Friday, January 18, 2013

25 things....updated list from 2010

The end of September, 2010 (three months after getting married), I made a list of 25 things about Jon and myself.  I decided to copy & paste and *add input to add to what has changed since then.  Now I know Jon even more and things have certainly changed! :)

25 things

Here's a list of 25 things you may or may not have have known about Jon and Mary!

If Jon could own any car he would want a Porsche, while Mary would rather have a SUV with plenty of space for traveling with around the three children she would like to have. :)  Otherwise she would pick a purple intrepid.
*I would still pick an SUV/van type.  

Something like this is what I've been looking at recently:

Jon loves sleeping with the fan on his face to keep himself cool.  Mary would rather have a ceiling fan on low with a bunch of covers on.
*Still is the same.  Even when its freezing outside he still asks from time to time to turn the fan on.  He actually just asked a week or so ago. :p

Jon's favorite fruit is a ripe peach or a good banana, while Mary loves watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, pineapple and peaches.
*Still haven't changed our favorite fruits of course.  However Jon is in love with fresh pineapple.  He even doesn't mind cutting it up! :)

Mary loves chocolate with her strawberries, while Jon would rather just have them plain.
*Jon does not like fruit as a dessert.  He doesn't like banana bread, fruit pies, or anything dessert with fruit in it.  Weird I know, but leaves more for me! :)

Jon loves watching the history channel and got Mary addicted to checking CNN updates on their website.
*I still check news online from time to time.  However now we use my parent's Netflix and I'm busy catching up on TV shows we have missed since we only get FOX (pretty much) on our TV.

Mary can't go to bed without wearing socks no matter what.

Jon would rather have you shop for him, and Mary loves to shop!

Jon and Mary are both savers.
*Yeah, however I am enjoying when Jon comes home on Fridays and says, "Let's go out!"  Or I like the idea of making our apartment feel more home-like.  Saving up for upgrades on our furniture. :)

Jon first spotted Mary at Johnston Evangelical Free Church in the singles Sunday School class, while Mary noticed there were a few new guys in the class. :)
*Of course this fact will never ever change! :)

Jon said, "I love you" first, and it was on the telephone.
*Again, this will never ever change!

Before married, Jon and Mary used to go on dates in Ankeny after Mary got off work on Tuesdays.

Mary sometimes steers the car while Jon is driving.
*lol yeah, and we hardly even have to speak when it's needed.  If we get fast food while on the go, I automatically eat then I can give Jon his food and steer for him!

Mary's favorite sport is football (and ultimate football).  Jon loves soccer and tennis.
*Jon likes pretty much any active game! :)

Jon and Mary both love taking walks outdoors, and they usually find themselves going to parks.
*We got a nice stroller for this reason!  Jon is excited for the weather to get nicer to take our Ellie out on walks too!

Jon kills all the bugs.  If Jon is not home the trusty vacuum does the trick!
*OH YES!!  He also has given me the option of using his shoe so I can hit it until I know for a FACT the bug is dead.  We have more at this apartment then we did in Ames.  He always knows if he sees his random shoe somewhere, the dead squashed bug is nearby and takes care of it for me! uck!

Someday Jon wants to go to Germany.  
*I do too, really.  Going on a trip and exploring sounds REALLY fun!

Mary wants to go on every roller coaster in the United States.
*yes!!!  It needs to happen sooner rather than later!

Jon and Mary are saving up to put a theater room in their own house someday.
*yeppers.  Hoping our first house is able to make that happen!

Jon promised Mary he would take her to Disney World someday. :)
*Unfortunately it was said to happen before having kids.....then Ellie came along. hehe

Jon and Mary are reading through the Bible together.
*We are not doing so well with this.  It's kind of like making a new year's resolution.  Hard to keep up on.  However I am getting in the Word more daily now that I'm disciplined with BSF, Perspectives, etc. :)

Mary has never gone fishing before.
*Still have not.

Jon and Mary are both not morning people.  If you want to call us then try after dinner time.  We'll be more talkative then.
*Yes!  Ellie is like that too.  Except depending on her naps.  After her morning nap is a good time for her.  However last night she decided her evening nap was her first long stretch of sleep for the night (5pm-1am).  When I got her she was smiling and she was very talkative! :)

This number is the lucky number.  I know I know, we don't believe in luck.  I should just say it's our special number. :)

We both love being an aunt/uncle. 
*And now we absolutely LOVE being parents!!!  Jon loves seeing Ellie more than me now.  Honesty, I'm pretty sure that's true.  Because she can't talk on the phone yet, and she sleeps so much he feels like he hardly gets to have her company.  In a few years she'll never leave his side I'm sure!! :)

Mary is a system-minded, think ahead person while Jon is a here and now kinda guy.  It's a good match!
*yep, our personalities haven't changed.  I gave myself a helpful planner to keep up on my cleaning and things to help organize myself.  My Type A personality was getting annoyed with the Part B side of me.  :p  Jon still wants the bed made before he is about to get in it.  Because even while he sleeps he wants it to be "just right."  Otherwise he can't handle sleeping in it.  It cracks me up!  But at least the bed is always "perfect," right? :)

***And there you have it.  The updates!!!  

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