Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Maxwell House Updates {edition three}

I'm low on decent pictures on the house....haven't been there for at least a month.  A few things have another update will be surely needed!

But as of now.....

We have a new BIG window in the
living room.

view from outside

And a new ceiling fan in our bedroom.  Which was needed because there was no overhead lighting in our bedroom.  Plus it's always nice to update ceiling fans.  I'm OCD about something like that.

Ignore the randomness.  My wife duties have not been there for awhile.  But hey, hubby made the bed before taking the picture! :)  Plus we haven't moved into the house yet so of course all the nice touches you make to a room to make it feel more like not done yet.  In that back corner between the windows will be our tall dresser.  Our guest bedroom will have to hold our other dresser.  (Dreaming of some day having a walk in closet and a bedroom big enough for all our furniture, but until then....)

All the painting has gotten done on the house (well the main level at least).  The basement isn't really ready for that, and the exterior will be done this spring/summer.  Thanks for my mom and her childhood friend for helping getting that step completely done!  Our kitchen has a wall full of blue and the accent blue wall in the dining room.  The curtains are hung up too.  My hubby also updated the light fixture.  It's amazing how much even THAT made a difference!
Before~ check out that old light fixture!

Before~boring walls

After~fun accent wall
*More update pics I will take soon.  This is just what Jon gave me from his smartphone.  

And here's some reminder updates of the living room.  However with the old window.

Hallelujah, privacy! ;)

The bathroom looks the same.  No toilet, no "walls," still a window, and everything bare.  Jon has a family friend with him this week helping him with the plumbing.  Jon has also purchased some electrical stuff needed.  He has messed with some wiring in the attic.  That way when it's time to put up drywall the electrical stuff will be more, well, done. :)  Slowly but surely that bathroom will get done!  And we'll be moving in February.

While back in Johnston Ellie and I are doing life day-to-day.  The typical errands, laundry, naps, meals, cleaning, etc.  But the major things that are needed done outside of the Maxwell House are things Jon and I do when he's not in Ames.

To Do List

--purchase dishwasher (the current one doesn't work and doesn't fit our dishes)
--washer & dryer (long story of what's going on there)
--purchase a counter top for our "planter box" in our kitchen.
*Eventually updating our kitchen, but in the meantime we're not going to knock down our planter box thing.  Otherwise we would have to mess with the flooring, which won't get done until we do the rest of the kitchen.  One thing leads to another.  We plan on covering it with a large counter top and putting our bar stools underneath for more counter top space and seating for the mean time.  
Here's that planter box before plants were taken out.

--Purchase Living Room Rug (We have one picked out but we have to make final decision.  It's actually carpet that they can cut custom size and make it into a rug.)
--Making decisions on bathroom items (floor tiling, vanity counter top, paint colors & decor)
--Organize all our STUFF.
*That will take a huge step in this process.  We've been living out of suitcase items since March!  But we've had to dig through our packed boxes to find things throughout the year.  It was miserable.  I'm ready to not be living in boxes anymore!  Now we need to "pack" things back up to be all ready for when the movers come.  We need the boxes packed tight and taped up!  It will be quite the job, but must be done!
--Go through clothes, AGAIN.  I did this when we were packing up a year ago, but I feel like it needs done again.  There's so many clothes (thanks to hand me downs) and we surely have plenty of clothes we could give away.  It's seriously ridiculous.  Our new house will not be able to hold all the clothes we have now.  Wait, I take that back.  The basement could store stuff, but that's dumb.  However I know it's a hard stage right now for me to figure out what to get rid of....oh the joys of body changes after pregnancy, two miscarriages, etc.  Still holding on to maternity for the future.  But as of now we can't hold on to everything we got as of now.  Too much.

If you have any helpful ideas for getting rid of clothes....please, let me know!

Well, until future pictures and more updates come.....
I'll end with a picture of my Christmas present from my parents.  Our entryway now has a makeshift "mudroom." :)

Bench with storage & hooks galore

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