Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Post-Christmas Plans

After all the holidays I knew Jon and I would not be traveling much.  So rather than make myself go crazy before the holidays trying to get a million things done (that been needing attention), I decided to wait until things slowed down January-March.  Especially since going outside is not really fun when you have a baby these days.  It would help keep me motivated while I sit home with Ellie waiting for her Daddy to come home. :)

So this is what I see in the living room today...

Yes, Christmas tree and all.  We haven't fully unpacked yet from Christmas/New Year's festivities.  Shortly after we returned I left with my sister back to my parent's house so that stopped me right away.  But now it's just sitting there.  Starring at me.  Like, don't you like me?  Don't you appreciate you have me now?

Sure thing.  However I stopped unpacking because I got busy with a baby who wouldn't take long naps (beyond my ability to eat food and laundry).  And then I've been dealing with on and off terrible stomach aches.  Possibly post parties of stomach filled with food constantly and now it's digging around for the corners of fridge, freezer, and pantry since I was in deep need of going grocery shopping!!
(Thank you hubby for letting me go last night after Ellie fell asleep.)  Nearly $200 later, I came back with much needed groceries, and things for my organizing projects that were in DEEP need around the apartment.  Plus I found the PERFECT gifts for my nephews for each one of their birthdays this year.  I've been looking for these things for the past year.  Score!  (Sorry no pictures of the gifts, I like to surprise their Momma too!) :)

Besides trying to get the apartment back in swing of things, hanging out with a three month old, and stomach issues....I've been dealing with...

Not too bad.  But every day I go through at least ten or so.  I don't know if I caught a little bit of what my sister's and their families had going around or what....but it's not bad.  It's just annoying.  I'll be nursing Ellie and have to stop (making her not happy) and wipe my nose because I don't want it to drip everywhere!

But back to my errands hubby let me go on last night.  Walmart was filled with groceries, and Target was filled with using gift cards on practical things that we needed.

It's organize closets at the Kaisand apartment these days!  We needed these and they just happened to be on sale.  I needed a bin for all of my girl clothes I have for the ones Ellie is too big for or stuff she can't fit into yet.  And I needed at least one or two for our master bedroom closet.

Seriously though.  That basket on the floor is full of stuff that has been there since before Ellie was born.  It's stuff that I fit into BEFORE I was pregnant.  I don't think I'll ever be able to fit into it, but you never know.  Plus just extra clothes of random this and that.  No room in our dresser.  So it would be nice to get that all taken care of before it becomes a year that we moved here.

I will also go through every item on a hanger and put it in a bin if we haven't warn it for the past year or if it's maternity/summer stuff.

Now notice the bottom shelf.

Ugg.  We need a better system for our shoes.  So I would like it if Jon went to a store to get us what we need to "make" a shelf for the shoes.  Because piling them up there is just not working.  (However it was the best option when you are big and prego and could care less about your shoes since you only fit into one or two pairs thanks to swollen ankles.)

Ahem, like I said I didn't ever fully unpack us.  I got back late Saturday night and then Sunday I ended up taking a nap.  However it's on hold because I need to motivate myself to clean our toilet and floors.  Ugg.  They are gross.

However after Jon and I cut his hair he did take a shower and clean it for me.  Leaving our bathroom floor like...

But I could either be upset at those results or be ever so thankful he cleaned the shower.  I pick the thankful part...wouldn't you? :)

Back to the fun-organizational stuff I got at Target.

I got those cute green and blue bins.  The green ones are for infant toys, and the blue ones are for older age stuff.  They are already halfway or mostly full.  Thanks to baby showers and my keepsakes from my Grandma Evelyn's house.

Then I wanted something for Ellie's jackets.  But I wanted to think future, so I had Jon hang them up low.  Plus little jackets up high look so funny to me.

Her jacket(s) look so cute! :)  That jacket she can fit into right now!  Crazy stuff!
Meanwhile, while Jon did that I was filling bins in her closet of her clothes.  Then I also made a bin for diapers she can't fit into anymore but we'll use for future babies or visitors who need them.  So far newborns are in there.  They look so tiny!  Aww!!

And that brings me to my next post....

Ellie {3 months}

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