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Ellie {24 months}

Sorry followers I've slowed down on blog posts.  Not intentionally, we just didn't have wifi at our house for awhile to save money, especially while we were getting the bathroom remodeling done.  You probably want a post all about that new bathroom, which I'll get on it as soon as I finish up what needs done first.

Like updates on Ellie. :)

The last time I wrote in detail about what she was up to was 16 months old, oops.  Since then there's been a few updates but nothing too detailed to look back on.

Obviously a lot has changed since then!!

*She uses walking, dancing, and running as her main source of mobility.  (Faster if she knows she's doing something naughty.)

*She talks nonstop and knows a LOT of words.  One day she started using a word that we didn't know she knew what it meant.  She's a lot smarter than we think!  Now we know she knows what we mean when we want her to obey.  That little stinker....

"Ellie, are you being a stinker?"

"Yeah, I be a stinker!"

*She's full on toddler.  She eats what she wants when she wants it (with restrictions obviously).  But if she wants to eat as much as Daddy she will, if she wants to be picky and not eat anything that's what she does!  Her new favorite phrase is "I WANT!"  and she screams it as loud as she can.  Oh, and the food on your plate is SO MUCH BETTER than what is on hers...even though it's the exact same thing.

*Her favorite songs are: Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and ABCs

*Her favorite TV show is Sesame Street.  So of course her second birthday was Sesame Street themed.  We let her watch it on weekdays every morning, because it gives me time to get my day going and lets Daddy leave without her complaint.  She knows every character on the show and calls them by name.  And to deal with Mommy guilt she has learned a lot from the show!  She has learned most of her alphabet and numbers!  And it starts the day off with a happier girl.  win-win!

*Every Wednesday morning she goes to Kindermusik here in Ames and LOVES it.  Some days are better than others but since it's a class for 18mo-3 year olds what else do you expect?  It has taught her to follow directions, listen to rhythm, she has a lot of the music memorized already, and it gets us out of the house.  As the weather gets colder it will be a good excuse for this homebody to be forced to get out.

Ellie's favorites....

-Food: ice cream, anything that can be dipped, broccoli (even raw!), fruit, lasagna, pizza (last night before bed she asked for it!), yogurt, shredded cheese (if I give her cheese sticks I break it up to look shredded so she will eat it), cheeseburgers, anything on Daddy's plate, cheese quesadillas, and chicken.

-Games/Activities: Dominoes, puzzles, peek-a-boo, hide and seek (but doesn't understand it yet), coloring, reading books, building towers, taking care of her baby dolls, singing, dancing, "watch" movies and cuddling, bubbles, play kitchen, helping Daddy outside, putting things in a container and taking it back out and back in again....

-Words/Phrases: "I want!", "Oh thank you!", "I love you", "You a nice helper", "oh yess!", "watch Elmo...", "Up pleassse!" "Oh hi Mommy, how you doing?/how are you?"

-"Playing with kids." we say that when we go to church to prepare her for getting dropped off at the nursery.  Over the summer she hit the stage of crying when we dropped her off.  Now that we attend ONE church and not searching it's been helpful.  Her life is more stable now.  Plus she really likes going now and gets excited about it.  It really blesses Jon and I to have a nondistracting moment in our week at church.  We really appreciate the workers who give up their Sunday mornings to bless us and other families.  I use to do that and I know the time and energy it takes. :)

Ellie's dislikes:

-Getting her hair washed.  She's better at bath time but doesn't understand leaning her head back.  Oh sweet baby.

-Having to wait for things if she wants things NOW.  (Oh my gosh!  She's a toddler you guys!  Imagine that!)

-If When Daddy leaves.  Even if it's just to go outside and she can't be with him.

-Lowes outings.  The best we can do is each parent has a cart.  one cart for purchases and one for Ellie and her toys and activities to try to keep her happy.  Oh and lots of snacks.

Ellie's typical daily schedue:

Wakes up around 8/8:30 (oh thank you Jesus for later morning wake up!  And that the 6am wake up was only a phase!)

Daddy gets up with her and feeds her breakfast. He turns on IPTV and walks out the door.

I come out and gets my own breakfast and cuddle with Ellie while watching Sesame Street.
Depending on the day it's just free time.
-Wednesday mornings are different (Daddy helps get Ellie dressed & ready to go.)  Leave house by 9:30am for Kindermusik.  Afterwards we run errands and return home in time for lunch.
Otherwise I try to get some laundry going and cleaning.  And in the mean time end up reading books, building towers or unloading the dishwasher.

Got her these PJs for her birthday

Lunch usually depends on when she's hungry again which is usually 11/11:30.
It's a simple meal and usually something she can have at her new little kid table in the living room.  You know toddlers. ;)  However some times she won't eat so I sit her up at our dining room table to help her focus on getting food in her.  I never force her to eat, unless I know she's hungry then I'll try a few bites.  After awhile lunch is just done otherwise it gets too close to nap time.

Nap is around 12:30/1, sometimes later on those unusual days.  Fresh diaper, sometimes a couple board books, or just straight to singing her three favorite songs, and then she leans over to crib.

How long does she nap?  She either goes short (50 mins-1.5 hours) or LONG (3-4 hours).  If she wakes up happily talking I have 15-20 mins to rush around and pick things up, take a quick shower, or switch laundry over.  Sometimes she falls back asleep on those short nap days, or it's just better to give her that time alone. :)  The first things she says when I walk in (and it MELTS my heart), "Well hi Mommy!  How are you?"

Once she's up and running around she usually wants a snack and if she doesn't ask for one I just give it anyways.  Because when I make dinner she's MAD by then if she's hungry.  Her snacks are usually crackers or fruit.  Something I can just set out and let her munch on whenever she's interested.

Late afternoon/evening I prep dinner and hope Ellie stays happy.  I try to get her busy with something she hasn't done for awhile or put on some music.

Dinner at 6pm.  Before her bedtime we try to have family time.  Ellie's bed time is usually around 8, sometimes closer to 9 depending on her nap and what we're up to.

Bed routine takes a little longer (especially with Daddy). :)  But in a sweet way.  She just has Daddy wrapped around her precious little fingers and curls. :)  We give her something to drink, read a couple books, and sing those songs again all in the peaceful surroundings of her dark bedroom.  And when I lay her down I tuck her in with a blanket and pray with her.

Those songs we sing to put her down.....

ABCs (she knows most of them)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (has it memorized and will sing with us)
Jesus Loves Me (I posted a video of her singing this on Facebook.  She smiles and sings it so well every night and before nap.)

*She sings those songs randomly throughout the day, and especially in the car if she's tired! :)

Well if you are still with me you got through our typical day!  Thanks for reading and being interested in Ellie's updates!  We are so thankful for her.  She brings so much JOY into our family.  I know I say it a lot but God knew what He was doing.  It's so true.  She is a little bit of both of us but with a stronger personality! :)  After two miscarriages I can now say without a doubt she was a blessing and God's gift to us.  While we were undeserving, God blessed us with this little life.  It's been a blessing to see her grow.

Now, if you have any tips of how to parent a strong-willed child just let us know! :)

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