Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Praying about Two Options

Jon has a couple interviews in the next week or so.  Here are the options as far as I understand them to be.

Intern Option One
Pros: in Ames, don't have to travel, already have jobs here
Cons: starts spring semester where he already will be in school and has a well paid and he loves the part-time job (don't know how that will come to be); why this option a biggie since he'll still be in school?  Someone took one of the classes he has to take and he said, "that class alone makes you feel like you are working a 40 hour week."
(side note: let's just say we're looking forward to May---graduation!)

Intern Option Two
Pros: during Summer 2012 (not in school anymore)
Cons: St Paul, Minnesota
Pros about the cons: they will help us find a place to live and will help pay for it
More cons that Mary comes up with: farther from family and friends, would have to find a new job if I'm not a mommy yet.

Jon's thoughts:  He likes Option two better because of the timing, but the distance isn't too exciting.  However he likes St Paul and thinks it would be fun.  But we always planned on hoping to stay in Iowa so that's a tough thing to swallow.

We're just praying about this and hoping God gives us a clear answer.  I can't imagine what it would be like to move to Minnesota.  And it could only be for a short while to get his feet wet with his degree.

Just thought I'd give you all the heads up.....

All this thought of Jon's job being the foundation of where Jon and I end up living is becoming more and more real to me.  To the both of us.  Really gives me a chance to understand why all those married women out there moved because of their hubby's job.  It makes more sense now. :)  We both never thought we'd live anywhere but Iowa so this is kind of a big step for us.
If you think of us and wondering details of what to pray for....
--God giving us a clear understanding of His will for our lives
--Patience and commitment to where ever He wants us to go and not let it effect our relationship with Him and each other.
--The willingness either way.
--To learn how to encourage each other through all of this.

Thank you.  Please commit so I know you got this. :)


  1. You are at a good place of surrender, Mary. I'm excited to see how the LORD directs. We have been praying a lot for you guys with this decision!

  2. Thanks Mel! We really appreciate it.