Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm a Mom again

My parent's laundry in the washing machine.

Dinner in the crockpot.

Folded laundry in the basket ready to take downstairs and be put away in our dressers.

Taking care of Ellie with the energy I once had.

Keeping up on the dishes....

because I'm still eating for more than just me.

Being a stay at home mom and keeping up on the house, kitchen, laundry, and more.

I'm so thankful to finally start feeling myself and be capable of doing such things.

It's all perspectives Momma's.

Two weeks ago I felt great and was doing these things.

But I didn't know WHAT was coming.

And now that I finally feel a little bit more like myself, I'm soaking it all in.

I can shower standing up now.

I'm able to get food without feeling nauseous or dizzy.

I'm capable to do what I always planned on doing while living with my parents in prep for buying a house.  And that is: being a stay at home mom.  Meanwhile, preparing meals, doing dishes, cleaning, and laundry.  Just keeping up on the house for my parents.  My mom has always been a stay at home mom, but work has picked up for my dad's business.  So my mom has been working LONG hours to help keep the office going like an owner's wife pro!  Sometimes I even go to bed with out seeing her!  Anyways, long story short, I always planned while living here to help out and be a "Mom/Wife" for the entire clan.

Then I got pregnant.

I was sick and hardly moving for a month.

Then I started feeling better and was a super happy Momma.

Then we miscarried, and my body fell apart.  I was emotionally exhausted and then the physical part happened (I'll spare you all).  Seriously, you don't want details.  There's a reason why people say "miscarriage is hard" but don't go into details.

Ahem, now that I have all grossed you out, confused you, or just plainly made you wonder what's the point of this post....?  I'll let you know one thing.

So thankful I'm FINALLY able to do what I always planned on doing while living with my parents.

Do my parent's laundry, and my own little family's.

Keep the house picked up.

Not let the dishes in the sink get overwhelming.

Try to maintain a meal plan and have dinner ready in time for everyone at a decent time.

Be more helpful with Ellie, so Jon doesn't have to all the time.  (Because it's tiring working full-time AND taking care of Ellie in the night and morning.  Now I can give Jon some much needed rest where he's not the first one to jump out of bed when Ellie's hungry.)

Pretty much be a mom.  A stay at home mom.

The best job in the world. :)

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