Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Parenting Anniversary

Today marks the day.

Thee day.

:) hehe

This morning one year ago, it was a Monday, and I was uncontrollably delighted and in awe.

Just awe.

I didn't feel any different, but was considering the fact that I might just be pregnant.

After taking the test, I had to wait.  Oh...the waiting....

In the mean time Jon was getting all dressed up for a presentation.  He had to put on a suit and everything.  He was totally focused on this presentation.  It was a BIG deal.  Unfortunately I had to take the test while he was still at home.  I told him I wouldn't tell him the results.  But shortly after taking the test I thought I already saw "the line."  However I knew it was too soon to look at it, so in the back of my mind I told myself to not over think it.

So there went the tissue.  I threw it over the test so Jon wouldn't see the results while he finished getting ready in the bathroom.

But the whole time I was pacing the bedroom.

Our little bedroom we had in Ames.

Then I told Jon, "Won't you know by the look on my face if we are pregnant or not?  I have to look at the results before you leave."

He said, "Go ahead and look at it when you need to.  Whatever the results are we can't change anything."


So there I was....about to look at the results.


My mouth made the shape of an "O" and then the hands went over the mouth.  You know it--that look!

Jon's response, "We're pregnant aren't we?"

Nodding my head, "Yes!"

Then we had to act as if nothing happened.  Jon had to leave right away and I had to get ready for work.

I was so wanting to tell people, but I knew I should wait until after I told our families.  So there I was being a nanny for two little kiddos.  Kinda giddy, yes.  Because I wasn't sick yet!

The rest of the week I had to try to keep my cool and not say anything at work.  I tried to make a doctor's appointment, but I was apparently only five weeks pregnant so they wouldn't let me.  Then I found out that my parent's were babysitting my nephews at their house (they lived in Grinnell), so this was my chance to tell MORE of the family.  Which helped me with a fun idea to do to tell them we were pregnant.

I wrote a blog post all about telling them.  Check it out.

January 30th...will always be a special day.  That day Jon and I found out our little family of love was now three. :)

*Side note:  Jon was truly excited.  His mind was just really focused on his presentation.  Now he just looks at our sweet little Ellie and is so happy we have her!  He also wishes she was awake more. :)  Our sweet little sleeper.  She loves to sleep!!  She's like her Daddy. heehee

And that's the story of how Jon and Mary found out they were now forever parents!!

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