Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our Week in Meals

I haven't been to the grocery store for quite some time.  However I did have to have Jon make a quick stop this week and pick up cheese and milk.  But seriously, do you really want to cook with old milk? :P


Lunch: I had packed Jon leftovers from the week before (Spaghetti casserole)
And I had the rest of my leftovers from Sunday's dinner with my parents (Mushroom Swiss from Okaboji Grill)

Dinner: Italian Seasoning Chicken* and carrots with baked potatoes
(*Recipe at bottom)


Lunch: Chicken Leftovers

Dinner: Homemade Mac&Cheese, corn, and grapes


Lunch: leftovers

Dinner: Jon had a mix of leftovers and cereal, while I finished off the Chicken from Monday


Lunch: Jon had burritos (from freezer section) and I had leftover Mac&Cheese

Dinner: Honey Mustard Chicken


We are going out of town at some point after Jon gets off work and I have an appointment at 2:30pm.  So lunch is probably to just work on emptying fridge out for the weekend. :)  We are SO excited for this weekend!  Hopefully Jon will get some much needed rest.  Every night and every morning he tells me he's ready for some time off work.  Hallelujah for a three-day weekend. :)  Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!  I'm not feeling the greatest today, but hopefully will start feeling well enough to get a few things done before the weekend. :)

*Recipe for Italian Seasoning Chicken because it is SO easy and fast! (Sorry I have no pictures of my example, maybe someday!)
-Preheat oven to 350
-Place thawed chicken (dark or white meat, I use both, bone-in is okay if that's what you have) on a large jelly roll pan spaced out

-Cut up carrots (I use baby carrots because Jon likes them better raw.)  Place the carrots around the chicken with nothing touching.

-Sprinkle olive oil over it all and then Italian Seasoning

-Bake for 30 minutes or until chicken is fully cooked and carrots cooked to your liking.  Sometimes during the cooking you might have to stir around the carrots a bit, but turning the chicken over isn't necessary.

And oh it is so good! :)  I like the fact that it leaves only one dirty dish! :)
I usually cut up potatoes and add them to the pan too, however I wanted plenty of leftover chicken so I made baked potatoes instead, since I don't have two ovens and I ran out of room.  If you add the potatoes to the pan, they can be cut up into bite size pieces.  But if like me space is limited, just remember the baked potatoes need to go in sooner since they take 60-75 minutes to bake. :)

Enjoy!  We sure did! :)

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