Thursday, August 16, 2012

Labor & Birth Classes

I've been wanting to register for birth classes that are available to us for free, but wanted to discuss the options with Jon first.  Honestly, I don't feel like I need to take too many classes because I'm pretty aware of how labor and birth plays out.  Now each labor story is different, so you really can't plan for ANYTHING.
eek!  Did you know I'm a planner?  I even think ahead before I get ready for the day what order in which I'm going to do everything.  Yes, I'll be one of those routine moms. :)

Anyways, I've seen labor in person about six times, and each one was different.  However I was never the one in labor so it would be helpful to go to classes to work on different ways to breath, stay relaxed as much as possible, etc.  But mostly I see the birth classes benefiting Jon, which means it will benefit us both. :)

I haven't had the ability to chat with Jon about the classes at all (thanks to the video game he rented from the library last week), so I went ahead and just set up the two that I know we have time for before the baby comes. :)  Unfortunately one of them is only available on his birthday. :(  So we will chat about that tonight.  I feel as if I will have a late baby, but I don't want to cut it too close.  So our due date is September 25th and I signed up for the next available birth classes (Sept 13th & 20th).  Well, at least the information will be fresh in our minds! :)

This time of year is so hard to plan things because there has just been so much going on.  We haven't been available for the other dates for birth classes.  They do allow both classes on a Saturday called a "block class" but we will be out of town that weekend.  At least we will get the basic classes available before the baby comes!  Looking forward to this next step in our lives.  I can't believe it's already coming up!  Less than six weeks until our due date!  Wow!

We have so much to get done until then!

The to do list continues....but won't it continue even after the baby is born? ;)

Looking forward to when we can get the nursery all set up!

Before next week this is our priority list of to do's:
-Finish organizing our filing cabinet.
-Going through our storage boxes in the nursery and clearing out that room to prepare for baby stuff!
-Organize our living room (bookshelf, baskets, papers)
-Finish cleaning the office/guest bedroom (the closet has plenty of items that need to be either thrown away, given away, or listed online)
*I have gone through this closet once before but needed Jon's help with the stuff that is his.  Plus I have a computer that we don't need since we have Jon's.  But we are going to clear off all my stuff, and then we're giving it to Jon's mom.
-Prepare the guest bedroom for visitors.  Get the bed and dresser ready for my mom to stay when she helps out after we have the baby!

Future to do's before baby arrives:
-Prepare for hospital (bags packed, lists for Jon)
-Freezer meals & large grocery shopping run
-Deep Clean apartment
-Have all of baby's items ready for when we return from hospital
-Go on our last date before we need a sitter :)

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