Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Jay is "3"

Birthday Questions

Jayden turned three in March and I need to make a post for his birthday! We had terrible long illness in March and didn't get a party for him. Then I had hernia surgery.   I dont want to forget all the little details of our #BabyJay

When Ellie turned four I did a questionnaire with her, with Jayden turning three I asked same questions but put in the real answers. ;)

How old? 3
Favorite color: orange
Favorite toy: car
Favorite fruit: cantaloupe
Favorite food: pb&j sandwich
Favorite TV show: Paw Patrol
Favorite outfit: fire truck jammies
Favorite game: cars game
Favorite snacks: granola bar
Favorite animal: horse (I think because that's Ellies fav)
Favorite book: Firetruck book
Favorite breakfast: granola bar
Favorite thing to do outside: ride bike, help Daddy
Favorite drink: milk or water
Favorite thing to have in bed with you: Lovie and pacifier

Favorite supper: pizza
What I want to be when I grow up: Big
Best friend: Ellie
(He calls all the kids he sees his "friends". He really likes his cousins too.)

Favorite thing to do: H
(I dont know what that means. His favorite thing to do is play with his vehicles, dance to music, and be a part of everything we do)

Favorite thing to do with Mom: go to Kindermusik

Favorite thing to do with Dad: go on a walk
What does Daddy say a lot? Circles
(??? Hes a goof. Daddy probably asks him "show me." Because we taught Jay to show us something if we couldn't understand what he was trying to say.)

What does Mommy say a lot?
(He had no answer. Its probably "come on." Now that he's Mr. Independent with everything. )

Favorite places to go: music class
(He also likes running errands with Daddy, especially on Saturday mornings.)

Typical Day for Jay:
7am Wake up (6am is more typical)
Breakfast (toast/cereal/yogurt)
#BigSis leaves around 8:15am for school

8:30/9 Second Breakfast
(Usually when Mom finally eats)

*Tuesdays was Kindermusik Sept-April this past year.

11am Lunch (pb&j or leftovers)
Noon/2pm rest time somewhere in there. Sometimes he naps sometimes not. But it's no longer a set time where he lays down in his room. He usually snuggles me on the couch.

3:30 pick up #BigSis
4 snacks
5 Supper
Family time (chores or a game)

6:30/7 bedtime routine

Not uncommon for him to take about an hour to fall asleep if he took a nap at all that day. If no nap he falls asleep rather quickly.

Due to my surgery we changed his bed to a toddler bed, so that changed a lot of the routine. Allows him to move around which made us have to change some ways we go about bedtime and resting. He also can get himself out/in to my car without me having to help (except to buckle). It takes Forever but it gets the job done so I didnt have to lift him.

Ending with picture of the kids. They have a love/hate relationship similar to any sibling bond. As they work through their personality differences and decisions. Jayden is still learning personal space and understanding what Ellie can handle and navigating all that is quite the ordeal. But every so often I catch a moment like this one. Shes teaching Jay subtraction.  💜💙

Friday, January 4, 2019

Interview Baby Jay

**TODDLER INTERVIEW - No coaching..**
This is pretty funny.

Asked Jayden on 1/4/2019
Some questions he didnt understand. Usually when we ask him a question we ask how old he is....

What’s your name?  Jayden
How old are you? 2
How old is your mommy? 2
What’s your favorite color? umm Mommy!
What’s your favorite food? Buh-ranch (sandwich)
Who’s your best friend? Max (cousin)
What’s your favorite song? No!
What do you like to watch on tv? McQueen (Cars)
What’s your favorite animal? 2
What are you scared of? WAAAH!
What makes you happy? 😄 (showing me his happy face)
Where’s your favorite place to go? Hmmm EAT
What do you want to be when you grow up? Wanna eat
What is love? Laughs.
Who loves you the most? Mommy! Daddy!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

This is Me

As a Mom I have really had to take a step back and acknowledge who I am versus what the world tells me I should be.  It's so easy to start feeling guilty for not being who your kids want you to be in reality it's impossible to be everything for everyone.  I decided to sit down and ponder what I am versus what I am not to remind myself to take note of the blessings I have to offer as a parent.

