Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Maxwell House Updates {first edition}

Sorry, for delay of the post to update you on our house.  However I've been waiting for more update pics but I keep forgetting to send Jon to the house WITH the camera!  He is totally taking down drywall and everything in the bathroom.  It looks a LOT different!  I have not seen the bathroom before he took more out (like vanity and drywall), so I don't even know how it looks!

But I do have some pictures of what it looks like most recently.

One Friday night before we left we hung up some curtains for privacy!

The painting in that room is completely done so we were ready to put them up!  It helps make it feel more like home.  The couches we eventually are going to get for the living room are brown and there is brown on the curtains.  The blue in the curtains will be on the accent wall in the dining room.  We have pillows that are blue and/or brown.  So excited to see it all come together!! :)

this picture does not show how great the blue truly is ;)
The fun part I was able to capture, was Jon used his Daddy's old tool to hang up the curtain rod!

Jon thought it was just a little too silly, but I told him it was pretty cool.  It was a little bit of his Dad at his new house.  How cool it would have been to have his Dad see him "fix up" his first home? :)

One of the weeks while I was gone, Jon hung up our new dining room light fixture.

The bathroom demo has caused some crazy mess.  Jon has collected a lot of "garbage" over time.  Jon's dumping place or as you could call it Maxwell Dumpster Zone.

our garage
And yes, you probably see old curtains and curtain rods there as well.  The previous owners left their window treatments.  They were filthy and dirty...and well, just old.  So of course we are getting all new.  However the blinds on bedroom windows are just fine.

Here's some updates on the bathroom, but like I said before, it looks a LOT different now!  So I'll have to add more pictures later....

Tile off the wall and vanity
Jon cleans up the tile barefoot.  Boys are silly.
This vanity is NOT in their anymore!
We were going to keep the old vanity but the more we thought about it....I wanted more "drawers" than cupboards.  And this way we can design it EXACTLY for our family's needs.  Plus we can make it work better for the space and the doorway area to have more space.  We had to fix the plumbing for that sink anyways.  And the lights above are just "sitting" in the wood block....

In the picture above Jon had actually taken the lights out of the wood block and set them in the wall!  He got rid of the block while I was there and this past week got rid of more drywall behind the vanity area.  We're getting rid of that medicine cabinet/mirror thing and messing with the electrical so might as well go down to the drywall.  Right?  We also have to do something about that window.  We have an idea.  Let's just see what happens. ;)

Well, that's all the update pictures I have so far.  But I know it looks a LOT different already.  I'll try to remember to send Jon with the camera next time!  But until then......

I'm busy taking care of my little peanut who is boycotting sleeping through the night, fussy, and not taking her typical long naps.  I'm tired.  Time for bed! :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ellie {10 months}

Woah, sweet girl!  Slow down growing up on us!  You've already been out in the big world longer than you were inside your Momma!  Even though it doesn't feel that way (pregnancy and your Momma don't go well together).  Such a blessing to be OUTSIDE of Momma for sure!  Momma and Daddy have enjoyed you so much these past 10 is what you are up to!

at the park

Honestly, not a lot has changed this past month but when I look back at what you were up to at three months, I wonder where all these months have gone!?!  

3 months

You are a joy to be around sweet Ellie.  You make us smile every day!  Even strangers notice your big sweet smile and sweet personality.  You are not shy! 

There was a week there in July that was tough on you.  It was right after camp so we thought it was maybe you trying to adjust and get back on your happy, sleeping schedule.  But we were wrong (or maybe half right)?  You were starting to get your top two teeth to break through and you were not happy about it!  Plus you were nursing more in the night, which made you more sleepy during the day.  However your tummy was full and you went right back to sleep (unlike during the day, going down for naps was not easy). 

The other awful moment this past month was Thursday, August 1st (just short of your ten month birthday).  Mommy fed you and Daddy put you to bed.  You've been having a rough time sleeping at the new house.  We're hoping that doesn't last long.  After an hour of off and on again crying Daddy went and told Mommy that you coughed and it sounded like you were sick.  Mommy rushed in to get you and you had puked all over that side of the crib and it was all over your face!  You poor thing!  You had thrown up once before when we fed you an hour before bed and so Mommy thought this was a repeat.  She got you in clean clothes and clean diaper while Daddy took care of your crib.  Mommy calmed you down with nursing and as soon as you were done you threw it ALL up!  It went all over Daddy's side of the bed!  Luckily Mommy had brought extra towels and we used those to catch any more pukes.  You puked five more times in the next couple hours.  After that you were exhausted!  Finally was able to go back to bed at 11pm and didn't wake up until after 7am!  You were very happy and Mommy nursed you a decent amount.  You seemed better, but tired.  It was quite the night and your first real sickness ever!  But Mommy was so thankful Daddy was so helpful!  We were a team! :)

One of your favorite times of the day (other than bed time) is meal time!  You love seeing us all sit down to eat and you want in on the fun --I mean food!  You make this whinny, whimpering noise because you want some food too!  Mommy has to be make sure she has something you can have and a bib or else it's a very stressful meal.  Some of your favorites include: lemon slices (found that out when I had nothing else to offer), peaches, apple slices, bananas, sweet potatoes, green beans, and practically anything else we will let you have.  You love it all!  Except the first taste of it, you make such a funny face!  Once you are adjusted to the taste you are open to anything!

Daddy feeding you peaches!

What a climber!  It won't be long until you start using furniture to move!  Right now you are using couches, tables, etc to stand up.  You get a little upset once you stand up though, I think you really want to move but don't know how!  That's no fun! 

One of Mommy's new favorite things you do is cuddle.  You are becoming more of a cuddle bunny.  Which is sweetness to every level!  Sometimes you even crawl to the person who you want to hold you and possibly even cuddle.  Before you would snuggle with Mom when tired but not want to be held for very long.  You fall asleep the best on your own, in your crib.  Or in a moving vehicle.  But sometimes we get lucky.  You fall asleep elsewhere.  Grandma is pretty happy about that too.... :)

Mommy and Daddy have decided your eye color will probably stay the way they are today.  However, they are the most beautiful combination of green, blue, and brown.  The colors are not mixed, but you can see all those colors in your eyes!  Precious thing!

Besides eating, your favorite "game" or activity to do is what I call making music.  Hehe.   While I am typing this you are currently doing it at the new house.  You take a toy and pound it on something.  Sometimes you even make noises with your voice while doing it.  You think it's pretty cool.  It would be so interesting to see what your mind is truly thinking at that time.  The best way to have the most fun is when you get  a toy that rattles or makes noise when you bang it on something.  Usually the things you choose to bang on is hardwood floor (your favorite), Grandpa's TV stand, or coffee table.  Good thing the new house has all hardwood floors!! :)  Makes things more fun for while Mommy and Daddy do projects at the house.

Speaking of the house, I will make a post about what's going on at the house.  But until then, here's some pictures of Ellie while I was painting.  She happened to wake up while I needed to do the second coat.  It was a small entryway by the door to the garage.  She had a pretty good time!
*Thanks to Aunt Melissa for giving us this new "high chair" for the new house.  We're using it to strap our baby in! :)

Post on the updates on the house coming soon.....