Thursday, November 29, 2012

Things that change with a baby....

Two months of changes:
  • Use alarm clock to check length of feedings and not to wake you up.
  • Prepare to have outings take "that much" longer.
  • Lean over to cuddle with hubby and realize he has already left for work.
  • (added later) Husbands call their wives Mommy, and Husbands are called Daddy
  • Touch cold zipper and think you have spit up on you.
  • More poop, more smiles.

  • Perspectives change: dirty diapers a good thing because it means a healthy baby

  • Realizing the amount of junk you eat, because it goes to the baby also
  • Clothes are hardly ever clean and once you get the chance to do a load--she wets or blowouts on more!
  • You get delighted to hear a burp, especially when it finally comes out after one of those middle of the night feedings.
  • Your free-time becomes getting another snack or meal, changing a load of laundry, taking a shower, or updating your grocery list and meal plan.
  • Watching TV/Netflix, checking up on Facebook, or watching a movie takes the place of human interaction or adult conversation.
  • You start using baby language with your spouse.
  • The love of you child, the excitement of how she is growing forces you to: take numerous photos, want someone to see it it to, and thankful when your spouse is home to see it too. :)
  • The dirty dishes piled up are not chores necessarily.  They are accomplishments.  They show you were able to take the time to cook that day.

after hubby washed dishes back when I was pregnant
so not really work with this statement,
but pics help make posts more fun
  • A new game: see how well you can throw a dirty diaper and have it get close to the garbage can you were aiming at.
  • An evening book you used to read before bed is now covered with diapers, wipes, kleenex, and water for those midnight feedings.
  • Not necessarily for all parents but at least for us: bedtime becomes around 10-midnight.  However we go to bed sooner.  The parents are ready to rest before the baby.  Surprise!  The baby is a night owl.  Must have gotten the hint even while inside Mommy!
In her bassinet next to Mommy in bed

We love you Ellie.  We are so thankful for the many blessings and changes you have brought into our lives.  Some day it will be fun to look back at this list.

one month

8 weeks

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