Sunday, January 27, 2013

Baby vs Pregnancy

2013 brings on some blessings I am so going to take time to enjoy.

smile and enjoy. auuhhhh :)

For one, this time last year in less than a week I was about to find out we were pregnant.

But now I have the privilege to enjoy not being sick and pregnant but hold my bundle of joy.  I will be able to enjoy February, March, April, and May.  oh yippee!! :)

Now, just as long as I don't get pregnant.

Don't quote me wrong.  I like Ellie and I love what she brings to our life.  However pregnancy is 9 months of life I don't want to repeat.  I will have to be given LOTS of grace when I get pregnant again.  I dream of giving Jon another sweet baby someday, but hoping I could just pass the agony of pregnancy.  Some people are gifted with a nice, wonderful pregnancy.  However I am not.  Far from it actually.  If pregnancy wasn't as awful as it is for me, I wouldn't mind how close my kids were in age.  However pregnancy (especially first 25 weeks) is pretty much torture on my poor body.  And I want to enjoy my sweet Ellie.  I just started to feel more "normal" since getting pregnant with Ellie.  I want to enjoy this for a little while longer.  I want Ellie to be a little bit more independent before I get pregnant again.

2013 brings on the joy of having Ellie in our life.  Starting 2012 we had no idea what was in our near future!

Last night Jon said, "Oh, I love our sweet daughter!!  She is just so sweet!!  I love her!!"

She is just SUCH a sweetie.  And I remind Jon those countless times he had to throw away my barf bags, run to the grocery store since I couldn't even step foot into our kitchen or near any food, or those times he had to rub my back comforting me through another barfing on an empty stomach.


He was right there along side of me helping me through it all.  Because our sweet baby had a Momma AND a Daddy. :)  And her Daddy definitely helped out before he even knew her.

Even though it wasn't fun or sweet or anything to have to do those things or deal with it....we went through that together.

And Ellie's daddy and mommy can tell her all about it someday.  And encourage her to find a man who would do the same! :)

Because Ellie, you are such a good baby that we LOVE you so much more outside of Mommy!  You make this parenting thing so much fun!!

Yeah for 2013 of enjoying our sweet Ellie!!  Thank you Lord for your mercies new every morning!

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