You probably wont find me hiking five miles with my little kids for the fun of it,
You can find me more often than not playing for hours of the same game to bring joy to my daughter during a toddler nap.

You are more than likely never going to find me building something as a DIY.
I can turn a closet into an organized space and make it look pretty while doing it.

It's very rare to find me in the kitchen making something I've never heard of or made before
You can usually find me using my laundry system that best fits my style.

You will rarely ever find me doing messy crafts with the kiddos.
I can come up with active activities for rainy days on the spot.

I can not sew at all.
I keep up on sales and my kids always have clothes they love and enjoy for decent prices.

You will never find me jumping out of bed enthusiastic about the morning
I can deep clean at midnight if I have to. (comes in handy when it's puke from sick kid)

I dread making phone calls or answering the phone if I don't know the person.
I can keep track of my calendar and not forget what my schedule looks like.

I am not a constant doer.
I can be chill and relax even with a kitchen so messy you think I need to hire a maid.

I rarely deep clean my floors.
I'm too busy playing with my toddler.

I don't stress out about health stuff
I take myself to the chiropractor every other week and my kids every month to boost our immune system.

I don't always keep my kids busy and content by going places a lot.
I usually have items stashed away in my purse to keep them content in public places.

I'm a homebody with an extrovert oldest child.

I'm the strict on bedtime Mom.
My kids sleep until morning and rarely wake in the night, with the results of well rested children.

I didn't cosleep past a certain age.
You can find my kids snuggling with us on Saturday mornings.

I rarely spend a lot of time outdoors.
It allows my kids to adjust to what Mom and Dad offer is different and that is okay.

I hate hand sanitizer
I insist on washing hands with water and soap.

You will rarely find me washing my car.
I will spend thirty minutes in the shower with my daughter as she copes with her sensory feelings and needs my help to wash her hair.

I take forever to do some things and make lists
Everything has a place and when we travel it's easier to find what you need because I spent that extra time. (pajamas before we head out to go back home?  got it.)

I can't remember your phone number or sometimes even your name.
I remember what we talked about when we last met a few months ago.

I get overwhelmed easily when surrounded by people I hardly know or never met before
I can sit down with one or two people I know really well and be a true friend

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Reflecting over 2018

Life happened and we didnt do family pictures this fall. I'm hoping to figure out a better plan next year.

Ellies 6th birthday 

Looking back the year is kind of a whirlwind.  Jayden turned two. We invited family to celebrate at Perfect Games for some arcade games and bowling.  Ellie finished preschool, I turned 30, took kids to the zoo on our anniversary,  found out we had headlice (blogpost about that experience), Ellie took a summer hip hop class, and we attended weddings. Jon and I had a weekend at hotel for my birthday and I ended up getting sick. We went to the Iowa State Fair with Jon's mom and Ellie started Kindergarten.  That would have to be the biggest change of our year. It's been very good to bring routine into her day.  I also signed Jayden up for Kindermusik.  He's been enjoying it and appreciates it more than Ellie did.  Ellie and I both take a dance class. You can watch the recital June 2019. Jon turned 34. In October Ellie turned six and we threw her a unicorn party for family.  And the past few weeks have been holidays and the usual busyness this time of year brings.

Ellie is our unicorn child. She is a great sleeper meanwhile full of life and Spirit.  Kindergarten has really helped her blossom. Shes writing, reading, and constantly talking about new vocabulary and concepts she has learned at school.  I'm so thankful I set aside my dream of teaching my kids at home and allowing her to blossom in a setting that better suits her. It's truly a blessing for us both.  💜  like I mentioned above, she's taking dance class and loves it. She loves to show off what she's learning and anytime she hears music she's dancing around. Usually you can also find her singing (busting out) her made up songs.  After a long day at school she still enjoys coming home to continue more learning. I usually find her wanting to accomplish a workbook with me, writing more, or interested in art.  She has a huge love for animals. Unfortunately for her Daddy isnt much for pets so she will just have to hold off. We can see her getting more involved with animals as she gets older. She constantly talks about wanting to become a vet.  It's been fun to watch her grow into a person and less of a little kid.

