Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kid Korner #1

So today marks the day!
I take care of a 3 year old girl and 5 month old boy.  He turned 5 months today!! :)

She is quite the silly girl.  Typical, three-year old spirit.  Everything a certain way.  She knows how things should be, right?  But you can't help but smile because she is too adorable and I love her laugh!  Her baby brother is quite the opposite.  Yes, he smiles.  He is happy all the time.  Even when his big sister gets too close.  He's got his sleeping schedule down and he loves to eat.  His favorites right now is when I sing to him and do actions with his arms and legs.  I love making him laugh!  During his big sister's nap time I love taking him downstairs to feed and cuddle him. :)  He is so easy going!

Today started a new adventure.  A three-year old nap time that ends with a nap.  No matter what she must fall asleep or she can't leave her room.  She's been thinking it's okay to get out of her bed and "think" that she has been in her room long enough for nap time to be over.  Leaving us with a quick to be emotional afternoon.
Put her down a little later than before, and told her she had to stay in bed (follow her sleep rules that she has had for almost a year) and go to sleep.  Her consequence for not sleeping is no playing after supper...straight to bed!

After an hour of me hearing movement she decides to call for me.
She has decided nap time was over.  Apparently if you say you are not tired, MAYBE you can get out of sleeping.  Sorry.....not with me.
When I asked her why she got out of bed and what all the noise was about she replied with,
"God kept banging on my bed like this (shows me) and I had to get up and tell him to stop!"

Haha.  I let her know that God is a loving God.  He knows you need a good nap and wouldn't try to keep you up.  I remind her to stay in her bed and keep quiet.  She needs to stay in bed, nap time will not be over until she sleeps.

I shut the door and there is silence.  An hour later she is still quiet.
Maybe God helped put her to sleep instead of banging on her bed? :P

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's all about LOVE!

I love it when I get up earlier than Jon and look back at him and he has scooted over to use my pillow.
I love it how I can just unpack things and lay cords on the bed and he'll plug them in to charge our stuff.
I love it how he only wants to get gas at the cheapest possible place,
and that means we're usually together traveling and I have only gotten gas as a married woman once.
I love it how even when we are both tired and exhausted he can still get us laughing.
I love it how we check back with each other on a conversation that "didn't go quite right."
I love it how even though he's not a planner he's still okay with having anniversaries be special.
I love it how he's careful with our budget.
I love it how he's willing to massage my feet when I just can't stand the pain anymore.
I love it how he's willing to get out of bed to get me protein when I'm feeling sick to my stomach.
I love it how he lets me kiss him good-bye before he leaves me for his three-hour night class.
I love it how he's okay with frozen pizza for dinner.
I love it how he makes the bed before we leave my parent's house to keep it nice for them.
I love it how he's willing to load the car with our stuff,
and its quite the load because we do our laundry at my parent's house.
I love it how he lets me know he appreciates me.
I love it how he can tell in the dark if we need to "talk" about something before we fall asleep.
I love it how he trusts me with our grocery budget.
I love it when we talk about being parents.
I love seeing him with kids and especially babies.
I love seeing our one and a half year old nephew pick him over me.

I love it how he allows me to open up my heart and share with him what I'm most passionate about.
I love it how he opens the Bible and just starts reading it like any other book to grasp the stories,
and he loves to find application and awe and discuss it with me every time.
I love it how I can share my whole heart with him and he'll encourage me the whole time.
I love it how even though he knows me at my lowest point he still: encourages, supports, loves, and admires me.
I love it how I can call him my husband,
and no man on this earth will ever be able to take his place.

I still look at him like that. :)
....and so thankful he does too.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012, yes we are still here!

As I sit hear waiting to see updates and new blog posts from other people, and in the mean time you haven't gotten an update for about a month from us!

But we have been a little busy and I have nearly zero to no amount of time on a computer these days.  After new years, Jon and I spent the next few days preparing for his last semester of school to start and for me to return back to work full-time.  I got nearly three weeks off.  So we spent the first week in January deep cleaning our apartment.  It was a HUGE relief. :)

                                                    So much cleaner! :)

                                                                 Right when you walk in....you see the living room to your right.

                           But first thing walking in you see the office, dinning room....you know one-bedroom apartment stuff.

                                                    Bedroom with a bookshelf in it because we don't have an actual office room yet. :)

Jon and I are enjoying this stage in our life right now.  And we know these next couple months are going to go even more crazy-busy.  Jon's school will certainly pick up as he finishes his last semester of school.  Ever! :)  And my job is getting more hectic in its own ways.  However we've been working on going to bed at a decent time and getting up about the same time on weekdays.  I also like to try to go to bed with out messes still out. From time to time we won't always be able to keep up on these messes, but we know how much better we feel walking into a clutter-free apartment. :)

In six months we will be living somewhere else.  So when we had the place cleaner than clean I took photos so we could have some memory shots. :)  Some day our kids will appreciate seeing them.

Looking forward to what 2012 brings....a new apartment.  More space (God-willing).  And a husband not in school anymore (graduates on my birthday in May).  The best birthday present ever huh? :)

Thanks everyone for holding on.....I've been meaning to put a Part 2 to a post I wrote a year ago..  Some day I will get better at keeping up on these posts.  It's just hard to get my brain working in writing mode.  It's all I can do to come up with something to make for dinner.