Thursday, February 26, 2015

Still here! Bathroom Renovation in one post!

Hello stranger.  Sorry we've been away for so long.  Wifi is needed, because smartphones are not a fun way to write a blog post.  Then our laptop needed fixed.  Life has been really crazy lately...

Especially when you realize the last post was October.

Update posts must be made, here's a few:

--Christmas (4 celebrations)
--Bathroom Finished Product
--Ellie updates &
--Toddler Life

Let's start with the bathroom!

When we moved into our house March 10, 2014 it looked like this:

We had to use the bathroom in our basement.  It stretched me for sure.  Read about that stuff here.  It was hard because Ellie wasn't walking yet and the mess of renovations really ended up everywhere.  She was crawling around in the living room or kitchen and getting the dust on her pants!  I had to get creative when I had to use the bathroom or for normal bathroom use.  We used the kitchen sink more often.

And then I wrote in detail updates of how things were going in April 2014.

Ellie and I moved back out of the house when Jon had to do the flooring and put window in because it was getting too messy and hard for Ellie.  She wouldn't let Jon do anything.  And too dark and loud to do it once she was asleep.

We came back Mother's Day.

2014 was definitely difficult.  The link takes you to the post where I talk about it, but I was dealing with no working plumbing for either bathroom for awhile (another good reason to move back out).

Today, well on a good day....the bathroom looks like this:

I love it!  Some highlights of the bathroom:
-Heated tile floors
-Gray, yellow & white (can't go wrong in a small space)
-the window brings in natural light all day long
-it really makes the house feel updated and more like our own

*Jon is planning on making me a shelf that will be stained to match the vanity cabinets to go over the toilet for extra storage.

But until then, I'm totally fine.  Enjoying having plumbing and working bathroom right outside my bedroom door!  And to include....all our bathroom stuff finally organized and not worry about dry wall dust.
*Read linen closet is now organized and labeled.  It's all done having to have bathroom stuff in random places during the renovation!!! :)