Monday, July 23, 2012

Love Story: Part Two "Just Friends"

Go to part one of our love story before you read this part. :)

I don't know exactly when we went from getting to know each other to becoming "just friends."  There was no official moment where we switched it over.  We started 'really' talking (thanks to Facebook) in January 2009, but hung out in person a couple times in March.  I would probably say around April is when it switched over.  May came and he was busy with finals during my birthday week.  So he gave me my birthday gift after a family time Memorial Weekend.  It was a stuffed animal that he made for me of my childhood dog, Jake.  I used to have a stuffed animal of "Jake" but it got lost in the sheets at a hotel once.  So he wanted to surprise me.  And surprise me he did! :)  That weekend for Memorial Weekend is when he met my family for the first time.  We went to my sister's in law's lake house, and he had to go out on the boat and the poor guy had to do all sorts of things to see if he "measured up."

His future family isn't small.  I have two sisters who are married and my brother who all were ready to question him and get to know the guy who was ahem, "just friends" with their little sister.

John, Scott, & Jonathan tubing

Here's a picture of the two of us chillin' on the boat...

Cracks me up cus Jon never lets his hair get that long anymore!  My sister put these pics up on her facebook and the caption says, "Mary and her "friend". :)  Which is so true because I clearly didn't want them to call him my boyfriend.  I still hadn't met his mom yet!  I'm one of those people who can't date unless I know the person well enough to know them, and that includes knowing their mom.  I wanted to be able to tell my future children that their Daddy and I focused on our friendship before anything else.  Why rush things, right? ;)  Jon and I both had situations in the past where we didn't like how we "treated" relationship(s).  We wanted this one to be different.  Heck, I was falling in love, who was I kidding?

We talked hours on end over the phone.  He was living 45 minutes away and he was busy working and so was I.  We tried to get together as often as possible and we have silly memories like whenever saying goodbye to each other the other person always said, "Hi" to hope to keep the conversation going.  However the next morning we would pay the price.  We were walking zombies but hopelessly loving the moments we could chat...and even better get together in person!  Weekends Jon did a lot of the traveling since I was living with my parents and he could crash overnight in their guest room.  I think it was sometime in late June that we were having a great conversation on the phone and was about to hang up and allow each other some hours of needed sleep.  However Jon just blurted out all the reasons he loved me.  See, we had talked before about not saying "I love you" until we could fully state the reasons why.  He wouldn't stop talking and telling me over and over he loved me and added more reasons why.  Then he finally gave me my chance.  I wished I had written it all down but I didn't.  I wasn't expecting it!  We weren't dating yet, but I knew he deeply cared for me.  Yeah, it might be weird that it wasn't official that we were dating yet but I feel it was the most purest thing.  It came from the heart and it was over the phone.  He didn't allow it to go to physical things.  He was sweet and sincere.

Then we hit July.

Something I didn't say before but now adding....
To celebrate the fourth of July Jon helped my family in the Urbandale parade for Two Men and a Truck.  Poor guy, never worked there and didn't know ANYONE but was willing to walk the hot parade.  That evening we went to see the Urbandale fireworks with our friends.  I remember when we found our "spot" and before we put down the blanket I turned and there was Jon up in a tree!  Jon is quite the climber, which I already knew from past conversations.  All I could think about was our kids, but luckily as a kid I was the one climbing the trees. :)  Before the fireworks I remember having a good chat with him and it was like no one else was around.  We were able to chat and it wasn't awkward or weird.  It was like a chat we would have over the phone, but awww now it's in person.  (ahem, "just friends" remember?) ;)

Later in July.....

One Sunday morning I was on the worship team and Jon was coming with his mom.  Afterwards we were going to go out for lunch and give me a chance to meet his mom.  After the service we went to El Rodeo and had a wonderful lunch.  I heard some funny stories about Jon and his family.  His dad past away when he was eleven so his family consisted of his mom and sister and his sister's family.  However I already knew his sister and her family!  After lunch we said our good-byes but Jon came back with me to my parent's house.  We hung out with my friend Kate and she could tell that we were definitely ready for dating by then! ;)  haha!

I walked them to their cars while we were talking....but then Jon and I continued to chat.  He was sitting in his car and I was standing outside of his car.  By the end of our conversation he said, "Mary I want to learn to serve you more and I would love it if you would be my girlfriend!"  Wait, what? :)

I replied with, "Of course I will be your girl friend!"

Stay tuned for Part Three:: Dating (finally official!) :)

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