Monday, September 9, 2013

Maxwell House Updates {second edition}

I was at the new house yesterday and got the camera out as soon as I got a chance! :)  I was wanting to let you all know what Jon has been busy with (besides working full-time and busy weekends).  Here's some more pics of what the house is looking like today....


Yes, the vanity is no longer, a lot of drywall down, and flooring is pretty much all gone.  We're having to redo a lot of things in there and it was just needed.  Over 50 years of use, that bathroom was ready for an update. :)

We're now trying to figure out what kind of tub/shower we want, flooring, putting in a new window (which is a lot of work), new plumbing, change of some electrical stuff, etc.  Can't wait until it's done!

*And if you happen to be very handy in any of these areas (or know someone who is) let me know!  I know we Jon could use all the help we he can get! :)

amazing how one small room can be so much work
Last time I was there we were working on getting more closets done but then Ellie started throwing up and our plans changed completely.  Here's the hall/linen closet.  It just needs the trimming done.

And even though we got the living room painting done, Jon likes to make things perfected.  :)  The house is settling right by the window and he's making it as smooth as possible.

He just can't help it...
I also put some pics up from when we hung up curtains at the living room window, but I have some better ones now.

love this color
The reason we were at the house Sunday afternoon was because we had a meeting with a Home Depot lady.  We got things chosen for a new living room window.  It's our house warming gift from my parents.  The window is needed because you can't open the windows unless you want to have to go outside to close them.  It will be such a great bonus too, because it will allow us to make the room seem so much more open and inviting!  Looking forward to when it gets installed!

Can't wait until we get the brown, leather couches and matching blue, tan, and brown pillows in that space!  Still keeping my eye out for the perfect lamps and rug, but I can't wait to see it all come together.  However, we are holding off on getting the couches for awhile (which is a good patience lesson for me), because we are putting our money on other things like the bathroom for example.

When my mom and I were at Gordman's the other day I got a couple things that will go on the dining room table.  Both decorative.  One a white bowl and another blue with brown/goldish colors that matches EXACTLY.   Both were on sale and I am getting more and more excited. :)

Next my mom and I stopped over at Michael's and I got a cork board.  I'm going to cover it with fabric that matches Ellie's room to hang pictures, future art work, etc to decorate her wall.

something similar to this but different fabric
And I'm hoping I can just keep it and switch out the fabric to match whatever room it goes in for the future.  Right now I'll probably just get some light green fabric with little polka dots on it.  Owning a home = so much fun!!

Even though it's WORK, you get to paint!

Even though it takes TIME, you can make it how you want!

Even though it COSTS, it goes towards something you can call your own!

This next year will be so fun to add and change things!  Looking forward to the lucky day we get to move in!! :)

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