Ellie and Jayden's relationship is what you would probably expect it to be. They play well together.  Ellie is usually bossing Jayden around and he follows her lead. He loves it when it's time to pick her up from school.  They have typical sibling issues. It has helped to have Jayden start to talk and communicate better. Each year keeps getting better and better with him. 💚

Goofing around on the couch

Reading one of his favs

Teaching how to wash his hands

Each year Jayden has gotten easier. He does have some typical toddlerisms. He knows what he wants, how he wants it, etc but nothing compared to how Ellie did so at least we got that going for us. He is the sweetest, kindest little guy ever. Knowing he's our last I try to embrace every thing.  I want his cute little baby voice to stay.  He loves hugs and kisses and will even ask for them.  He enjoys his Kindermusik class.  Any vehicle that makes noise is awesome.  Grocery shopping has changed where we can't go inside until we check out the big trucks hauling in merchandise.  Buckling up in the car comes to a halt until I can tell him what noise he can hear (usually an emergency vehicle,  train, or truck backing up). He could live off pb&j, steamed veggies, peanut butter crackers, and fruit snacks. Hes my sweet tooth kid. (Ellie loves ice cream but rarely finishes a sugar cookie.)

Something random I dont want to forget about Jayden is how helpful he is. He picks up after himself or if we ask for help he's more than willing. After he felt done with his bath he put the toys away, took out the plug and called for me to get him out.  It's been a blessing to have a kid that does what they're told rather promptly.   Rarely do we have him not obey or be open to us giving direction.

Jon has had the least amount of change this last year.  He still works at Seymour Screen Excellence where he specializes in the products and helps manage the workload. It's been a great job for him. He can stay at his desk and work on emails, answer the phone, or jump up and work on making a screen.  I'm also appreciative that his job allows him to stop what he's doing if something is going on at home that I need his help with or he needs time off.  He spends enough time at home to acknowledge what I do and appreciates my stay at home mom lifestyle.   Two kids has led to messier house when he comes home from work and he's gotten to the point where he just knows that's our new normal.  We love the weekends where we get more time with him. 💜

Updates with me, I feel as if you already know everything if you follow me on Facebook and Instagram.  I'm a pretty open book.  This year has been a struggle for me personally.  I'm working through a lot of personal stuff, health concerns (nothing serious), and balancing the day to day. In some ways I feel like I lost my fun self and my goal was to search for answers this year. That started with taking a dance class Wednesday nights. So far I've brushed up on hip hop, tap, ballet, and jazz.  I've also made sure to speak up for myself for my health. Acknowledge that it's not bad to ask for help or support. Allowed Jon to help out and not worry how things are done differently than if I did them. I'm also learning to set better boundaries with myself, kids, and others.  I'm feeling less guilty and not letting the hard parenting moments get to me so much. I can say "no" for the sake of my well being and my daughter can learn that everything I do doesn't have to make her happy.

My birthday party


My Minnie Me 

Lunch with Sis on her birthday

Life is filled with long days and short years. That could not be more true. I blinked and my baby boy is now a talking, running cute kid. I look into Ellie's eyes at night and notice I no longer see a baby face.  I love to catch glimpses of our days together and try to soak in all the good stuff. I'm a proud mom and thankful for my devoted husband. 

Hope everyone has a chance to soak in all the blessings of the year, breathe during busy holiday season, and find restoration in the new year! If you made it this far, I thank you all. 😊


Monday, October 15, 2018

Pregnancy & Infant Loss {Day}

This day is always confusing for me on how to approach it, process, and be cautious on how I word things. I wouldn't want to deepen the pain for someone else. Do I share posts from my past to allow others to not feel alone? Do I open up to offer a safe space for others to learn from my own experiences? Where do I even begin?

Everyone mourns differently. Everyone grieves in a different way. What one might want your response to be might hurt someone else. Take with caution and just listen is my best advice.

Today I can listen to your story. Open to hearing what breaks your heart. What makes you have to leave a store due to a trigger? What days do you need to step away from social media? Who is someone you can't communicate with because they don't understand?  I'm here to listen and empathize with you as you attend baby showers and have to force a smile on your face. I can relate with asking yourself endless questions of what could of been or countless what if.

My two losses didn't make it past the first trimester so no, I can't relate with everything.  I can't fully empathize what you have gone and currently going through.  But I will be here for when you're ready. I'm available to listen and walk beside you however that may look.

