Monday, October 17, 2016

Jayden [7 months]

I'm a little behind (4 days to be exact) on Jayden's 7 month post. Not on purpose but the past few days flew by!

Jayden loves to see us, be near us, and snuggle. He loves baths. Today he kicked his legs so much he splashed the water I felt as wet as he was!  His cheesy grin is contagious.  He loves sitting in his bouncy seat watching Momma in the kitchen.

He adores "tags" and his Taggie blanket is his favorite "toy".  He has just recently noticed he can grab my hair or my necklace.  He loves the feel of fabric so falling asleep he gets a lovey and his pacifier.  Out of the house the rainbow blanket and Taggie blanket are usually surrounding him. 

A couple weeks ago we gave him the pacifier back in his crib because the sucking help soothed him and he can find it when it pops out.  We were struggling with him staying asleep at night, and Jon has helped find something that works! After I nurse and put him down, if he wakes up again Jon goes in first and works his Daddy magic! Once he sees me all he wants is Momma milk. Daddy will rub his head and back for a couple minutes and he goes right back to sleep. :)
He does not have a typical routine. He's so unlike Ellie and that certainly has given us a huge adjustment. However days that mess up his sleep don't phase him compared to Ellie. He is capable of catnaps and it doesn't interfere with his night sleep. (Example: 8hrs at orchard he wasn't a mess like Ellie would have been!)

His cries and whimpers all mean something different. And I feel like I'm starting to catch on to what they all mean! Some days are really hard with my two kids, but other days are so fun! Jayden has such a sweetness about him. His grins or laughs melts my heart.  Ellie is also becoming more helpful. She hands him a pacifier or offers him a toy. Letting her pick has given better results. ;) The other day while putting laundry away I found her reading a book to him when he was sad he couldn't see me.

Jayden doesn't sit up unassisted yet, but can do the tripod sit for a decent amount of time. He just loves chewing his toes too much! 

As much as we're thinking he's a Momma's boy....he still loves it when Daddy walks into the room! I love the way he looks at his Daddy! It's so nice to have a husband who engages with our kids to build long-lasting relationships with them. The benefits are always overflowing.

He's only 3 weeks younger than his cousin, but you would think much more than that. I make long, lean babies... ;)

Jayden is in 6 month onesies. 3-6 mos short sleeve still fit him for days like today where's it's super hot! He's in 6 mos pants, 3 mos are just a tad short but can get by for fall weather.  Size 3 diapers. If tired he can fall asleep in car on interstate, as long as car keeps moving at constant speed.  He gets sweaty easily, and his head especially since he loves snuggling fabric.  He grasps his hands a lot like he's trying to hold something even in the air. I love it. He's also starting to roll around a lot to get to what he wants. Short naps are 20-40mins. Long naps are 1-2hrs. 2.5-3hr naps are very rare, while Ellie's naps were always 2-3hrs.  🤔

**We got our family pics done this past weekend, so those of Jayden will be much better to post here anyways!!**

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