Monday, July 2, 2012

Moments before our baby....

Jon and I are spending as much time together as possible before this baby comes.  We know our time is limited before we come official forever parents.  Unfortunately I can't do everything I would like to do, thanks to the heat and everything else that comes along with pregnancy.  But I am fortunate to have a hubby willing to kick back and chill on the couch and kill bugs for me. :)

I'm working on learning the area and where everything we could ever want, so when I'm hauling a baby around it will be a lot less chaotic.

Friday afternoon we spent the time shopping the mall nearest to our apartment and enjoying each other's company.  Younkers was having a huge sale so we were delighted to get quality stuff at a decent amount. :)  We like to watch our money and love to save it for future spending.  However we're learning it is important to enjoy the blessings God provides for us.  That includes making our apartment both welcoming and inviting.

We're getting a new bedroom set so we needed to get new bedding.  I've learned that a huge comforter is just not the way to go, and dry cleaning only isn't as handy as it used to be (my dad owns one) since we're not as close to family anymore.  So I decided to go the direction of getting a quilt.  Jon and I picked one out that is a solid color and we can dress it up with pillows.  I'm quite excited to make the bed and see how it all looks.  Now we just have to wait for it to get here.
Here's a picture of our nice, new bedding that we got quality but on sale. :)  Hallelujah for yellow dot sale at Younkers!

Won't that bright green look great with some accent pillows and fun lamps?  I just CAN'T wait to finally start decorating this apartment!  We still have lots of organizing and unpacking to do since we are waiting for the rest of our furniture to get here.  I have kept my birthday money aside to decorate and have fun with the decorating!  I just can't wait!

But until then I will stay living in this nice 3-bedroom apartment with no bedroom furniture and my socks and underwear in a clean basket of clothes in the closet.  But I know until then I can stay cuddling with hubby and feeling baby kicks, knowing our sweet little one is growing and being quite silly I think!

Oh yeah, and that full sink of clean dishes my hubby was willing to wash yesterday. :)  Happy 4th of July week!  Looking forward to it!  Jon gets both Wednesday and Thursday off and we're so excited!!

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  1. can't wait to see your adorable bedding:) so fun to decorate!! love Katie