Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Finding Peace and Rest in a "to do list" world

Dishing piling up in the sink, on the counter, just everywhere.

Dirty diapers filling up the garbage.

A shower.  Oh, a shower.  Needing a shower.

Bathroom in need of a deep scrub.  Twice.

Dirty laundry.

Clean laundry waiting to be folded.  Put away.

A bedroom desperately desiring to look like this:

A hungry belly, aching for fresh, healthy food.

A soul longing for stillness.

In awe of my Savior.

Because through all of this....I can rest.

The Lord has blessed us with such wonderful things.

Quiet.  Don't miss it.

Close your eyes.  Listen to a worship song.

You will hear it.

God's waiting.

That moment "I need for myself."  Is not true.

You need a moment with the One who will give you peace through all the moments you are facing ahead.

If in the past week, I've only learned one thing (which isn't true, I've learned so much!), it's to patiently sit still.  And let God.  Let God take over your moment to yourself.  It will make all the other moments of your day completely change!  Because this world is not about us.  Or my favorite snack and movie break.  Or my errands I get to take alone without my baby.  Or the moment I fall asleep in peace.  Or the moment my baby finally falls asleep.  Or the moment my hubby and I finally get a chance to talk.  It's about God.  It's about His plan.  His will.  What He desires.

And what He desires is for us to see the big picture!  It's not about us.
Did you hear that?  Ugh!  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in, "I will finally be happy, I will finally feel like I completed my day, I will finally enjoy some peace as soon as.....x y and z."

But no.  I won't find peace.  And when I do that.  I don't find peace.  EVER.

Because I'm finding peace in earthly things.  Things that Mary thinks she'll feel peaceful.  But what truly brings peace.  What truly brings mercy and grace and love.  Is Jesus.  To glorify God!  To praise Him!

That's where peace rests.

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  1. Well done! And badly needed in my "busy", "to-do-list" life! "BE STILL AND KNOW ..."