Monday, July 9, 2012

KC visit to meet newest family member!

My sister and her hubby recently adopted the newest addition the family! :)  His name is Abraham Christopher Behrens and he was born on June 20th.  My parents, brother, my hubby and I went to Kansas City this last weekend to surprise them to meet the little guy.  It was so nice to see everyone and have time to cuddle with the little peanut before they come up in August to visit.  Babies grow up so fast!  The first time I held him, it kinda hit me all over again....soon I will be doing this with my baby.  They start out so tiny and fragile.

first time cuddling the little guy

He was such a sweet baby.  He makes such sweet noises when he sleeps.  His cry is also sweet (maybe it's different in the middle of the night though?).  :)  He loves to cuddle and I am certainly okay with that!  Liz and Scott did a great job hosting a lot of people and made us great food Saturday night.  Kept pregnant woman happy that's for sure! :)

On Sunday we visited the Behren's church and then went out to lunch and oh good food again! :)  Then back at the house enjoyed more time with the kids and watching sweet Abraham have time cuddling with everyone. :)

My mom had the idea of a photo shoot while he was alert before we left.

Big sister wants in on it too!

My parent's and the KC grandkids!

The trip was a great success and fun time! :)  I got some helpful tips from my sister on having a newborn, since it was fresh on her mind.  And I am certainly excited to see what the future holds for our big extended family!  Time goes by so fast and so in the mean time....I'm kicking up my swollen ankles and enjoying the pictures from the weekend. :)

Hope everyone had a fun fourth of July and wonderful weekend.

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