Know I sympathize with you today. I'm listening. Your loss was not your fault.  I'm here whenever you need someone to just listen.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Never TWO late for Jay

Today I realized I never did a post for Jayden's two year old birthday.  I'm just four months behind. 😂😂

Jayden has changed so much this year and Jon and I are constantly telling each other how much we adore him.  Ellie started to become really hard at this stage of her life, while life has become easier for him. He still has typical toddler stuff but he's so fun!

A few words to sum him up are: vehicles, pretend play, cute, loving, sensitive

The siblings either love each other or are screaming and crying at each other. Rarely is there anything in between.

Even after a huge fight scene Jay still goes back to find her to play but not until getting affection from me first.

He's a lot better at playing independently than Ellie ever has been. That has been a huge blessing. I'm hoping it continues when she goes back to school.  I usually find him playing with his cars or looking at books.

The best example is I can set out toys for Jayden to play with and he happily starts to play. Meanwhile Ellie will be upset I'm not playing with her or I'm not playing the right way. However Jayden is just fine, but then Ellie comes along and everything starts to erupt.

If I can get us all ready and can spare a few minutes I will do it on purpose. Letting him play outside before putting him directly from house to carseat helps a ton. It doesn't even have to be long. When I take him places it's a whole lot easier than it ever was with Ellie at this toddler stage. For the most part he gets excited to do whatever is next for us to go do.  If someone is outside he wants to go too. When Daddy does yardwork I send both kids out so I clean or cook without kids bothering me. Usually ends with them taking a fun walk. And this introvert mom gets a couple deep breaths before they return, or I run errands.

I get my kids pajamas that fit whatever they're "into" that year because it helps bedtime routine if they are excited to put on the pajamas.  It's really helped Jayden who gets excited with any vehicle on his clothing.

When he's in the right mood if you ask him to get what's needed for a diaper change he gets excited to help out and can't stop until he has all the possible items...including diaper cream. 😄

He still sleeps with his Lovie and pacifier. He now is open to blankets, and loves having at least one on him anytime he goes down in his crib to sleep. This summer we added a fan to his room and now he makes sure it's on before he lays his head down. The blanket started when we weaned him at night. Jon was home alone with him and offered it, and he accepted.  He's practically weaned except one small nurse session once a week or two. It's not very long.

If he's fussing I try two things and they normally work: get him sidetracked to something else. Or offer him to look for his Lovie and pacifier. It's usually just to get his mind off the toddler stuff. Since he's better at being independent it usually helps. However those time he gets too much he's usually tired or hungry. If it's not that he gets placed on his rocking chair to calm down. He usually just takes a moment and then returns back just fine.

I've started this parenting approach with my kids and it has worked really well. Your bedroom is "your space."  If you need time to cool down or you're just having all your emotions get in the way of life you can go to your room to be alone. I use it for when Ellie is working hard on something and Jay keeps ruining it. She is welcome to take it to her room to be alone. If Jay is acting up he goes to his room until he's calm.  If I need some space I even go to my room to relax and the kids are asked to leave Mom be unless they can rest too and not bother me. I feel like also following through they see it as something that is a part of life. It's normal. It's okay to need downtime that you can take some time to rest. (I usually wait until Jay's naptime to rest. So it's just Ellie who has to find something to do.)  It has helped the kids learn boundaries with me and each other.

Jayden's phrases/words:

"No! I dont want that!"
"Sttoooohp" (stop)
"Boo" (food)
"Cakers" (crackers, usually the ones with peanut butter)
"Mommmaaa..." (Snuggling)
"I want tat...!"
"Peas" (please)
"Tank you" (thank you, he says it without prompting)
"Owie" (sensitive, Band-Aids worse than owie)
"cahhhr" (car, or any vehicle or something with wheels)

Car Band-Aids didn't help

He has this sweet happy grin and excited response when he's trying to tell you something and you guess correctly, or if you ask him if he wants to do something and he agrees.  I hope he continues to do it for many years. 😍😍

He's been our pickier eater but has come a long way this year. I've learned different ways to help him too. Some meals I feel like I could just plate one plate for both my kids and be fine. Ellie will gobble down the main dish, Jay eat a few bites of it. Jayden will scarf down the veggies, and Ellie will refuse to eat them unless it's raw carrots.  Jayden doesn't like raw carrots but will scarf down cooked ones.  He's more open to fruit now.
Our family can go through: half a watermelon, a full cantaloupe, two cans of manderian oranges, 3lb bag of clementines, half dozen of apples, two batches of bananas, package of strawberries in one week. And that's mostly due to the kids.

