Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wi-Fi how I miss you....

Jon and I moved to Cedar Rapids and never bought internet.  Why?  Because my hubby is a genius!  He found someone who was using their internet without a password.  So Jon hooked us up with their internet and we were rewarded with the blessings.  At that time it was wonderful.  We were still paying for two apartments and had one income.

However for the past two and a half weeks we are with out internet.  Why?  Because those "wonderful mystery people" that didn't secure their internet has either moved or their internet simply isn't working anymore.  How unfortunate!  So I make trips about once a week to the library, Jon's work place, or Panera to check up on email, Facebook, and well now I finally got a chance to update my blog!  Sorry everyone!

There is something else that has kept us busy lately, that internet hasn't been too much of a need.  (However you realize how pointless a computer is without having internet.  Hubby is thankful for his computer game that doesn't need internet and I play freecell from time to time.)  It's the fact that our baby is due in one week from today.  Yes, one week!  Not too far away we'll start loading pictures for everyone to see our sweet daughter.  We can't wait to finally meet her!

Yes, I'm nervous because I like to plan everything.  I hate not knowing the exact time we'll need to "jump" in the car and head to the hospital.  Or some random act of water breaking and not having my bags fully packed!  I am trying new recipes whenever I can, I found some quick easy meals I'm wanting to try so when the baby is here we have some nice meals that we already know are quick but tasty. :)  But we are also waiting on our crib.  However my parents are letting us use their bassinet for now.  (Since the baby sleeps next to you for the beginning anyways.)  But of course I'm also concerned on how the whole labor will go.  I have seen labor multiple times and each time is so different!  I hope I can make it through the whole thing with out giving up. :)  At least there is a blessing in the end, right? :)

At night Jon and I chat about what we are thinking.  Last night we couldn't stop giggling.  He told me my belly keeps getting in the way of him being able to hug me.  I told him, "It's because our daughter wants to be a part of everything too!" :)  Life will never be the same.  But we are so excited to be parents and finally meet her!  Can't wait to share the name too. :)

P.S.  My constant potty runs (actually slow walking because I'm sore), Jon tells me that he wouldn't be surprised if our daughter falls out into the toilet!  HA!  If only it was that easy!

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