Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Target is never a quick errand

No matter what I have going on I can always spend at least an hour at Target (maybe even longer) if I want to.  However I think it comes down to never knowing exactly where everything is when I have those random things on my list.

If I just go there for quick couple of things it's usually not too bad.....

However.  Today was different.

I had a list of things I had to double check for my baby registry (nothing better than seeing it in person to match colors)!  Unfortunately what I needed wasn't found. :(

And also in the process of trying to pick out curtains (for the nursery and other bedrooms), I came across some that MIGHT just match the nursery.  It is so tough though when you are trying to figure out what will work the best when you can't lay out all your possible color options.  I found some I liked for the master bedroom, and hopefully hubby can hang them up tonight!  They are a navy blue color so hopefully it will work nice with our pillows.  Right outside our window is the air conditioners which is not too cool.  However the curtains I found are supposed to help with energy saving and lights and sounds.  Bonus.

I had a couple other random things I wanted for our master closet to help organize our stuff better.  However I couldn't find either of them, I had found them online so apparently they just didn't have them in the store.  I'm one of those people that like to try to keep as many things off the closet floor as possible.  So our shoes are on the shelf in the closet, however we need to make another shelf.  Apparently girls keep too many shoes or something like that.

I also want this:

Our closet has those exact white wired shelving on the top so it would work PERFECT!

Then my hubby needed me to pick up some storage bins for our garage.  We are going to store some things on shelves in our garage here at the apartment.  So the nursery can start looking like a nursery and not a storage room. :)

You can see why we desperately need curtains!

But of course before all that random shopping I stopped by the $1 section.  Couldn't help but pick myself up a magnetic shopping list pad and a bag of animal crackers.  yumm... enjoying them now actually. :) (After all that shopping of course I needed a snack.  Ahem, the baby needed a snack!)

And then I had to pick up some random things for my make up and bread.  Ugg.  I have had my toenail polish on for MONTHS.  Months I tell you.  No joke.  Which isn't normally a big deal for me but I can't reach my toes anymore.  So I got some nail polish remover.  Maybe I could get my hubby into helping me with my toenails. :)  And yes, bread.  We are completely out.  We like bread.  :)  Jon and I go through a loaf in about a week.  Usually.  But that might be because I have it for breakfast about every morning.  But I also ran by this aisle that had the Annie's organic mac & cheese for $1 each so I grabbed a couple of those.

yumm :)

I also saw some bottled water at a good price so of course gotta go for that as well.  I find it better to freeze bottled water and put it in fridge night before we travel somewhere or if I know I'm going to be out running errands or something all day.  Better to have water for the baby in this heat.  Plus it's nice to have it on hand so we're less likely to make those quick stops to get a soda when we are thirsty while driving and away from home.

Yes, it feels funny buying water when we have a faucet.  However I think our water tastes funny.  And it's SO MUCH better than buying a random drink for about $2 than it is to buy a 24 pack for $4.

And that is my crazy, long trip to Target.  Yes, someday I might have to deal with a crying baby and unhappy toddler.  However I've done that before!! :)  I was at Target with a baby and a three-year old.  I went grocery shopping and got some birthday gifts.  It worked.  I have some funny stories from it actually....just ask if you want to hear it.

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