He will scarf down asparagus like I eat french fries. In one day he can finish off a package of steamed veggies. The only macaroni and cheese he likes is Annie's dark blue box brand. He doesn't care much for hot dogs but get the ones with cheese inside and he will eat three, meanwhile Ellie hates the ones with cheese.

He loves pb&j sandwiches but doesn't care for lunch meat sandwiches. However he will eat some of your sandwich from Firehouse Subs.

He refuses cheese sticks but likes beef sticks.  He says no to cheese by itself every time.  He doesn't like eggs for breakfast so I buy quite a bit of granola bars.

The other night we had walking tacos and after awhile his wasn't good enough. He had to share Daddy's. He just kept opening his mouth hoping next bite was his.

He still loves bath time, until you have to wash his hair or get him out of the tub.  He likes sit down and read books either on his own or before bed.  He's starting to want to sit at the kid table that Ellie normally sits at. He loves to kick a ball around outside.  He doesn't like to sit on the toilet and gets pretty freaked out by it. He knows where everyone's shoes belong and I usually have him pick them up for me.

He likes to pretend he can put Ellie's puzzles together. Obviously ones that are too advanced and it's so cute when he thinks it matches.

I'm putting him into Kindermusik this fall and excited to see how he does. It was a nightmare with Ellie. (We felt like for her it was more about running around and dancing when she heard music. Meanwhile Jay appreciates what sounds music makes. He's also better at sitting.)

He's definitely "BOY" and loves making sounds when he does anything. He doesn't talk much and just screams or calls out complaints when he wants something different. Teaching words is a whole new thing with him compared to Ellie. With Ellie, she was talking full sentences by now. We had conversations with her at this point. Right now we can communicate with Jayden. But a lot of times we have to say "show me" and he happily runs off, wanting us to follow, so we can see what he's saying.

Did I mention he loves vehicles? Everything is a road to drive on. Me. The wall. Himself. The couch. The furniture.

Other stats I didn't do yet: size 5 diapers, 5 nighttime diaper is a must, size 2T clothes, 18mos shorts fit the best, brands from Kohl's or Carter's fit the best, Gap or StrideRite socks, size 6 shoes, he also got a new carseat this year.

We love him to pieces. He's our sweet boy. We're so thankful we were blessed with our Rainbow Baby. We have loved watching his personality.  Can't wait to see what this year will bring!  So far turning two has been a blast!

Doesn't everyone want to wake up to this face? 😍

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Before You Hit Your Pillow

For the last few weeks I've been going back and forth if I wanted to share with everyone what we've been dealing with. But when this hit our home I googled everything for any advice I could get. I was tired of contradictions and wished there was just somewhere I could go with personal experience.  It brought me to the conclusion of wanting a link I could send others to facing this same issue from my own experience.  I'm obviously not a medical professional, but I've lived through it and starting to see life slowly getting back to normal.

I can officially say my family has dealt with headlice.  My daughter got it and I got it from her before we caught it.

The first thing you should know about headlice is it doesn't take a day or two to get rid of. It takes weeks. There's some ways to help prevent, which I now know about and will use from now until I die.

You can find it at Target or Amazon. You can also put some tea tree oil drops in your Shampoo. Lice don't like the smell. If your head is sensitive, you can try lavender or peppermint but I'm not 100% sure how they differ in reliability.

Also, daily tell your kid before they go to school not to put anything on their head. Winter time make sure a teacher doesn't confuse their hats with someone else's. I heard a mom say her child kept getting it because their coat was hung up next to a child that had it. Schools are not forced to keep kids at home if they get lice, so don't assume no one has it. The other day I joked with my daughter about not wearing anything to look like a princess unless it belongs to her.  I've been told I will have PTSD now and freak out over everything. I can tell you that has already occurred. I can hardly look at pictures on Facebook the same way. My anxiety of the possibility of head lice on someone's head and sharing it with others is on high alert right now. Rightly so. The work it takes to get rid of it is exhausting.

