when you have a baby these days.  It would help keep me motivated while I sit home with Ellie waiting for her Daddy to come home. :)

So this is what I see in the living room today...

Yes, Christmas tree and all.  We haven't fully unpacked yet from Christmas/New Year's festivities.  Shortly after we returned I left with my sister back to my parent's house so that stopped me right away.  But now it's just sitting there.  Starring at me.  Like, don't you like me?  Don't you appreciate you have me now?

Sure thing.  However I stopped unpacking because I got busy with a baby who wouldn't take long naps (beyond my ability to eat food and laundry).  And then I've been dealing with on and off terrible stomach aches.  Possibly post parties of stomach filled with food constantly and now it's digging around for the corners of fridge, freezer, and pantry since I was in deep need of going grocery shopping!!
(Thank you hubby for letting me go last night after Ellie fell asleep.)  Nearly $200 later, I came back with much needed groceries, and things for my organizing projects that were in DEEP need around the apartment.  Plus I found the PERFECT gifts for my nephews for each one of their birthdays this year.  I've been looking for these things for the past year.  Score!  (Sorry no pictures of the gifts, I like to surprise their Momma too!) :)

Besides trying to get the apartment back in swing of things, hanging out with a three month old, and stomach issues....I've been dealing with...

Not too bad.  But every day I go through at least ten or so.  I don't know if I caught a little bit of what my sister's and their families had going around or what....but it's not bad.  It's just annoying.  I'll be nursing Ellie and have to stop (making her not happy) and wipe my nose because I don't want it to drip everywhere!

But back to my errands hubby let me go on last night.  Walmart was filled with groceries, and Target was filled with using gift cards on practical things that we needed.

It's organize closets at the Kaisand apartment these days!  We needed these and they just happened to be on sale.  I needed a bin for all of my girl clothes I have for the ones Ellie is too big for or stuff she can't fit into yet.  And I needed at least one or two for our master bedroom closet.

Seriously though.  That basket on the floor is full of stuff that has been there since before Ellie was born.  It's stuff that I fit into BEFORE I was pregnant.  I don't think I'll ever be able to fit into it, but you never know.  Plus just extra clothes of random this and that.  No room in our dresser.  So it would be nice to get that all taken care of before it becomes a year that we moved here.

I will also go through every item on a hanger and put it in a bin if we haven't warn it for the past year or if it's maternity/summer stuff.

Now notice the bottom shelf.

Ugg.  We need a better system for our shoes.  So I would like it if Jon went to a store to get us what we need to "make" a shelf for the shoes.  Because piling them up there is just not working.  (However it was the best option when you are big and prego and could care less about your shoes since you only fit into one or two pairs thanks to swollen ankles.)

Ahem, like I said I didn't ever fully unpack us.  I got back late Saturday night and then Sunday I ended up taking a nap.  However it's on hold because I need to motivate myself to clean our toilet and floors.  Ugg.  They are gross.

However after Jon and I cut his hair he did take a shower and clean it for me.  Leaving our bathroom floor like...

But I could either be upset at those results or be ever so thankful he cleaned the shower.  I pick the thankful part...wouldn't you? :)

Back to the fun-organizational stuff I got at Target.

I got those cute green and blue bins.  The green ones are for infant toys, and the blue ones are for older age stuff.  They are already halfway or mostly full.  Thanks to baby showers and my keepsakes from my Grandma Evelyn's house.

Then I wanted something for Ellie's jackets.  But I wanted to think future, so I had Jon hang them up low.  Plus little jackets up high look so funny to me.

Her jacket(s) look so cute! :)  That jacket she can fit into right now!  Crazy stuff!
Meanwhile, while Jon did that I was filling bins in her closet of her clothes.  Then I also made a bin for diapers she can't fit into anymore but we'll use for future babies or visitors who need them.  So far newborns are in there.  They look so tiny!  Aww!!

And that brings me to my next post....

Ellie {3 months}