Thursday, January 2, 2014

Smartphone Chat

I know it.  You know it.  Three-year olds know more about smartphones than most adults!  So almost two years ago when hubby brought up the topic of him and I finally owning a smartphone I almost fell off my seat!  I was pumped.  I was like a little kid on Christmas!  I was delighted.  Flip phones were so last year forever ago.  Hubby spent many nights browsing exactly what we should get.  Before he even mentioned us getting one, he was searching!  He wanted the perfect smartphone that fit exactly what we would use it for.

My husband makes thoughtful decisions when it takes hundreds of our dollars.

Jon and I both came into the marriage as savers of money.  Neither of us were big spenders.  I was known in my family as the one who was the best saver.  Now that I'm married to Jon, I now look like a spender compared to him.  That's not a bad thing necessarily, let me make myself clear.  Just to explain our comparison.

It was time!  For Christmas Jon asked money to go towards his smartphone.  He was going to get his first so I could "play around" with it, to make sure I would like it.  (I'm picky with tech gadgets apparently.) ;)

This past week his phone came in the mail and ever since he's been hooked! :)  He loves it and we feel great about the decision!  It was worth the wait.  See, before we would've just been "another person" with a smartphone.  But now we're finally with one.  Smartphones are not the "gadget of the year" but we feel like it is!  We are enjoying it more now, than we could have years ago.  We waited.

And I know many young elementary-aged kids owned a smartphone before us, but they will never truly understand the joy of saving money and time.  Which brings up another annoying topic.  Kids and tech gadgets.  Don't get me started.  JUST DON'T.  Hence the reason why I'm putting this smartphone post on the blog rather than Facebook.  I'll get too fired up about young kids and owning tech gadgets.

Help me understand why seven year olds need a smartphone?  Help me understand why eight year olds name it! :)

Last time I thought back to my childhood I remember climbing trees, playing football in our side yard, and riding our bikes to a nearby pond and feeding ducks.  Oh I miss those simple days.  I wish the next generation had it like that too.  Now all they want is a smartphone in hand to "entertain" themselves because "down time" is not an option or okay.  What?

Okay, done with that.  Would love to hear your thoughts.  But only by commenting here or emailing me.  Thank you.

P.S.  Keep thoughts light and open minded please.  I know this topic has the option of getting heavy.

P.S.S.  Growing up we did have TV on or sometimes Nintendo going, so don't think I'm against using technology from time to time.  Just to make that clear.  I just don't like the constant need to use it, replace it with other entertainment when not needed, etc.  There's a time and place.

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