Wednesday, January 29, 2014

who wants to talk nursing?

This has been on Facebook....  wow.

Where do I even begin?  Victoria Secret has nice comfy jammies and nice undies.  Who am I kidding, I'll just say it, they have the stuff every girl needs.

However I can't stand Victoria Secret and all their ways of "advertising."  Do they really have to have practically naked women posted outside the store, throughout their stores, and being mailed into your home?  (I do NOT give my email address or home address!)  I want to shop there for what I NEED but when I'm with my hubby....he walks on the opposite side of the mall!  Thankful!

What do you do when you need to nurse?  Cover up or no covering?

A few weeks back I was shopping in a mall and Ellie needed me to nurse her.  Badly.  The cry where you know everyone around you can tell.  So I found the nearest "quiet area" and went was a dressing room near the baby/toddler clothes in Von Maur.  It was peaceful and I had a comfy spot to sit.  I even went into my own dressing room.  I didn't ask, I just did it!

Sometimes I nurse in the car because I know my outing will be a lot better once inside if Ellie has already nursed.  Plus in months prior she did NOT like a cover so it made her even more stressed out in public.  It worked best for us then, but now she does a lot better with the cover.  She does NOT like things to touch her while she's nursing.

I use a cover because my hubby says it's a good idea for the men out there.  Plus having the cover he said, "guys hardly notice that thing anyways."  Side note, I would use the cover anyways.  I'm just that 'type' of girl.

One time I nursed her on a bench in the middle of the mall.  I had "looks" but nothing too judgmental.  Another time I nursed her on a bench right outside the "kid play area" at the mall...figuring I would be given much less "looks."

I remember running errands one day and went to place that had no convenient location to nurse Ellie.  It was annoying and bothersome.

Why are breasts so sexually "out there" and no one thinks anything of it?  But then when women try to use them for the reason they were MADE FOR it's looked down upon or pushed aside?

When I need to nurse Ellie I chose a quiet place because it fits my daughter better to have no distractions nearby.  But if I had no other choice I nurse her right at the dinner table at a restaurant!  I don't choose a "hidden location" because I'm ashamed of nursing.

Whenever I see a nursing Mom I smile.  I don't know what that mom is thinking, but I want to encourage her and show her I'm comfortable with her decision-making.

Whenever I see this picture it makes me chuckle.  Jon sent it to me one time because it reminded him of Ellie.  The first few months Ellie nursed she would raise one of her arms while nursing.  It was so precious!

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