Monday, November 7, 2011

The issue of being comfortable

If you know me for very long you learn that I have issues.  Yeah, I know.  I'm not perfect.  The secret is out.

One of my many issues is comfort.  Comfort through change.  Comfort while watching a movie.  Comfort about a new step in life.  Comfort about how to drive somewhere that I've never been.  Comfort about making a new recipe.  Comfort about having a warm shower.  Comfort with knowing where I'll be a year from now.  Comfort about having a roof over my head and a heater that works.

Comfort about the possibility of living hours away from my husband for many months.
Comfort about living on my own even though I am married.
Comfort when I have no one to share a bed with and share about my day.
Comfort with having a handyman.
Comfort to supply me with the needs that I have as a wife.
Comfort in the possibility of having to drive hours on the weekends just to see my husband.
Comfort in knowing my husband is okay.
Comfort in knowing he is taken care of without me there.

So many thoughts and concerns come up, in the areas where I am not strong.  My husband has a pretty big decision to make, and I can't see myself a part from him.

Before leaving his interview last Friday, he was told he got the job in Williamsburg (west of Iowa City).  That means he needs to be there by the beginning of January and would work through August.  He would receive $16.50 per hour, and the company is built from a Christian foundation.  He loves the small town atmosphere and the feel of everything.  We can both see God really working through this.  It would make him have to push his last semester of school NEXT fall in 2012.  Still thinking through that process, because there are quite a lot of options available.  This internship could be a great bonus for him for his future career and great for a resume of course.  However it would be hard to figure out how we would work things out.  Our apartment here in job is here.  A lot of things to think through....

Please pray for us as we consider all our options.  Consider praying about searching for God's will and not for us to pick where we are most comfortable.  Please also consider thinking about my position as I support and encourage my husband!  Thank you so much for your prayers.  We can certainly feel God working in our God be the glory!


  1. It's Williamsburg not Iowa City?? I worked there for two years!

  2. Wait, you worked in Williamsburg or you worked at Kinze?