Monday, July 30, 2012

A Surprise for Hubby

So during the summer Jon gets off at noon on Fridays.  However it hasn't been like that since May, since this is the busy time of year for him at work. :P  The weather has also been nasty hot and a prego woman wasn't about to go outside a lot.  However my hubby loves it when we take a walk, go to a park, or do SOMEthing outside!  And I could tell it was just bumming him out.  So with the storm last week and a random nice Friday afternoon weather, I had it planned to try to make it the park!  He had no idea!  He was so excited when he called me at 12:20pm, saying "hi" over and over again no matter what I said.  He was so giddy and excited he was getting off like he should on Fridays!  So I was so pumped my surprise for him was going to work out! :)  Unfortunately we were low on bread so I couldn't make our picnic lunch so I asked him to pick some up on his way home....and that's when he got a little idea that I was planning something (but I didn't find this out until later). ;)

But luckily he had no idea WHERE.

He got home and I finished getting ready, secretly packing a small bag filled with things he might need for more "hiking" like for the park we were going to.  Then I went in the kitchen to start packing a picnic meal.  He said, "Where's my flip flops?"

Bummer.  I packed those.  Thinking he would just put on tennis since he was wearing socks still.

"Ummm, I put them somewhere." I had to reply.

"Did you hide them?"

"No, not exactly...."

"Are we going somewhere?"

"Hey, how did you know?"

"Well, you asked me to pick up bread.  So I sensed a picnic."

"But I eat toast for breakfast every morning, so I figured you would think it was just for my Sunday morning breakfast."

"Oh, well, I didn't think that.  So, are we going to our neighborhood park?"


The conversation went on and I decided to just be honest and answer his questions.  Why not?  He already knew.  He had a skip in his step and he was so pumped and excited.  He helped me finish getting ready and he just kept hugging me and he was cleaning up the dishes before we left.  He asked me if he should pack some stuff for the picnic and I told him we already had those things in my car ready to go, since we had left it in there after the fourth of July (blankets, chairs, and a frisbee). :)

Then he asked if there was anything else that we needed and I said I had it all ready.  We got everything and went out to the car.  He drove us to the park and he had never been there.  I had driven by before and thought of him right away.  It was so similar to a park he LOVES near where we used to live, so I was so excited to show him this one!

We found the perfect picnic location.  Sorry I have no pictures of this wonderful adventure.  I did have my camera nearby but we just spent too much time enjoying ourselves that I didn't take the time to get it out.  The only one I do have is in the car on the way there of Jon and his happy giddy spirit! :)

We enjoyed our sandwiches, apples, chips, and chocolate cake (that Jon packed at the end).  Then we just chilled on the blanket and watched the birds and clouds.  We let the breeze just keep us relaxed.  It was too perfect and wonderful!

Then we put our stuff in the car and headed down towards the water.  Jon helped his prego wife walk through the path of rocks to make sure I wouldn't fall.  We had fun just being out and enjoying the breeze.  The scene was just too cool.  Jon said, "Even a picture wouldn't give this sight justice."

We walked back up to a bench near our car to relax.  Then it was time to get into the car and drive around and see what else the park had to offer and then we drove back home so we could enjoy the evening just chilling at home.  Jon was just so happy.  He was so thankful I was willing to get out and do something with him.  I was so thankful for the random change in weather so we could make it happen! :)

Thank you Lord for that random change in hubby really appreciates it.  And so did I.  So worth it to see your spouse in such a happy mood.  It helped knowing we still had the REST of the weekend when we got back to the apartment.  Jon was in high spirits and enjoying the fact that he was able to get off early on Friday, like he's supposed to.

Here's a couple pictures of the park that we went to that I found on google images.  However it looks a lot different now due to the drought.  The picture of the water is where we "hiked" but there wasn't nearly that much water so we were able to walk where some of the water used to be.

Up on a hill is where we had our picnic
Like I said a lot of this water was NOT there

Where you hike down the hill to get to the water area

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