Monday, July 9, 2012

Reveal Party: telling family the gender

Friday evening was the Reveal Party where we told family the gender of Baby Kaisand!  It was so fun to gather with family and eat and eat and eat and enjoy hearing what people were guessing.

I made a list of "tales" that might help people guess if they were having a hard time to decide.  My brother in law, John, of course had to read each one with me beside him to figure out what he thought....

checking how my leg hair is growing...
After every one got a chance to guess they put on a name tag (I guess boy/girl).  Then we had a yummy meal of cheeseburgers (toppings from my mom's garden), homemade potato salad, baked beans, watermelon, chips, and lemonade.

thanks mom for capturing us with food in our mouth!

my brother

Kid Table, all the kids wondering what gender is next for the cousins!
(My parents are going to need a bigger kid table!)

After eating, Jon couldn't wait any longer to hold on to the secret!  Time for cupcakes.  We handed the kid's there cupcakes (so they wouldn't have to wait any longer) and then gave each of the adults one.  Only one adult cupcake had the gender color inside. :)

"We are guessing boy!"

"We are guessing girl!"

On the count of three they all got to start eating.  My sister had the one cupcake with the color inside, and once my hubby gives me the okay I will share the rest of the pictures of the reveal. :)  After the cupcakes were eaten, I made sure I had plenty of dessert that wasn't gender specific and enjoyable. :)  Brownies and peanut butter blondies (both of Jon's favorite desserts that I have made).

What do you think Baby Kaisand will be?


  1. im guessing boy
    -erin bradley

  2. this is adorable! I can't wait to find out...

  3. I must stay with your side standing pose.... A.... "Boy>" Sitting down you had me fooled...looked so much like a "Girl." Just praying for healthy & happy *precious* baby! That is going to be one *loved* baby!!!! Whether it is pink or blue!!! Which sister ate the cupcake that said the sex of this darling baby?

    1. Melissa had the cupcake! Elizabeth and her family were in Kansas City with their newborn Abraham. :) But we surprised them the next day to visit! (I wrote about it in the next post.) :)