Friday, January 18, 2013

Weighing Mommyhood

Depending on when I weigh myself, how much I've eaten recently, or just a lot of big meals and snacking (aka parties, holidays); I'm about 10-12 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Yippee!  However I don't feel like I have 10+ extra pounds on me.  I feel like I have 10 pounds of stretching skin here and some there. :p  Let's get real here.  Grab my tummy and take it where you want.  I'm wondering how far it would go?

Just kidding, but seriously here....

Spring 2010

That's a picture of Jon and I before we got married.  That's the best picture I could find of myself to see as much as my figure as possible.

I'm skinny, I know.

Then I got married to that wonderful man.

June 2010
Now, sometime between my single life and first year of marriage I gained weight.  I think it was just typical God planned womanly weight. ;)  I didn't change my eating habits.  Except in high school I could eat THREE donuts at church on Sunday mornings and then in 2010 chasing my nephews around or working in a store where I wasn't allowed to eat while working.  So I was pretty sure it was just BIGGER HIP weight, right? :)

But I seriously and HONESTLY was certainly happy with my weight.  I was at a weight that I was comfortable with and didn't feel skinny or fat.  I felt average.  Content.  When people said, "You must be a size zero."  I could honestly reply, "Nope!  Not in years."  And for some of you that might hurt.  That might sound weird.  But for someone who was always picked on for being small, maybe you can relate?

So there I was....super content with my figure.  My hubby was okay with my figure.  All was fine.


So I was sick ALL THE TIME.  Eating whatever I could eat with throwing up in the mean time for the first 25 weeks.  I lost ten pounds and then gained it back...and then became...

I filled up in my thighs, my arms, fingers, ankles, chins (all of them), my cheeks, ahem my chest, my butt, my other butt, and the extra thighs.  That picture doesn't fully show it all because that was back in July....I still was pregnant for over two months after that picture!!

I had gained 50 pounds while pregnant.

Nothing fit.  I was wearing Jon's t-shirts around the house.  Nothing was comfortable.  None of my maternity jeans fit.  Nothing.

Then I had precious Ellie.

Oh, dear precious Ellie.

And my heart melted....

WHO CARES???  Gained 20, 50, or 100...I had my precious baby girl in my arms!!!  At last!  After hours of no sleeping, throwing up, nothing staying down, nothing moving because so much discomfort....I had my baby girl!

So even though I have 10, maybe 12 pounds yet to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight...that does NOT mean I will look like what I did before I was pregnant.  My skin does not look the same, my body does not feel the same, but neither is my heart.  And it will NEVER change.

Because being a Mom is the best gift ever.

And I can weigh in on THAT! :)

*You can find Mary, the new mom eating yummy snacks through out the day.  Because who cares about her weight?  She knows she needs energy and love for her family.  

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