Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kid Korner #1

So today marks the day!
I take care of a 3 year old girl and 5 month old boy.  He turned 5 months today!! :)

She is quite the silly girl.  Typical, three-year old spirit.  Everything a certain way.  She knows how things should be, right?  But you can't help but smile because she is too adorable and I love her laugh!  Her baby brother is quite the opposite.  Yes, he smiles.  He is happy all the time.  Even when his big sister gets too close.  He's got his sleeping schedule down and he loves to eat.  His favorites right now is when I sing to him and do actions with his arms and legs.  I love making him laugh!  During his big sister's nap time I love taking him downstairs to feed and cuddle him. :)  He is so easy going!

Today started a new adventure.  A three-year old nap time that ends with a nap.  No matter what she must fall asleep or she can't leave her room.  She's been thinking it's okay to get out of her bed and "think" that she has been in her room long enough for nap time to be over.  Leaving us with a quick to be emotional afternoon.
Put her down a little later than before, and told her she had to stay in bed (follow her sleep rules that she has had for almost a year) and go to sleep.  Her consequence for not sleeping is no playing after supper...straight to bed!

After an hour of me hearing movement she decides to call for me.
She has decided nap time was over.  Apparently if you say you are not tired, MAYBE you can get out of sleeping.  Sorry.....not with me.
When I asked her why she got out of bed and what all the noise was about she replied with,
"God kept banging on my bed like this (shows me) and I had to get up and tell him to stop!"

Haha.  I let her know that God is a loving God.  He knows you need a good nap and wouldn't try to keep you up.  I remind her to stay in her bed and keep quiet.  She needs to stay in bed, nap time will not be over until she sleeps.

I shut the door and there is silence.  An hour later she is still quiet.
Maybe God helped put her to sleep instead of banging on her bed? :P

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