Thursday, June 13, 2013

lovely three years

If you would of told me where Jon and I would be in our marriage at our three-year anniversary back when we got married I would have two words for you:

amazed.  surprised.

I love my man.  our marriage isn't perfect.  he's not married to someone perfect.  i'm not married to someone perfect.  but by God's grace it works.  we're still growing in our love for each other.  and i wouldn't want it any other way.  he's my best friend.

our first year anniversary we went to Newton (Jon's hometown) and went to a Bed & Breakfast.  it was a beautiful weekend.

anniversary cake:: great chats about the year & our marriage
Jon took this as we were packing up to leave

last year i was six months pregnant and we went to Hu-Hot in Cedar Rapids.  then we walked around gordman's and got some stools for our kitchen. so romantic i know. :)

wearing one of the many hairpins
i wore on our wedding day

last night we went to bravo for dinner.

just me (wearing the hairpin i noticed)
my dream guy and me
ignore hubby's silly face

we had planned to walk around the pond (outside Jordan Creek Mall area) but the weather wasn't quite right--too windy.  walking out to the car i had to hold my skirt!  then Jon decided to check out the movies showing.  (hey, we had grandma and grandpa babysitting!)  nothing out that looked good enough to pay $25 to go see.  Seriously, how expensive does it have to be to see a movie?  In a couple weeks we could OWN that movie with that price!!  So we walked around the mall.  GameStop caught his eyes (of course)!  And the colors in Gap caught my eyes (of course)!  We walked back to the back of the store, heck didn't you know to do that?  The best deals are in the back of every store!!  Jon liked what he saw and I got three shirts!

Remember this post about my weight issues?  Well, I don't have many options of what to wear this summer.  Unless I want to wear maternity.  And who wants to wear maternity clothes after they miscarried?  My pre-pregnancy shirts don't fit (thanks to nursing).  So that's been another devastating thing when trying on clothes.  We had both told each other our gift this year for our anniversary was the house (we close on it tomorrow), so I wasn't planning on getting him anything or expecting anything from him.  But he loved the shirts so much he was willing to get them for me.  We got three shirts for the price of one (thanks to the sale)!  $10 each!!

Love it!!  So the price of that movie vs price of my new shirts.  Jon was sorta bummed about that thought as we walked to the register, but I reminded him this:

"Think of it this way, the shirts will last.  I'll get good use out of them.  Especially since I know you picked them out.  The movie would of been watched and then done.  We wouldn't own the movie or anything."

We happily handed over our bills and went home with three shirts that will be perfect for summer!

And here's what happened when we got back home....

Jon & Ellie
(Then my parents gave us more time to chill together and gave Ellie a bath, a bottle, and put her to bed!)

It's been a lovely three years.  I've learned so many things.

-My hubby means well.
-He's perfectionist about what I wear and how I look (but it's a good thing)
-He likes me in my most natural state (jeans and a pony tail) and sometimes dressed up from time to time.
-He loves me for who I am.
-He loves it when I'm joyful.  He loves seeing me smile.
-He loves it when I listen.
-He loves being relational.
-He loves being a Dad and wants time with Ellie every day!
-He likes to watch the budget.
-He LOVES Mexican.  And that's an understatement.  HE LOVES LOVES LOVES IT!
-He likes to browse the internet.
-He's interested in technology (the latest gadgets even though he doesn't buy them)
-He never will buy a video game or movie full price.  (But neither do I)
-He won't remember dates of things (birthdays, activities, get togethers, etc) which means I better keep track of when those parties are, when to get gifts, and keep him updated.  But because he's so good at the here and now (like next week he has no idea what the schedule looks like), but that's how our marriage works.  I help him with the schedule, and he helps me relax over the future stuff so I don't get overwhelmed with my to do list.

It just works.

It sounds crazy stuff, but he's my man.  And I'm glad I caught him when I did. ;)

I'm lovin' him!  I get to eat Mexican whenever I wanna go out to eat, I get to order soda too, and I get someone who is cautious of our spending.  I get someone who wants to talk things through.  He wants to hear all my stuff.  And there's quite a lot of crazy stuff all up in this head!  He loves our daughter too.  He doesn't like changing dirty diapers, but who does?  He wants to spend time with her and is very helpful.  He was by my side when I was passing out while miscarrying.  He was taking care of the not-so-fun stuff that comes along with all that "stuff."  He rubs my back when I'm sick.  He rubs my feet when I'm in pain.  He brings our sweet daughter to me in the night so she can eat, and puts her back in her crib.  He works hard so I can stay home with Ellie.  He's trustworthy.  He cares about me.  He's my best friend.  I wouldn't want to walk through this journey without him.

I love him and hope God gives us many years ahead!! :)

* More pictures will be added to this post as soon as I get them off the camera. :)

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