Thursday, October 30, 2014

Daughter Moments

When my daughter grows up I want her to feel like her parent's loved her equally.  I hope she doesn't remember that time I became angry because I was too tired.  Or that time I was so sick she thought I was ignoring her.  Or that time I gave her a banana and she cried because she wanted a banana.  (Yeah, you read that last part correctly.)

life is rough

Recently I've noticed my daughter's STRONG need to do everything her way.  And her Mom to follow along.  The typical toddler stage in life.  (This mom is tired.)  There have been too many tears and fits.

Daddy's in the shower.
Apparently that's not okay.

So this mom has started a new strategy.  When that sweet toddler lets all her feelings out uncontrollably I am staying calm.  I pick her up and swing her around.  I sit her in my lap.  I cuddle her...

And in the sweetest voice I hear a soft voice say, "I love you Mommy."

It melts this Momma's heart.  In one moment the attitude went from quite the fit to cuddles, giggles, and words of affirmation.

Here are some posts and articles that encourage me these days.

This one encouraged my post today:

I LOVE this one.

**My post was posted before my husband was able to proof read or give his two cents.

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