Thursday, July 19, 2012

My parents own a business.....

My parents own a business called Two Men and a Truck, the franchise in Des Moines, Iowa...maybe you have heard of it? :)

I've learned a lot about owning a business and some good tips on great customer service.  I've also learned to be patient when unexpected things happen, because humans are not perfect and things will happen.  Unfortunately, mistakes happen.  It's nice to have a customer not get "all up in your face" about it too.  I also have experienced customer service myself.  I've worked in a store before, where I probably didn't always give the customer what they wanted nor responded the best way possible.  Some people are just not born quick thinkers.  I am one of those.  I like to analyze and think through my thoughts.  I tried my best, but sometimes you just can't make someone's day.

So I try to use those learning tools towards my every day life.

Times that I receive "interesting" customer service, I try not to get overly upset or worked up about it.  If I were in their shoes, would I want someone upset at me?  When I was working at the store did I appreciate people staying calm and not getting a tone just because I couldn't give them all the answers?  Hearing stories from my parents and since I worked in the office from time to time, is it not nice hearing customers being helpful and patient rather than upset over little things?  Things that the business just can't control.  Seriously, some things you just can't control.  

About a month ago Jon and I were planned to receive our bedroom furniture.  However they called ahead of time letting us know half of it wasn't able to come yet.  Yes, we were devastated but we knew it wasn't in our control, nor was it the lady on the phone's fault.  Why get mad at the lady on the phone that her job was just to tell us what was going to be able to be delivered?  It's not her fault.  How would her day be different if we would have acted as if it was her fault?

Yesterday we were supposed to receive the rest of the furniture.  We didn't.  I called the guy that was there to help us purchase it, and he told me it was all there just not sent to us yet.  He felt bad and I could tell in his voice he wasn't happy about it.  He said he would get it straightened out, and call us back.  The rest is supposed to come back in one week (this coming Wednesday).  Hallelujah!

In some circumstances, not known exactly why, some deliveries can take a month for you to get everything you purchased.  But how do you respond?

My response was to call the original guy to help us pick it out and "knew us" rather than some random person at the delivery phone desk.  Yes, it would've been nice to receive everything all at once.  My response was sad, frustration, but I never got "in their face" over the phone or made complaints.  I just stated the facts to find out how soon we could get what we needed.

And why can I respond this way?

Yes, because my God is bigger than any human mistake.
But also because.....
My parent's own a business....

Ready for 4th of July parade (2008)

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