Monday, August 13, 2012

Honey, I'm home!

I love it! :)  The joy that comes when your husband walks in from being gone all day at work....

He always looks good!  When he opens the door I see him dressed up for work but ready to get into t-shirt and shorts to hang around the house.  He sets his stuff down and starts to snack on food.  (Yes, even if dinner is almost ready.)

Some things I've come to grip about with this whole "honey coming home after working many hours to provide for us"....

-He doesn't necessarily want to hear about your day right away, but that doesn't mean he doesn't care about your day.

-He appreciates it when the couch and living room table is cleared off.  He feels a lot better and clutter-free for the evening.

-He appreciates a home cooked meal, and the ability to have left overs for his lunch the next day.

-"Snacking" beforehand is normal.  It doesn't mean he doesn't appreciate it when you planned and prepared a meal for him.

-He likes it when you pack him a lunch for the next day.

-He enjoys it when we can use natural light for our apartment rather than using our light bulbs (saves energy).

-He likes it when I smile.

-He appreciates it when I'm careful with the budget.

-He really enjoys it when we are able to go outside once in awhile and enjoy each other's company outdoors.

-He likes to watch TV shows on hulu together, during dinner (normally).

Remember that post, way back when we lived in Ames about the $4 shirt?  I'm thinking about that right now as I sit here finishing my dinner and typing this post.  Currently he is eating off and on from his plate while playing a video game he rented from the library last week (Friday).  He gets it for one week (for free which he is totally excited about).  This video game is on his wish list, so he's enjoying playing around on it a bit to see how much he truly does enjoy it.

Time to go get myself some more dinner....yumm it's good! :)  Baby Kaisand I think agrees. :)

Here's a link to the recipe of our dinner tonight:

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