Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ellie {3 months}

Last Friday (four days ago to be exact), Ellie had her three month birthday!  Poor firstborn has a fourth-child for a Momma (can't always keep up).  I was out of town so of course I couldn't do my normal photo shoot and blog post.  So forgive me future Ellie.

She is adorable beyond any mother's dreams!!  Seriously though.  Her photo shoot this month was hard for different reasons than the past.  She kept TALKING! :)  So all her facial expressions look so silly in a picture.

But her shirt says it all.  She is just so precious!

Can't get enough of her!  When she's happy anyways...which means please allow me to let her sleep. :)

She does a lot better with bath time now.  Just as long as the water is not cold.  (oops, won't ever try giving her a quick bath in bathroom sink.  When I turn on the water and it's not warm it's not so fun!)

To check back at her growth I put her in her bouncer seat again.

one month

two months
three months
She is definitely getting longer and filling out more!  Her two month picture she is wearing newborn and in three months she's wearing three month clothes!  So she's right with the "size that matches her age" stage right now.

Another way I like to keep track of her size is putting her on our changing mat we have in the living room.  However this month she made it more fun.  I tried.

Kicking her legs around like crazy is the new thing.  I don't swaddle her anymore for sleeping, now she likes a sleep sack.  She likes having her "legs inside something" however she likes to be more mobile.  Her arms move around while she tries to fall asleep, adding more adventures for her to keep her awake.  When she gets mad I give her the pacifier which she loves.  But her arms sometimes knocks it out, which makes things fun and more interesting, right?

But here is my best attempt to show her growth since last month on this mat.

2 months
3 months

My dear Ellie, you are so precious.  I wouldn't dare change your clothes for this photo shoot.

Your "precious" onesie can't say it any better.  You are adorable.  I don't know how I did my daily routine without you.  Ellie, you started to do something that just melts my heart.  When you wake up (usually in the morning) you start to talk.  For the first minute or so you just make a sweet noise of "talking" and it's just so precious!  After awhile if I didn't hear you or not coming fast enough you start your little cry.  Which reminds me you slobber all over your bedding where you sleep.  You silly girl.

Naps.  You do them fairly well.  They are usually 2-4 hours long.  On "bad days" they are hardly one hour long and you just not your happy usual self.  Sometimes after falling asleep for a half hour or so you wake up and want the pacifier.  But then fall asleep shortly after for another hour or two.  Like today.  You are going on a two hour nap after waking up at the thirty minute usual.

However today marks a big day for you us.  Your afternoon nap was in your crib.  You've been in a few times before, but I organized your room so you could now have it be "your room."  Even at night.  Oh, I'll miss you near us.  (I think you will too.  You tend to sleep better when you know we're close.)  And those few times you wake up and just want the paci won't be as easy when you are not an arm reach away.

But you were just getting way too big for that bassinet.  You looked so BIG!

Here's the last picture I took before you let me know you were ready for your afternoon nap today.  The look on your face shows you are slowly getting tired.  Wearing your three month clothes...you are such a big girl!  We love your personality showing through even now.

And before I go into more I just realized...your Daddy will be home soon.  I better finish dinner. :)

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