Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ellie {11 months}

My daughter is 11 months old as of yesterday.   WHHHHAAAT????

She is the sweetest, funniest girl ever.  She is best known for her big wide open mouth smile.  Which reminds me she has started a new laugh.  It's quite contagious too.

our happy girl

Her favorite thing to do is help me with whatever I am doing.  It has caused me to get creative.  I can block her from all sorts of things and yet she still finds a way to get to what she wants....

This week I found a clever way to keep her entertained so I could fold laundry with her in the room.  I gave her a basket of board books for her to explore.  She thought it was pretty cool.  Hopefully that will last whenever I need it to be used in the future. :)

I also have had to use pillows to cover up cords and watch for when she eats crumbs off the floor.  My dad also put up the baby gate at the top of the stairs so I can eat or pee in peace knowing she's not going to fall.

Another thing to keep her busy is a water bottle.  Which this summer we've been giving ours to her to keep entertained.

She has also gotten a bigger appetite which is fun to see!  She gets so excited when she sees us with food or a plate in our hands thinking she gets to eat!  I always have to make sure I have something for her.  Her favorites are: sweet potatoes (never fails!), apples, pears and raspberries, and ever growing.

She is our little peanut and is the same size I was when I was her age.  However she gets her looks and practically everything else from her Daddy.  She can still wear Carter's 3-6 month stuff (summer you can stretch stuff longer because pants can be short).  But for the most part she's in 6-12 month clothes.  And we're still waiting for more hair growth, however the back of her head is starting to get more.
She still enjoys music and "dancing."  She kicks her legs around when she's excited about something and it's super sweet.  She will stop whatever she is doing if she hears music to dance.  Who does that sound like? ;)

She is such a sweetie and we don't know what we ever did without her.  We love how we can just lay her down for a nap or for the night and she goes down so well.  If she makes any noise it's sweet noises that make Jon and I chuckle.  She is getting very talkative!  She is also choosing to crawl more than army crawl.  Which is great because it helps get her where she wants faster.  And some times that's a good thing. :)  I always feel like I'm playing hide and seek with her!

On Labor Day we went to Adventureland and she got to go "swimming" for the first time.  However I knew this wouldn't go over very well.  She doesn't like to be cold....and she certainly doesn't like cold water!  But that's expected from a baby!  She did pretty well though!  She let us try to get her in the wave pool and once she was done with that I sat in the shallow part and she fell asleep in my lap.  After a good nap she woke up right before Jon could get a picture.  Here she is after just waking up...

It's bright, Momma!
Our family at Adventure Bay!
She also went on her first ride--the Tea Cups!  However she didn't really like them.  There were no tears, just a little uncertain looks and noises.  She likes to be able to observe and the spinning didn't always allow that.  Jon and I stayed positive and smiling the whole time to keep her from allowing her to be unsure even more. :)

We're so thankful for our sweet girl and can't believe it's already that plan her first birthday!!!  What?  Where did the year go???

family at Adventureland on Labor Day!

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