Monday, August 27, 2012

Reveal of Baby Kaisand's gender!

Remember this post?  We had a reveal party for our family to let them know the gender of Baby Kaisand.  Now my hubby has allowed me to share with everyone what we are expecting!! :)

So let me do it in a few pictures for some fun.... :)

At the reveal party we had one cupcake that had a certain color of sprinkles inside of it.  It was fun to watch everyone take a bite and look at one another to see if anyone knew the answer....

"We think it's a boy!"
"We're guessing girl!"
And what will Baby Kaisand be....
(My hubby is so excited!)

My sister, Melissa, had the cupcake!  What color do you see??

Baby Kaisand is going to be a GIRL!!! :D  And we are so excited to finally meet her! :)  So glad I can finally say that!  Yeah, now I can say SHE and HER and everything else! :)  Because Mary is going to have a daughter!

Sorry, but the name is kept secret...however some of you already know her first name.  I've shared it before since we didn't want it to be taken before we got a chance to use our favorite girl name! :)

We are SO excited!  Can I say it any more than that?

Because honestly I was thinking Jon would really want us to have a boy so I was really hoping for a boy.  However as the pregnancy went on and before we could find out, he told me, "I really hope we're having a girl."  :)  aww okay! :)  That is just too sweet.  Now I am so excited to see how he takes care of her.  Jon is such a gentle, kind hubby and he will be so sweet.  She will DEFINITELY be a Daddy's girl! :)  Looking forward to hearing her say Daddy! :)  When he comes home from work....awww can't wait to see her reaction! :D

Well, now you know!  Pictures of the nursery will come.  However I need to unpack all the wonderful gifts we've received from the showers this past weekend.  We are such fortunate people to have such loving family and friends.  Now the fun part begins. :)  As soon as I receive the pictures from my mom's camera I'll have a post to share about the showers.  Until then....I'm going to enjoy my gifts and thinking of my precious little daughter! :)

Love you all and thank you for patiently waiting to find out. hehe ;)

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  1. Congrats sweet girl:) I can't wait to hear more, and then see pictures of her when she comes!!!! love Katie