Monday, May 27, 2013

Table from Heaven

Here we were minding our own business....

Seriously, we were.  Let me prove it.

I had just asked Jon to have a chat with him in the living room--just us.  We sat down and starting talking.  (Nothing serious, just marriage and plans for the upcoming weeks.)  Suddenly the door bell rang and my parent's dog started barking.  I was still dealing with my headache (thanks to being anemic) and asked Jon to quickly find out who was at the door.

Who is at the door on a Sunday evening?

Jon went outside and came back in.  Weird.  He said there was some guys outside with a semi truck full of furniture at a decent price and he was going to go check it out.  Ellie was sleeping so I went ahead and put on my shoes and a jacket and went outside with him.  (We've been on the look out for furniture and other random update items for our future home.)

He wasn't kidding.  There was seriously a group of guys waiting around a truck.  One guy inside sitting on a nice leather chair with pictures of all the items inside the truck, trying to sell them.  We looked at them and liked something in particular but didn't know for sure if we wanted to act on it or not.  We both looked at each other and asked for the price to see if it was worth it or not.

They were asking for less than HALF of the original price.  Too good of an offer NOT to look into it some more.

They showed us a chair.  We both sat in it and liked what we saw.

The guy noticed we were not quite sold on it yet, so he gave us a better offer.

We couldn't refuse.

They brought everything inside and put it together!

comes with 6 chairs

excuse the darkness, pics taken at midnight

Lately we've been wanting things for the house but wanted to stay within budget.  It was definitely a blessing to get a dining room table for such a decent, affordable price!  Exciting to think of all the people we will be able to fit around this table!!


  1. Now that's an interesting method of selling furniture!

  2. Ha! Yes! We were thinking twice about it, hoping it was legit! But our neighbor said they knew someone that bought stuff from them before, and he's very trustworthy! Heck, he helped my hubby change his flat tire in a rainstorm before we were married! And by the way, Hi Rachel. How did you find my blog? I've looked around at yours and lovin it! :)