Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Resolution {2013}

I have never ever made a new year's resolution. ever! but the more i think about it, it might be nice to make a goal or two referring to the new year. looking back at the past year it's quite a blur. 2012 started out with finding out we were pregnant.

I was sick for the first 25 weeks of pregnancy,

and we moved to Cedar Rapids after Jon graduated from college (moving 2 hours away from friends and family).

Luckily at a distance where we don't have to fly but long enough (unfortunately) where we can't just go hang out easily.

 and of course the end of 2012 brought our sweet, beautiful daughter Ellie. Who has truly been a blessing to us!

So if I had actually tried to make a goal for 2012 I'm sure I would've said something like "starting a family or helping Jon with his future goals."  Since Jon graduated in May 2012. And both kinda happened.

 But this year {2013} I would have to say I have few things in mind that are goal-worthy!

 like for (ONE) getting connected here in Cedar Rapids It was on hold for awhile because (1) Jon didn't know how long he would be working here and (2) I was super prego and about to have a baby and a few weeks after having Ellie I was in NO comfort to be around people I had "just" met for a long period of time.

  (TWO) Find a small group where we can learn, support, encourage, and grow together

  (THREE) Read a book cover to cover

  (FOUR) Figure out a better daily routine where I can focus on my walk with God, get motivated as a stay at home mom to get things done around the apartment, and focus on my prayer life.

  (FIVE) Continue to pray for our neighbors in and around our apartment. Start getting connected with at least one family.

 Now, I should probably include Jon in this and get his input....however it is nearing 2am and I don't think he would appreciate it if I woke him up. I know, I know, why am I not sleeping? I'm wondering the same thing. I have sleeping problems. Seriously, I do. It's called ADD where my brain just never shuts off....

 plus it doesn't help that I stayed up WAY too late New Years Day and yesterday so my brain is used to staying awake into the early morning hours. I need to retrain myself. However whenever I do (yes I've had this happen before and tried to get better), Ellie decides it's time to wake up every two hours to eat. Then I'm back to having a hard time falling asleep.


 And that's where I'm at at the beginning of 2013! :)

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