Monday, July 11, 2016

Don't Blink

Facebook shares a ton of articles from the media, bloggers, and all sorts of things.  Over and over again I get reminded to not blink and wish these days away while my children are young.  I'm not going to say I disagree with that but it might come off way.  Because as a parent (at least this one) is exhausted and stretched to my limit.

I have two kids in diapers.  Which doesn't seem all that horrible since I'm not talking twins.  I know some parents are doing a tons more.  All I'm saying is....i have two in diapers.  Oldest almost 4 and will NOT go to the bathroom in the toilet.  My strong-willed, firstborn will not.  It's the one thing she is controlling.  (I could stand my ground and train her but right this minute I'm not because...)

Because I have a baby who turns 4 months old on Wednesday and he has the idea he needs TLC all day long and into the night.  He needs to see me, be held, and fed constantly.  Ellie was never like that to this extent.  So I'm not in the "mood" to try to force potty training until I have a better sleeper for a baby.  So I guess, good luck Ellie....

The moments young moms wish these hard days away do not mean we don't acknowledge the blessings we are holding.  It's our way of coping the hard times when we are in the deepest, hardest place of being a mother.

**And remember I understand loss.  I know what I have lost to gain what I have now.  It has made it that much more humbling.


We long for the moments we can have our child shower on their own and the only thing we do is remind them to wash their hair and hang up the towel.

We look forward to outings being about the conversations and experiences rather than the tantrums and the oversized diaper bag.

Or nap times becoming refreshing instead of feeling like a jail, hungry and bladder exploding.

The evenings filled with after school homework and activities that strengthen the family bond in place of the baby's crying fits and toddler time outs.

Taking bike ride over a walk to quiet the baby fussing.

Kids who can contribute to household chores and responsibilities instead of making it almost impossible.

Girl dates and window shopping over searching for the places that best suit nursing baby and toddler poopy diapers.

A date night replacing endless nursing.

Going out to eat where sitting is the normal expectation.

Reading favorite childhood chapter books at bedtime.


For as much as we desire these future experiences as a parent, I know (we know) there's more challenges to prepare for.  But I'm sure you can all relate to these early stages of parenting.  Where food is never hot, diapers always dirty, and dirty laundry is always full.

Because some day I know I will wish my kids to be young again, but maybe not THIS young. 😉