Some helpful tips to catch it early:
---- Head checks, when hair is wet. Check mostly at bottom near neck, around ears, bangs line, and middle of the back of the head (think ponytail section), use a comb and go by small sections
---Use tea tree oil in shampoo
---Dont share pillows
---Blow dry your hair, they don't like intense heat
---Boil water, dump in a glass container and let brushes and combs get cleaned, soak for 30+ mins
---Use freezer bag to put hair stuff in and put in freezer for 1-2 days to kill anything off stuck in hair clips or bands.
---Wash towels on HOT and dry on HOT
---Wash all bedding and blankets on HOT and dry on HOT. Throw pillows in dryer on HOT for at least 30 mins.

Here's a hint your kid has lice. The rash on back of neck:

Once you find something feel free to freak out. The concept of bugs in someone's hair or your own is kinda gross to suddenly find.  Unfortunately we found out after a long day at the Zoo. We were celebrating our 8 year anniversary with our kids at the Zoo, ate out at Olive Garden, and returned home planning to all bathe, put kids to bed and enjoy the free dessert we were given.

Instead I found bugs in my daughters hair while showering with her and I went nuts. My husband was outside mowing really quick. I got myself out ASAP and left my daughter in tub with towel and ran to find my husband. He quickly stopped and I told him to go to the pharmacy and bring me back stuff to treat lice. Wish I knew what all I know now. However the treatment we used on her worked so I guess all is fine now. But there were a few hours of complete shock and freak out. Instead of relaxing, we were up late treating her hair, running laundry and vacuuming.  Our two year old had already gone to sleep so we didn't wake him but I feared he had it too. (Next day to find out he didn't. But we took care of his room and bedding as well.)

There's many ways to approach headlice. We used one treatment for our daughter and a different one for myself. Yes, the following day we found I had it as well.

I'll list a few options you can try but once you try one option don't change mid-way. Stick to it til the end.


1. Nix Ultra (used on our daughter)
Instructions in the box. Start with dry hair. Put in all over scalp rubbing it in. Let sit. Wash out using shampoo, but nothing with conditioner. Now prepare yourself with hours of combing looking for lice, nits, eggs. Repeat 7 days later.

2. Nuvo Method (what we used for me)
Google search it and download instructions. It's more time consuming. Must be able to handle hot hair dryer for quite awhile so luckily we didn't have my daughter use this option. Repeat 7 days later. Then repeat one more time 7 days later.

(Luckily my husband has been a good sport through all this.)

3. Other (I never went this route because based off different opinions some said it didnt work for them.) Things like oils from your kitchen or coconut oil. Stuff like that. It wasn't fool proof so I didn't do it.  I wanted this GONE.


Depending how intense you want to be to approach this, depends what you do daily vs every few days. You decide what you're comfortable with. Since hubs still had to go to work and we were so tired we did my daughter one day and me the next. It takes hours and my poor bum and back could not handle more.

1. Combing.
Time consuming insanity. I almost called this post "insanity." You have to part the hair in very small amounts and comb through hair in all directions starting at the scalp to find little nits. It's exhausting. One day it took four hours for me to do my daughter's hair. I found some helpful things to make it a little easier though.

Also found at Target or Amazon.  First, wash your hair like normal. Then follow directions on the box for this mousse. Then use Nit Free Terminator Comb (Amazon).  I also got out of the house once to pick up groceries, diapers, and a comb that I knew would help.

The silver comb is the Terminator. The pink helps pull down hair to slowly work your way through the hair. It really helps with long hair.   And it's pink. So of course my daughter was okay with it. 

After the combing you rinse out the mousse. Blow dry as hot as you can handle.

Then I threw all the utensils used in hair into a disposable cup by the sink. Vacuum the combing area, the wooden chairs, and the main areas of the house and bathroom.  I also vacuum the rooms of the spaces lice people have been. Then I boil water on the stove, dump it in glass container and let the hair utensils soak for 30 minutes.  The hair ties used to keep hair pulled back when not combing goes in Ziploc in the freezer. 

