Friday, December 20, 2013

Freedom on Facebook

What does freedom (of speech, thoughts, actions, status', etc) on Facebook truly look like?

Who knows anymore?

I don't.

But for me.....this past year (more so months) I've noticed I need to take a step back.

What is Facebook?

For me Facebook is having the option of connecting with people and friends you don't always see.

I like seeing what you ate for dinner, or how your Christmas tree looks.  I like seeing the pictures you put up of your messy house (or clean), your cute kids, babies, and families.  I like hearing your newest thoughts and your inspirational ideas.

But for soon as Facebook starts to share opinions and ideas beyond the sweetness of what it should be....I'm done.

And I say that meaning to be nice, not mean.  I'm saying that because I don't want my issues to become elevated on Facebook.  That was not my intention and not Facebooks (as far as I know).  I don't want to come across as self-righteous.  Because I'm far from it.

If there is something I am passionate about, I will now make a blog post.  It will allow me time to think it through, take the time to ponder a post, and allow others to email me their responses and thoughts.  If I don't get an email I will not be responding.  I will politely answer back on email.

Facebook isn't perfect.  It's filled with imperfect people.

And me being one of them, this is where I take my stand.  This is where I stop.

The actions I am taking are for my own good.

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