Saturday, April 30, 2016

Snuggles Forever

I know it's been since November since I shared what's going on in life.  Lately it's been-- just share on Facebook a paragraph with some pics and that's good enough for now.

Going from one to two kids had been the hardest transition in my life this far.  Ellie was already stretching our limits before our son was born.  Now they're just exaggerated because she tries to be the baby.  The kids are 3.5 years apart...maybe some day that will be a good age gap but for now it's been hard.  Maybe just because of Ellie's personality and Jayden's need to be held to sleep most of the time.

Some day I will post his labor story, but until then just know I don't know how long I was officially in labor.  My contractions started Friday morning (11th) and he was born Sunday evening (3.13).  So I started this journey with two kids exhausted.  I haven't been sleeping through the night since before I got pregnant with Jayden.

Life with two is so different than with just one.  The saying "rest when baby does" becomes the worse advice ever given.  When I did that one morning I found Ellie washing herself in bathroom sink saying it was chocolate on her face.  She got into brownie mix and ate it on the couch.  Let's just say that morning I did some vacuuming .  I've also learned how to lose weight.  It's cheaper than joining a gym.  I just don't hardly have time to eat.  Jayden hardly ever stays asleep during the day not being held...and if he does it lasts 5-15 minutes.

Ellie 3.5 years old:
-has a new big girl bed and bedroom we call it the pink room.
-she stays in bed until 8
-still needs a nap every day or else it's not fun from 5pm and on
-her favorite thing to do is color with markers, watch movies, go outside, play with her friends (she's always meeting new people), and anything with Daddy
-she is not potty trained but we're hoping that transition happens here soon.

-7 weeks old tomorrow
-stays up until 1am most night (otherwise it's midnight)
-best sleep on his own is from 1am until 10am ish
-he usually wakes up around 7/8am to nurse, so then I try to start my day when he goes back to sleep.  it allows me to eat cereal, hangout with Ellie, dinner prep, laundry or unload dishwasher....unlike when Ellie was a baby I just slept in with her.
-he's very smiley and "talks"
-loves to stare at things that catch his eye

-neh-neh cries mean he's hungry.
-doesn't like his carseat much, wants out of it if running errands and it needs to be moving if he's in it
-he should get an award for # of poops in a day :)
-his fussy time is somewhere around 5-7pm and 9pm-until he's down for the night at midnight/1am

Most of the time I'm just trying to soak in these early weeks with him and not want to wish them away....but honestly I'm too tired and days start to run together.  I think I showered this week.  I have no idea what's for dinner tomorrow.  I don't know why Ellie is throwing a fit so I'll just say "she's tired..." Cus I certainly am!

Time to thank those who have really helped me with this stage in my life.  From playdates, to bringing us meals, or willing to hangout with Ellie so I could shower knowing Jayden was safe.

Holding hands with her BFF

We love Jayden so much and so thankful God has blessed us with him in our family.  We can't wait to see him and Ellie grow up and see the dynamics in our family.
The other day I told Jon in one year we will have a little more sleep.  Two years will be easier to leave the house.  In five years we won't have so much stuff (diaper bag filled with half our house).  Our lives will change from poopy diapers, middle of the night nursing and pacifier finding to school drop offs and activities to fill in the gaps.  I hope in those moments I can still remember what those early years are like and do for moms with littles what others have done for me.

Until then we're snuggling on the couch until late at night, and having marriage chats while snuggling our little guy after big sister falls asleep.  This is our life right now.  I didn't picture this year's ago, but I'm so thankful we got to meet Jay.  I'm so thankful he is ours to raise.