I kept my daughter only on hardwood these past few weeks. First night we threw all the rugs to the basement. So it was easier to keep clean. Our son could play in living room on big rug and not be bothered by his sister. Luckily Sis follows the rules because that means "the more we stick to it, the faser the bugs go away."

(The first week I had my hubs give our 2yo a bath every other day and then I would check for lice.  So thankful he never got it. *Yet*. I make sure to wash with tea tree oil to continue to keep them from wanting his scalp.)

While the dreaded combing/bathing happened we wash the bedding. When I switched that meant she got to stand up to stretch. The best tool I could find to keep her relaxed the most was watching YouTube videos. The first week I let her keep the device even after combing and rest back in her bed. It was so tiring and she was so exhausted from day at zoo and staying up late to treat. Plus, lice are most active at night so you feel itchy the most then. After hours of sitting in certain position it felt good to lay down in bed. Since I also was dealing with it, I could empathize with her.

2. Vacuum
I already mentioned above how I vacuumed after each combing. I felt it was a good way to keep my toddler from getting it. First week I vacuumed so much. By week three, I'm not as much. When you initially find out it's in your home go nuts. Vacuum couches, mattresses, under beds, move beds away from wall if you can, and some people even told me they vacuumed the car. (The dreaded car seats.) My hubs just set my daughter's car seat into the garage. And brought in jackets and blankets from the car to wash. Something not to forget is cleaning out your vacuum as well. Empty it.

3. Laundry Load
Find a groove your comfortable with. Some wash bedding daily, some stay up all night to wash every single thing. In the beginning I washed all bedding. Stuff I didn't want to keep cleaning I didn't wash or if I did put in garbage bag tied up and put up high in a closet. We still have laundry baskets in our basement filled with random stuff ready to be washed. I keep a laundry basket upstairs for current towels being used and daily have a load to wash/dry. My daughter and I share a hand towel and no more towels in the bathroom. The height of towels in bathroom is the right height for my kids hair to rub up against. After first week I stopped washing bedding daily and changed to switching out pillow cases during combing sessions.  My daughter has a plastic hamper in her bedroom so I didn't have to worry about washing it, I just cleaned it out every time I emptied it.

4. Bagging
This isn't done daily. But it's supposed to be kept away for at least a month or more. Bag everything up: stuffed animals, caps, dress up clothes, anything with fabric, etc. Stick in your garage. Might want to label them or someone might toss. It's hard for your kids to see their favorite toys put away but I just kept reminding mine it kept bugs away faster. Now I label our actual trash bags with a "T" not to confuse us.  Next to our bags of stuff is the carseat. The heat is supposed to help kill everything off, plus keep it from bringing it back to life again. (Once lice hit your scalp it can reproduce/stay alive.)


--Use disposable plates on those early crazy days, the last thing you feel like doing is dishes after hours of treatments

--go to bed as early as you can on days you can

--try to laugh, my husband was really good at this during my treatmeants.

--Know more screen time is just going to be your new normal, be okay with it

--Stock up on stuff (laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, garbage bags, paper towels, shampoo, combs, hair clips to easily part hair while combing, simple snacks and meals, disposable dishes)

--For a combing session you need: that mousse I recommended, Terminator comb, comb to easily part hair, clips to pull hair out of way, paper towels to clean nit comb, and gallon Ziploc bag to put paper towels in to keep nits from falling off, and whatever is needed on your treatment directions for days you treat, and a towel if you prefer under hair of person with lice

--Use blow dryer whenever you can after hair is wet, but not before a combing session.

--Give yourself grace

--Drink lots of water, don't forget to take care of yourself

--Weekends I pulled my daughter's hair up as tight as I could and let hubs take kids to the park. Find ways to get out but I also wanted to make sure we didn't spread lice to anyone. (Poor girl doesn't remember but she missed out on summer dance class due to lice.)

--Make sure devices that you use to help time pass during combing is fully charged. ;)

Hopefully I remembered everything. My last treatment is tomorrow. Hopefully we're closer to being Nit free. Happy 8 years hubs! This anniversary will certainly never be forgotten. 💕💕